Orange 2011

  • Organiser
  • カテゴリ: 成鳩
  • Basketting date: 29/06/2011
  • Liberation date: 02/07/2011

National winner: Hotton Jean-Claude (Agimont, BE)

The national winner of the national race from Orange is Jean-Claude Hotton (Agimont, BE).

His pigeon is the fastest one in the race against 4.862 old birds, with an average speed of 1042,61 m/min.


Released at 6.45 am

At Orange, the pigeons were released at 6.45 a.m.

With very sunny and nice weather, and a strong wind blowing from the North.

Weather maps

Weather forecast for this Saturday: a clear blue sky and a North wind.

Number of pigeons