Provincial results 2014: SPE Henegouwen-Waals Brabant

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07/09/2014Guéret II (Old birds)Delville-Lequenne
07/09/2014Guéret II (Youngsters)Harchies Christian
30/08/2014La Souterraine II (Old birds)Decendre Guillaume
30/08/2014La Souterraine II (Youngsters)Pierre Roger & David
23/08/2014Tours (Old birds)Calomme Pol
23/08/2014Tours (Youngsters)Verspreet Ph & L
16/08/2014Argenton II (Youngsters)Palm J-Pierre Yvette
16/08/2014Argenton II (Old birds)Pierre Roger & David
16/08/2014Argenton II (Yearlings)Putseys Patte
09/08/2014Châteauroux II (Youngsters)Claes Francis & Syl
09/08/2014Châteauroux II (Old birds)Murez-Marichal
09/08/2014Châteauroux II (Yearlings)Hok Sapin
02/08/2014Bourges II (Old birds)Cadet Letellier
02/08/2014Bourges II (Yearlings)Loppe Pierre
02/08/2014Bourges II (Youngsters)Baert-Debusschere
01/08/2014Perpignan (Old birds)Dewolf Olivier
01/08/2014Tulle (Old birds)Baert-Debusschere The combination Baert-Debusschere (Ere, BE) win the 1st national Tulle against 5.976 olds!
01/08/2014Tulle (Yearlings)Delville-Lequenne
27/07/2014Jarnac (Old birds)Decendre Guillaume
27/07/2014Jarnac (Yearlings)Wauthier Guy Guy Wauthier (Mont-sur-Marchienne, BE) win the 1st national Jarnac against 3.734 yearlings!
26/07/2014Moulins (Youngsters)Sauvage-Duran
26/07/2014Moulins (Old birds)Mercier Rene
26/07/2014Moulins (Yearlings)Aelgoet Jean Michel
26/07/2014Narbonne (Old birds)Deneufbourg Yvon
26/07/2014Narbonne (Yearlings)Calonne Jean Robert
19/07/2014Bourges RW (Old birds)Creteur Alain
19/07/2014Bourges RW (Yearlings)Petteau Choquet
19/07/2014Bourges RW (Youngsters)Chevalier Vanderbrug
18/07/2014Brive (Old birds)Casaert-Senechal
18/07/2014Brive (Yearlings)Casaert-Senechal
18/07/2014Marseille (Old birds)Porson Roger & Olivier
12/07/2014La Souterraine I (Old birds)Senzée Jean-Pierre
12/07/2014La Souterraine I (Yearlings)Eeckhaudt Florent
12/07/2014Libourne (Old birds)De Roeck Luc
12/07/2014Libourne (Yearlings)Vandemeulebroecke Carlos & Xavier
12/07/2014St.-Vincent (Old birds)Rochart Roger
07/07/2014Limoges II (Old birds)Vandemeulebroecke Carlos & Xavier
07/07/2014Limoges II (Yearlings)Verspreet JP & Th
05/07/2014Argenton I (Old birds)Dupuis Eric & Rita
05/07/2014Argenton I (Yearlings)Dauphin André
05/07/2014Barcelona (Old birds)Delstanche Jean
30/06/2014Guéret I (Old birds)Pierre Roger & David
30/06/2014Guéret I (Yearlings)Goossens-Druart
30/06/2014Montélimar (Old birds)Flasse David David Flasse (Audregnies, BE) win the 1st national Montélimar against 3.868 pigeons
27/06/2014Agen (Yearlings)Vandemeulebroecke Carlos & Xavier
27/06/2014Agen (Old birds)Courtois Hubert
21/06/2014Montauban (Old birds)Dubois Patrick
21/06/2014Montluçon (Old birds)Casaert-Senechal
21/06/2014Montluçon (Yearlings)Allemeersch André
20/06/2014Pau (Old birds)Casaert-Senechal
14/06/2014Cahors (Old birds)De Roeck Luc
14/06/2014Poitiers (Old birds)Sauvage-Duran
14/06/2014Poitiers (Yearlings)Vandemeulebroecke Carlos & Xavier
07/06/2014Châteauroux I (Old birds)Steenhaut André
07/06/2014Châteauroux I (Yearlings)Casaert-Senechal
07/06/2014Valence (Old birds)Lambotte Jean-Claude
31/05/2014Bourges I (Yearlings)Pierre Roger & David Roger & David Pierre (Pecrot, BE) réalisent une constatation idyllique sur Bourges I
31/05/2014Bourges I (Old birds)Arnould J.P.
31/05/2014Limoges I (Old birds)Miyashita Hiroshi
24/05/2014Chalon sur Saône (Old birds)Durand Roger
24/05/2014Chalon sur Saône (Yearlings)Liemans Aline
17/05/2014Vierzon (Yearlings)Novak Olivier Olivier Novak (La Buissière, BE) remporte le 1er provincial Vierzon de 1.101 yearlings
17/05/2014Vierzon (Old birds)Dubrunfaut Clement