IATP Rules

For each of selected races, a fancier can collect points when his first nominated bird appears on the international result and wins a full price per four. Points are awarded according to the following formula:

25 – ((won price * 100) / number of participating birds)

The ranking is calculated by adding up all achieved points for each fancier and for each selected race. The winner of the ranking is the fancier who ends up with the most points.

All fanciers who won at least one full price per four are being ranked.
Ranking happens in an automatic way just by competing in the selected races, it is not necessary to enlist or send results to the organisation.

Each year we will have prices awarded during a celebration evening/afternoon. Winners of trophys and/or money prices will be invited by means of a written invitation. Trophys and/or money prices we remain the property of the organisation unless these prices will be received in person during the said celebration.
The ranking is valid for 1 year, all obtained points expire at the end of each year.

Complaints concerning the ranking can be raised at any moment after the publication of the ranking on PIPA. These complaints must be sent to our editorial staff by e-mail: redactie@pipa.be