ヨス・ファン・オルメン - ブルーヘム(ベルギー)、モントーバンナショナル1位&ポープロヴィンシャル1位。

Quite an accomplishment, that is the least we can say about Jos Van Olmen’s results, all in one weekend!

I think few fanciers will be surprised about his results: Jos Van Olmen (75) has been at the top of middle distance racing for several years. He had been close to winning a 1st prize for instance with a 2nd international from Bordeaux in 1999 and a 2nd national Perpignan in 2001, when his pigeon was found in the sputnik, missing a first prize. But he has already had numerous provincial wins in the past: 1st prov Pau 2008, 1st prov Cahors 2009, 1st prov Cahors 2010 and 1st prov Narbonne 2011. So his first national win did not come as a surprise.

It all started on Friday in the late afternoon, when one of the best flyers in the lofts of Jos Van Olmen, the Super Blauwe BE07-6189403 arrived home at 17h13:19. This brought him the provincial victory from Pau and a 5th national! This was another triumph for this middle distance champion:

’12 Pau       Prov   202 p. 1
              Nat  1,989 p. 5
’09 Cahors    Prov   712 p. 1
              Nat  7,347 p. 39
'10 Cahors    Prov   747 p. 1
              Nat  8,651 p. 54
’11 Perpignan Prov   650 p. 2
              Nat  5,591 p. 24
    Issoudun         310 p. 2
    Chateauroux      241 p. 5 etc…

This amazing middle distance pigeon is a son of Den 561 BE01-6379561 himself a 1st prov Perpignan 810 pigeons, 1st Montélimar 229 pigeons, 4th prov Bourges 3,526 pigeons, 11th nat Dax 5,189 pigeons etc. and a descendant of a pairing of Aloïs V/D Plas x Hok Daisy Slots x Blauw PIPA BE00-6540310 a crossing of the lines of Tamme Blauwen 646/95, which is also grandfather of 1st prov Narbonne 2011 x As 336/94, winner of 1st Montauban and 1st Brive. No wonder this pigeon has plenty of talent!

From Pau, Jos has a few great results:

Prov    202 p. 1-6 (2/3p.)
Nat   1,989 p. 5-51 (2/3p.)

Success from Montauban

But the race from Pau was only a taster for the success they would enjoy the next day from Montauban. Exactly 24 hours after his provincial win from Pau, Jos took the national win from Montauban. Jos clocked the winning pigeon at 17 hrs 14 mins 14 secs after having covered a distance of 832.503km. This made it the fastest pigeon, reaching a speed of 1292.24 m/min. Several other pigeons have followed in his footsteps with the following results: Local 134 p. 1-2-3-8-10 (5/6d.) Prov 593 p. 1-3-8-21-28 (5/6d.) Nat 6,809 p. 1-12-88… (provisional top 100) 

The winning cock, Geschelpte Montauban BE10-6082156 is a two year old and has had some successes before:

Montauban Nat 6,809 p. 1   (2012)
Vierzon       1,892 p. 274 (2012)
Limoges       1,014 p. 61  (2012)
Argenton      6,803 p. 1364
Chateauroux   2,806 p. 566

He is a son of Gunter BE04-6269608 and stems from Gunter Ceulemans (a crossing of Willy Ceulemans x Aloïs V/D Plas x Flor Van Loock) x Wendy BE08-6094100, which stems from Claessens-Wyndorps (from a crossing of Kurvers-De Weerd x Brinkman x Meremans). You can find the full pedigree here.

Jos van Olmen has finally taken his national victory and it was a well deserved win. Since the age of 14, Jos has been involved with pigeons. He loved doing middle distance races as it was difficult for him to do other races because he worked as a bus driver for public transport in Belgium and he often had to work on the weekends. So it was difficult for him to do short races as well. It was Aloïs Van de Plas from Rijkevorsel, a colleague of his, who advised him to do middle distance races. As a result he got his first middle distance pigeons from Aloïs. To this day, they are the basis of his breed, crossed with pigeons from several friends from his neighbourhood.

Jos started the 2012 season with 28 old birds and 16 yearlings, which are all cocks on widowhood (which to Jos is his favourite way of racing). He is not really interested in the results of his youngsters, above all he wants them to gain experience for the future. More than anything Jos wants his pigeons to come home fit and to have a quick recovery. He does the final selection by hand.

Usually his middle distance flyers race the national calendar until Perpignan. After that they raise a nest of youngsters and they are then transferred to the aviary until mid March. Jos pairs his yearlings at the beginning of January and they raise a nest to make them accustomed to their loft. In April they are paired again, this time with the old birds. After five days of sitting they are put on widowhood.  When the middle distance competition starts they get to see their hen before they leave the loft. So before being basketed for Pau and Montauban they could see their hen for about 15 minutes. This seemed to be enough to motivate them and to take a national win from Montauban and a provincial win from Pau. Two amazing results in two races!


Jos & Maria,

Nen dikke proficiat met deze prachtprestaties!



Proficiat Jos.

Proficiat Jos,met deze uitzonderlijke prestatie


Luk Blockx

chauffeur de Lijn Turnhout

Proficat Jos en Maria.

Hoop dat je er nog enkele mooi overwinnigen aan toe voegt.

Zeker als je daarna de bubbels laat vloeien zoals jullie gisteren op de inkorving van orange gedaan hebben.

Maria bedankt voor pralinen en bubbels.

Dat jullie gezondheid het nog wat jaren kan houden.

Kunnen immers Jos zijn humor en moppen niet missen .
proficiat en tot....

Guido & maria