Pipa.be 更新され続ける概観

We have made various changes to the site over the last few months. We will sum up the most important ones here.

Regular visitors to the website know that we still want to bring the latest news. For this purpose we have a number of editors who are constantly writing reports and placing them on line.

But in addition to making news, Pipa.be also has a team of 2 programmers who maintain and develop the website further at a technical level.

A number of changes have been made over the last few months, both in front of and behind the scenes. We would like to list the most important ones.

Substantive changes
By the reports, the difficult to use "Filter by name" has been replaced by a clear list of all fanciers sorted by name. It’s now much easier to find the reports again.

We have also added a video section to the site. This new section now contains all the films of "Jewels of the Sky", supplemented with, amongst other things, the report of the international winner Barcelona 2009.

At the top of the summary page of the news items we have installed a "tagcloud". This cloud gives an overview of the most important terms of the news items. The bigger the word, the more the term appears and the more important it is.

Anybody who has a social network (Facebook, del.icio.us, Twitter, ...) will be interested in our "share"-button under the news items and reports. Via this button you can couple any news on PiPa that you find of interest to your profile page.

New sections
In the transition to the new website a number of headings were not fully transferred or edited.

Via the page "Lost pigeons" you can quickly find the owner of a lost pigeon, and this both in Belgium and the Netherlands.

Over the last few weeks we have been busy scanning and sorting out all the press articles and adverts from PiPa during the last few years. Browse through our rich archives and read how PiPa has grown from a small hobby website to the biggest pigeon site in the world.

Finally we have also worked on the auctions. Before, the Dutch, English and Chinese reports were all bundled together. We will now try to give as much information as possible in Dutch.

Always ahead
Of course, we will not stand still and PiPa will continue to be developed further.

In the (near) future there will be a few new and fun functionalities online. We are keeping them a secret, so the message is visit us often!

Do you have any suggestions for the website? Let us know via the contact form.