I believe, it would be accurate to state, that the very best modern day “Barcelona Lofts” in the whole of Europe would be those of the Gyselbrecht family and that the most successful modern day Barcelona strain would in fact be the “Gyselbrecht Strain”.

The mind is a powerful magnet and as such, it
attracts whatever corresponds to its ruling state.
Expectation dictates what that ruling state will be
and therefore governs what corresponds to the mind
and is attracted into your life. Expectation can be
either a blessing or a curse but either way it is
certainly one of the most powerful unseen forces in
your life.”

John Kanary
Public Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur

It was not always so but it was brought into being by the sheer force of will, a will that defines the Gyselbrecht clan! As a family they have come to understand that before anything can be manifested in life it must first be conceived of and visualized in the mind.

When you really want something, and you couple that with an understanding of your nature, of your spiritual being,
and the laws that govern you, you will keep going, regardless of what's happened. Nothing will stop you.
Bob Proctor

Dr Carlo Gyselbrecht DVM is a resident of Knesselare, Belgium and is a highly successful, and much sought after, veterinarian with particular emphasis on pigeons as his specialty. His personal profile is that of a man who believes in himself, in his ability and in his vision. Dr. Carlo has been able to integrate within himself the following personalities: the man of science, the observant stockmen, the visionary composer artist as well as the dedicated hands on workman. All of these attributes working in perfect harmony to ensure that nothing is overlooked, everything is taken into account, nothing is taken for granted and instinctively he  appreciates that all must be in its  proper proportion if success is to follow.

Carlo, as a student, was extremely successful in his studies; he was and still is characterized by his punctuality, attention to detail and accuracy.  It should come as no surprise that Carlo’s favorite hobby, from early childhood is the breeding of racing pigeons. One might be correct in observing that it is in fact a Gyselbrecht obsession that has afflicted three generations of his family so far and all since childhood. The racing pigeon fascination began with father Remi it soon included his three sons André, Carlo  and George then moved to , Hannes and Peter       (André’s son) and finally Thomas and Nikolaas (sons of Carlo) who also joined the ranks thus moving into generation number three. Now in his eighties Remi Gyselbrecht was a top fancier for more than 50 years. Amongst his achievements are 1st National Champion KBDB in 1977, 1st International Barcelona 1995, 2nd National Barcelona 1999 as well as a host of other a championships and ‘Ace pigeons’. So Dr. Carlo comes by his considerable knowledge of racing pigeons almost by osmosis, passing from father to son naturally. Carlo was responsible for the breeding lofts for a good deal of this time. 

Old lofts of Remi Gyselbrecht

From an early age he (Dr. Carlo) instinctively understood that the real key to success was the search for the “best of the best”. We should define this rather liquid term ,“best of the best” it really means that one’s true task, if one is to really succeed, is to locate exceptional specimens that have an extremely long history of world class performances coupled with prepotency that is intergenerational in nature. Pre-potent winners come from pre-potent winners and it’s just that simple or should I really say it’s just that complicated. Dr. Carlo understanding of and pursuit of perfection paid off handsomely in 1995 when he, his father and his brother (who all raced together) attained the most prestigious prize possible within our pigeon racing sport. They won 1st International Barcelona (“Laureaat Barcelona”), 2nd (“Sampras”) and 4th National Barcelona with pigeons of Dr. Carlo’s own breeding. 
Why is the race “International Barcelona” viewed as the pinnacle of achievement in the European pigeon sport? Additionally why do fanciers, from Asia descend upon Belgium at the time of the Barcelona International? Why International Barcelona is is the most prestigious prize possible in our sport? I think that   John Clements (collaborator of the Euro Pigeon Year Book) put it best when he wrote the following:

"The Barcelona International, where the absolute cream of European pigeons compete over a Marathon course of more than 1,000km (600+ miles). Every loft likes to own a "Barcelona" and those who do, prize them above all others. This International race is a symbol of stamina, tenacity, and unbelievable homing ability world wide".

I feel that describes Barcelona and the pigeons that compete. Nowhere in the world does a race carry the glory of Barcelona.
Mr. Liam O Comain gave his thoughts on why “International Barcelona” is viewed as the ultimate distance test when he writes:

“Because of obstacles like the Pyrenees mountain range and the intense heat of the Spanish sun plus extraordinary mileage the Barcelona International race is the marathon of all marathon races. Even a so called blow home from Barcelona is a difficult encounter. For in addition to all vagaries of the climate the pigeons have to face feathered and other predators as well as the uncertainty of nights out on roof tops, trees, and wire lines, etc,.”

In order to move forward into the future with extreme confidence one must of necessity be totally conversant with the past. In a sense one needs to go “back to the future”. We all need to appreciate and give proper credit to those who came before because “we” all of us, begin where someone else left off. We build on the foundations of those who came before us and our “Foundation” is the bedrock upon which we build. If we chose properly that foundation will serve us well if we do not then our efforts to build successfully into the future are doomed by the weakness that existed in the foundations of the past.

Therefore in order to better understand the success of the Gyselbrecht strain we will need to spend a few moments reviewing the history of an old Belgian Champion that passed away in 1999 one Andre Vanbrauaene for this in fact is the bedrock of the “Gyselbrecht Strain”.

Vanbruaene” Success Begins With A Stray!
The history surrounding Andre Vanbruaene is full of exceedingly interesting anecdotes. The British writer  and old strain enthusiast Mr. Liam O Comain was to write the following interesting historical passages regarding what he referred to as “A Wonderful Stray” that was doctored back to health by a kindly uncle who set the stage for his nephews future success:.
“This piece however is about another stray which came into a loft on the European mainland to a fancier who saw right away that the bird looked sickly in appearance, whose tail was very long in relation to other bodily proportions, and he could not define its gender- 'a henny cock or a cocky hen'. Upon doctoring it he kept it for a few days until it appeared better but instead of releasing it he gave it to a fancier friend who upon handling it rejected it. The original fancier was not of the culling type in fact he hated killing anything so as he knew that his nephew had started in the sport he gave the stray to the latter who then reported it and was told to keep it.

The bird in fact belonged to a Mr. Desprets who was the son-in-law of the famous fancier Mr. Commine. The nephew was called Andre and he bred the stray with a hen which he had obtained from a Mr R. Benoot.From the pairing a pigeon was bred which began to win races and make a reputation in the local area. Then one day at basketing for another race Mr Commine arrived and asked Andre where he had got the bird and upon being told that it was bred from a stray of his son-in-law. Andre was told that he was a lucky person for the father of the stray was Commines favourite 'Napoleon'. Yes the famous 'Napoleon'… Yet in turn a champion was born for Andre was no other than Andre Vanbruaene and the son of the stray was the famous 'Bull' who at the age of 15 years produced the 'Young Bull' who won 1st National Libourne and 1st International Pau in the same year.

Followed a year later by the 'Bull' producing a son named 'Tarzan' who went on to win 1st International. San Sebastian. Of course this is not the end of the story for a daughter of 'Young Bull' produced a son from a mating which when bred with 'Tarzan' produced a 1st International Barcelona winner in 1966. And yet it is still not the end of the story for the 1966 International Barcelona winner was the ancestor of at least 3 other International Barcelona winners in 1984, 1995 and 2003. All carrying the bloodlines of …- the original stray. Thus what greatness would have been denied if Andre Vanbruaene's uncle rather than doctoring the stray had pulled its neck.”

The young fancier referred to above was born in “Lauwe” on April 4th 1910 and his name was Andre Vanbruaene. By age 17 (1927) he was already participating in the speed races so successfully that he was excluded from various clubs. These unfortunate restrictions against him served to insure that Andre would seek to participate in the distance races where he could not be excluded. It was not long before he attained success at these National races. By 1953 his famous “Tarzan” won 1st International San Sebastian flying from Spain to Belgium on the day, quite a remarkable performance.”Tarzan” was a grandson of the “Old Bull” ( a daughter from “Tarzan” called “the terrible Blue 200/54 was the mother to “Barcelona 1”) who you will remember was a son of the famous stray (Andre later named the pigeon his ‘Schuwen 933/31’ whom he mated to a hen from  Benoot from Olsen.This mating produced the ‘Oude Stier’ that in English is refered to as the “Old Bull”.) who in turn was a son of “Napoleon” of ECAILLE COMMINNES.. In time the “Vanbruaene” strain was to be developed from a judicious inbreeding program that incorporated the lines of “Commine” those of “Molein”, “Stichelbaut”, “Vandevelde”, “Desmet “, “de Baere”,”Buysse”, and “Vangrembergen”, “Labeeuw” “Willequet” etc. In other words Vanbruaene brought together many of the best pigeons of Flanders and melted them together into a new hybrid line of his own. Hybrids whose desirable features and attributes were fixed with ongoing inbreeding and line breeding. By 1966  Vanbruaene won 1st International Barcelona with his exceptional cock “Barcelona 1”.

One of the sons of “Barcelona 1” named ‘Electriek’  may in fact have been the best breeder Vanbruaene ever owned.This line was responsible for 4 International Barcelona winners as follows; Gilmont in 1983, Vanbruaene in 1984, Vervisch in 1985 and Gyselbrecht family in 1995. Three years in a row (‘83, ‘84, ‘85), the International Barcelona winners were all bred from 100% Vanbruaene stock, what a fantastic testimony to the masterful breeding capabilities of Andre Vanbruaene. By the time of his death in 1999 there was no doubt that the Andre Vanbruaene strain could legitamely be said to have dominated Barcelona. By the end of his career Vanbruaene had won no less than 12, 1st Nationals, 4 times 1st International. Additionally if you were to count the number of 1st International Barcelona wins by birds that were either 100% or at least 50% Vanbruaene then that number is 6 as follows:

In brief here is what transpired for those aficionados of the pedigree:
The ‘Stier’  or “Old Bull” was the sire of   the famous ‘Jonge Stier 559/47’ ( 1st  Nat Libourne ’51 and 1st  Internat. Pau ’51). A ’Daughter Jonge Stier 602/53’was to eventually  become the mother of the top breeder  ‘Oude Zwarten 192/54 who was the father of ‘Barcelona I’ 902/61.  ‘Barcelona I’ when mated to  ‘Sproete 270/66’ (a daughter 1st  International  Barcelona 1964 Deraedt-Van Grembergen), was the sire of ‘Elektriek 953/67’ and grandsire of the ‘Late Elektriek 701/75’ which when mated to ‘Kardoese 094/76’ (a daughter of his grandmother the ‘Sproete 270/66’) was father of ‘Barcelona II’ 141/79! An entire pedigree of consecutive generations of ‘super pigeons’ which  made Andre Vanbruaene ‘world famous’.

Dr. Carlo Visits the “Fondmaster
In 1983 Carlo visited the lofts of Andre Vanbruaene the reigning Belgian “Fondmaster” and reserved 10 youngsters that were to be bred in 1984. For 50 years Vanbruaene had remained at the very top of the sport in Belgium. By the 1980’s his accomplishments were so sensational that he stunned the entire pigeon world. The famous Hungarian geneticist Professor Anker was to write as follows of Vanbruaene:

“By effort of the best fanciers. A new type, outlined like a falcon next to the heavy eagle of yesteryear. So weighed the Jonge Stier (Young Bull), the 1000 km victor of Van Bruane, 450 grams. The Tarzan with his 450 grams weight will be remembered in our sport as the infinite wonder. He was let loose at 9:50 AM in St. Sebastian (1000 km) and was already back in his nest box  in the evening.”

Vanbruaene blended his world famous “Bull” line with new crossbreed material, e.g. a daughter (world famous "Sproete”) and a son (progenitor "Olympiade”) of the 1st international Barcelona from Deraedt-Van Grembergen; this bird was half Vanbruaene anyway and had won the 2nd international Barcelona in 1962. These lines he crossbred with his own 1st Barcelona of 19 66 thus creating an unsurpassed breed of birds the likes of which only an artist can create.
1964: 1st international Barcelona Deraedt-Van Grembergen 50% Vanbruaene
1966: 1st international Barcelona Vanbruaene
1983: 1st international Barcelona Gilmont
1984: 1st international Barcelona Vanbruaene
1985: 1st international BarcelonaVervisch
1995: 1st international Barcelona Gyselbrecht 50% Vanbruaene with "Laureaat Barcelona" 4428350/92;

This beautiful athlete carries 5 x the 1st international Barcelona 66 and 4 x 1st international Barcelona 64 in his blood.

The following pigeons listed below  are all related to the  lines above listed and were purchased  by Carlo, brother André and his father Remi in 1984 direct from Vanbruaene:

1) Montauban 3392591/84 son Montauban 871/73 x Ariane 208/81 half-sister 1st international Barcelona 1984; Montauban 591/84 is the half-brother of "Diplomaat" Vanbruaene;

MONTAUBAN 3392591/84 de Montauban 591/84 is
a) father of "Prost" 3rd national Narbonne 6167b.

b) Father of "Kleintje" 977/85; she is the mother of "Zot" 98th national Barcelona 11423b., of "Atleet" 210th national Barcelona 11429b., 302nd national Barcelona 13343b.

2) DOKUS-Duivin 3392553/84 daughter Dokus 3251103/74 x daughter President; she is the mother of "Cendré" 43rd national Narbonne 4420b.

3) DOKUS-DUIVIN 3419616/84
sister of the previous one; she is an exceptional breeding hen and mother of
a) "Blauwe Tik" 3367668/86 (father is superace Vooruit 564/74); "Blauwe Tik" won a.o. 37th national Narbonne 4420b. 88th national Dax 3394b.
b) "Artiest" 3395343/88 88th national Barcelona 11423b.
c) "Dax" 3320608/87 67th national Narbonne 5848b.

4) "MARATHON-DUIVIN" 3392519/84
daughter of "Marathon" 196/77 x daughter Bijter (grandson "Bull"); she is
a) grandmother of 1st national Narbonne 93 6020b. at E. Limbourg
b) grandmother of superace Barcelona "Turbo" 4561810/91

5) "MARATHON" 3392596/84 brother of "Marathon-duivin" 519/84; he is
a) father of "Senna" 3361990/85
b) father of "Zot" 3391048/86 98th national Barcelona 11423b.
c) Grandfather of "Artiest" 3395343/88 88th national Barcelona 11423b.
d) Grandfather of "Schumacher" 4620198/94 82nd national Barcelona 12731b.

6) "ST-VINCENT-DUIVIN" 3392522/84 daughter of "St.Vincent" x daughter Olympiade; she is
a) mother of "Senna" 3361990/85
b) grandmother of "Artiest" 3395343/88 88th national Barcelona 11423b.
c) Grandmother of "Schumacher" 4620198/94 82nd national Barcelona 12731b.

7) "BARON-DUIVIN" 3392579/84 daughter of Baron 154/77 (son Elektriek) x sister 1st international Barcelona 84; she is the mother of "Kleintje" 977/85 who is the mother of "Zot" 98th national Barcelona 11423b., of "Atleet" 210th national Barcelona 11429b 302nd national Barcelona 13343b.

8) "JONGE PRINS" 3392487/84 son of Jonge Prins 559/78 x daughter Witpen 636/75; he is the father of "Prins Barcelona" 3361945/85 31st international Barcelona 87 21545b.

 A Gift of Golden Eggs” Their Biggest Success!
The birds purchased in 1984 were immediately successful and this success insured a repeat visit to purchase more Vanbruaene pigeons in 1986.Three additional birds were purchased, two daughters of the 1st intern. Barcelona. The success was great. The hen ‘081/86’, daughter of 1st International Barcelona x daughter Dokus, became mother of ‘Blauwe Barcelona’ (7th International Barcelona); grandmother of ‘Cahors’ (37th National Cahors) and great-grandfather of ‘Turbo’ (76-96-270 International Barcelona). The hen ‘061/86’, daughter of 1st International Barcelona x ‘Ali-duivin’, is the mother of ‘Zwarte Barcelona (104th International Barcelona).But the “brass ring” came in the form of a gift, actually an “egg” that Vanbruaene gave to the Gyselbrecht family with these words;

“You are fine pigeon fanciers; I give the eggs to the Gyselbrecht family as a present”

Out of that “gift egg” emerged “Laureaat 972/86” none other than the sire of ‘Laureaat Barcelona 350/92’ (1st International Barcelona 1995); but also father of ‘Cahors’ and ‘Turbo 810/91’. Out of the second egg came ‘Laureaat duivin 034/86’, mother of ‘King 816/91’.

 Figure 2“A Gift of Golden Eggs” Their Biggest Success!


When I asked Dr. Carlo as to the origin of the Gyselbercht strain here is what he said:

“Our old strain derives from our Foundation cock de ‘Vooruit’ (from his father Remi, the Andre Vanbruane pigeons, Anton & Luci Van der Wegen, Andre Brouckaert) The most important pigeons were without a doubt the ‘Vanbruaene’ pigeons and to this day they remain the base of the current breeding loft! Over the last few years some new ‘very long distance blood’ was incorporated with the ‘Crayonne Dax’ (5th  Nat Ace Great Long Distance KBDB), the ‘Jumbo’-line (6th  National Ace LD KBDB), Il Briganti-line (2nd Ace ZLU International), ‘Superbreeder 303’ Van Tuyl (best breeder from the 1st  International  Barcelona winners 2009 family ‘van Houten’)… + his superior son ‘Wesley’. This ‘SUPERBREEDER 303’ is father to
“Yolanthe”: 2e Nat. Montauban ’08 + 39e Nat. Limoges ‘09


8° Nat Brive      6.029 d. ‘07
11° Brive         1.248 d. ‘06
20° Nat Barcelona 8.042 d. ‘09
53° Nat Dax ZLU   3.228 d. ‘06
Super cock! Won 11 x prices on the ‘great long distance’!

"Red Jan": 17e Nat.  St. Vincent ‘09

A very key pigeon from the old strain that is in our breeding lofts is the ‘Luna’, winner 2nd National Barcelona. She was raced by P.Delrue-Vanbruaene, but moved to our breeding loft at the end of 2009! We think she will be an important ingredient in the continuation of our Vanbruane-strain.”

Birds in Yellow are Vanbruaene. Incredibly they have won this most prestigious race in the world 6 times by 2002

Choose Carefully!
Dr. Carlo introduced a new line in 1991. He did so carefully choosing the pigeons of André Brouckaert who had had been famous in Belgium for a number of years. Brouckaert had accomplished major victories in the very tough Barcelona 1987-1989 and 1990. Furthermore many other fanciers had triumphed with this species. Where else to go than Brouckaert for new blood? Various birds were purchased and the ‘Jupiter hen 847/91’ would prove to the most special purchase of the lot. She became the mother of ‘Laureaat Barcelona 350/92 (1st International Barcelona 1995). Still not content to live on his already considerable success Dr. Carlo had intentions of breeding even better pigeons and so he introduced special pigeons regularly.

Carlo knew full well that the quality of the van der Wegen bird is valued world-wide; and their endurance is legendary. The Van der Wegen is an inbred line selected on performance and for this reason Carlo Gyselbrecht chooses the van der Wegen to crossbreed with his own Barcelona line. A number of young birds were purchased in 1993 and 1994.The introduction of the van der Wegen to the base family line was successful. The most important breeders are ‘Bijou 253/93’, ‘NL227/93’, ‘Schift 088/93’ and ‘Daughter Vliegenier 122/94’.

One of Dr. Carlos Lofts

No Other Race Winners Are As Valued
No other race winners are as valued as the 1st International Barcelona winners. Recent prices paid include: $150,000.00 for “Smaragd II” by Masserella and $120,000.00 for “Gerda” by Seikan Kodama. These fanciers know that in order to compete against the best you must have the best and no other loft in all of Europe can claim better performances from Barcelona than the Gyselbrecht Family, a colony of consistently superior world-class long distance racing pigeons.
If you are to achieve your goals then of necessity you must have two allies. The first of these is “ambition" and the second is "passion”. According to Dr. Carlo, “when talking to people like André Vanbruaene and others, you can sense this passion, this need to win”. Real champions feel it and show it during races in a fair way, not through words but through actions. The results of the birds will speak for themselves you need say nothing.
Dr Carlo as well as many great champions have said: "Aces come from aces; long-distance fliers for whom heat, cold, rain nor storm pose any problems, come from birds who have proven themselves in the same conditions". But there is more; these qualities are inherent in the genes, in the chromosomes; one big problem surfaces: to solidify the qualities in a species is not easy because genes and chromosomes come in doubles. You must succeed in solidifying them in doubles to obtain a homogeneous species of pigeons whose qualities will be known thoroughly, offering the possibility to breed easily top pigeons.

The ‘golden breeding line ‘of the ‘Laureaat
In  1986,  ‘Laureaat’ B83-3347257 was crowned 3rd  Nat Ace pigeon Long Distance KBDB with 50th  Nat Cahors 5.330 p, 8th  Nat Montauban 3.466 p. and 47th  Nat Lourdes 4.129 p. The “Laureaat 972/86”  was father of the “Laureaat Barcelona 350/92” (1st  International  Barcelona 1995) the Barcelona crack the “Turbo 810/91” the “Cahors 173/90”: 37th  national Cahors 7.528 p.
His nest sister, the “Laureaat-hen” 034/86 was in turn mother of the world famous “King 816/91”. A pigeon dynasty that continues to produce Barcelona cracks. A few examples will follow!

Naturally the figurehead of the colony as winner 1st   International  Barcelona 20.925 p. in 1995. He stems from the “Laureaat 972/86” (direct A.Vanbruane) x “Jupiter-hen 847/91” (direct Andre Brouckaert, Wervik)

The TURBO 810/91
Half-brother of the “Laureaat Barcelona”, because he is son of the “Laureaat 972/86” x “Mother Turbo 164/88” (a daughter out “Son Vooruit 99/87” x “Marathon hen 519/84” Vanbruaene, also grandmother of the 1° Nat. Narbonne). TURBO won the following prizes:

’94 Barcelona    International    26.807 p.    270th 
’95 Barcelona    International    20.943 p.     96th 
’97 Barcelona    International    24.908 p.     76th 

This ‘Turbo’ is father of the top breeding hen ‘Delphine’  BE98-4567692, which has played a large part in the current stock building of the colony, this ‘Delphine is amongst other things
mother of ‘Mayo’: 57th  Nat Barcelona 11.806 p.
grandmother of the ‘St.Vincent’: 24th  Nat. Barcelona  12.612 p. -  34th  Nat. St.Vincent 10.020 p.

Pedigree "Turbo" : Click here

 The KING 816/91
Out of  “Son Tee 242/83” (direct E.Denys) x “Laureaat-hen 034/86” (direct A. Vanbruaene and nest sister of the “Laureaat 972/86). The KING won:
’92 Limoges    National    19.250 p.    96th
’94 Barcelona    Internat    26.807 p.    92nd
’95 Barcelona    Internat    20.943 p.    365th
The “KING” grew to be a top breeder and is a.o. father of the 96° Nat Barcelona 13.966 p, 68 + 78° Nat Barcelona 13.659 p, 90° Intnat Dax 11.807pd… etc.

The Laureaat line which is still playing a main role in the lofts of Dr Andre Gyselbrecht-Madeira…, and still also forms the ‘basis line’ in the stock building at the moment in the Dr. Carlo Gyselbrecht Breeding loft… from which a crossing with newly introduced ‘top class’ (see further) is forming its own racing team for the Long Distance, and more especially ‘Grand Distance’! The input of the ‘Andre Vanbruaene pigeons’ in their own pigeon strain… has produced ‘exploding fireworks’ in the Gyselbrecht lofts in the Grand Distance races, with naturally the top classic from Barcelona as the main attraction, where from during 21 years Barcelona the victory flowers at local level were achieved no less than 11 times, wherefrom further 2 x 1° at Provincial level, with 1° National ’95 and 2° National in ’99… and of course, the ultimate cracker… the winning of the 1° International Barcelona in 1995!

An honours list that counts… quasi impossible to equal, let alone beat!
Just as in many other lofts the Vanbruane pigeons in the Gyselbrecht lofts lay at the basis of marvellous victories up to national and international level. To avoid the danger of forgetting anyone we are not going to list the long list of fanciers whose success has been based on the Vanbruaene pigeons. But, so as is often the case in the pigeon sport… Andre Vanbruaene has laid the foundations on which others have built further… not in the least the Gyselbrecht family! It is a sort of chronology in the pigeon sport.

Purchase of the winning hen 2° Nat Barcelona: ‘Luna
Patrick Delrue-Vanbruaene is the grandson of legendary Andre Vanbruaene  and as such was able and encouraged to profit from the life’s work of  his grandfather Andre. It was grandfather Andre whoinitiated Patrick into the pigeon sport and taught him the craft. Patrick was always at the front of the queue  and no one knew the colony of his grandfather better than he.It goes without saying that the very best of  his grandfather’s lofts in Lauwe were made available to Patrick.  Patrick was 2nd  place ‘national Barcelona’ with his very strong hen ‘Luna’! Following is the lineage  that gave rise to this wonderful hen  “Luna”

-The ‘GESCHELPTEN’ B82-3366362
The ‘Nr 1’ stock cock of Patrick Delrue-Vanbruaene! He is a son of the ‘Stouten’ B77-3470749, who self was an inbred product to the immortal stock bear of André Vanbruaene the ‘Jonge Stier’ (with 1° Nat Libourne and 1° Intnat Pau in 1951 to his name)… self out the ‘Bijter’ (1° prize Bordeaux) x ‘Jonge Sproete’ (daughter out an inbreed coupling  with the undoubtedly most famous son of ‘Barcelona I’, namely the ‘Electriek 953/67’ x his own mother ‘Sproete 270/66’, daughter of the 1° Intnat Barcelona 1964’ Deraedt-Van Grembergen). Mother is ‘Cecile’ B77-3058624 who in turn is then a daughter of the ‘Molenaar 727/68’ (son 1° Nat Cahors) x ‘Sproete 270/66’ (mentioned above)… with which this ‘Cecile’ is a full sister of the famous top breeding hen ‘Kardoese 094/76’… you know, the mother of ‘Barcelona II’, winner 1° Intnat Barcelona 1984. With this the stock breeder ‘Geschelpten 362/82’ is then inbred to both the ‘Sproete’ (3 x in the pedigree), the ‘Barcelona I’ (2 x in the pedigree), the ‘1° Nat Barcelona Deraedt-Van Grembergen’… as the ‘Jonge Stier 559/47’, which appears in the pedigree several times.
The ‘Geschelpten 362/82’ became a phenomenal breeding pigeon and was a.o. father of
-The ‘Perpignan 740/87’: 35th  Nat Perpignan 3.306 p. and 65th  Intnat Perpignan 10.444 p.
-the ‘Bijter 259/84’: 35th  Prov Limoges 1.998 p., 86th  Nat Narbonne 6.187 p., which further won more than 10 prizes per 10 in the national and international races.
-the ‘Cahors 028/86’: winner 2nd  Nat Cahors 7.271 p., and 19th  Nat Brive 16.376 p…
-‘Topping 493/88’: winner 1st  Tours 298 p., 1st  Tours 546 p., 1st  Tours 851 p…
-the ‘Geschelpte Stier 534/88’: full brother of ‘Topping’ and without doubt the most famous son of the ‘Geschelpten 362/82’, coupled with ‘Krulle 099/85’ (daughter of the 1st  Intnat Barcelona 1984: the ‘Barcelona II 141/79’ x ‘Ali-hen 128/77’). This ‘Geschelpte Stier’ was a real ‘super crack’ which was self crowned as 2nd  Nat Ace pigeon Long Distance KBDB!  Coupled with ‘Laura 466/87’ (a daughter out the 3rd  Nat Ace pigeon Long Distance KBDB: the ‘Laureaat 257/83’ x ‘Daughter Late Elektriek 357/82’) he was in turn father of a super breeder… called the ‘Lange Stier 828/97’ (father of the 2nd  Nat Barcelona, 47th  Nat Limoges, 72nd  Nat Cahors, 87th  Nat Aurillac…).
The ‘Geschelpte Stier 534/88’ was also father of super hen ‘Jane 761/95’ (full sister of the  ‘Lange  Stier), which was coupled with the excellent Long Distance racer ‘Athos 064/85’, self a.o. 54th  Nat Marseille, 197th  Nat Barcelona 12.283 p. (and son of the 1st  Intnat Barcelona 1984: ‘Barcelona II 141/79’ x ‘Angela 288/81’, daughter of the ‘Notaris’)…  A coupling of this ‘Athos’ x ‘Jane ‘produced the ‘Juweel 319/00’, mother of the 39th  Nat Dax, 47th  Nat Limoges, 85th  Nat Aurillac… and ‘top of the bill’ of course, mother of super hen

‘LUNA’ B04-3177330, winner of
2nd  Nat Barcelona 11.802 p. in 2006 (with 1186 m/min)
4th  Intnat Barcelona 22.887 p.
These incredible performances in the lofts of Patrick Delrue-Vanbruaene in the very tough Barcelona of 2006. Last she moved to the breeding lofts of Dr. Carlo Gyselbrecht, who used her wisely. ‘Luna’ is a ‘beautiful hen’ with an ‘iron constitution, a real Vanbruaene pigeon, a hen with more or less all the famous Vanbruaene pigeons in the pedigree so as both the 1st  Intnat Barcelona winners: the ‘Barcelona I’, the ‘Barcelona II’, and further the ‘Sproete’, the ‘Jonge Stier’, the ‘Laureaat’, the ‘Notaris’.

A drop of ‘new blood’
Andre Vanbruaene managed to keep his pigeon stock at an exceptionally high level  of performance by breeding his pigeons  in as straight  a line as possible, but he was not adverse, now and then, to  pumping in a drop of ‘fresh blood’. A lesson from the grandmaster which Dr. Carlo took keen notice of. Dr. Carlo has virtually bred and raced all ‘super cracks’ and  ‘Barcelona racers’ which have given the Gyselbrecht colony world fame. The fact that in the past the Gyselbrecht household was especially successful with the input of the ‘Jupiter-hen’ Brouckaert, the ‘Son Tee’ Denys, and the Van der Wegen-pigeons… into their Vanbruaene family, as you read earlier, has now become a public secret. Allow me to introduce you to a few of the most important acquisitions over the last few seasons:

‘IL BRIGANTI NL97-1967658
2° Ace pigeon ZLU International 2001
Joint winner  Europacup + West-European Super marathon 2001

Dax    National    5.617 p.     7th 
Pau    Internat.   7.841 p.    21st 
Dax    National    4.328 p.    21st 

And a lorry load of top prizes from Dax, Bordeaux, Perpignan etc… in the lofts of Domenico Barberio in Weert (NL). This pigeon is a.o. father of the “St.Vincent 572/04” which won 1st  reg + 24th  Nat Barcelona 2007 by Remi. He clearly doesn’t get it from a stranger…

The ST.VINCENT 572/04
A ‘son’ of “Il Briganti 658/97” (2nd  European Ace pigeon 2001 by Domenico Barberio) x “Juweel Brugemann 197/99 (granddaughter of the “Turbo  810/91 via his daughter “Delphine”). The St.Vincent won a.o.:

’05 St.Vincent National    10.020 p.    34th 
’07 Barcelona  National    12.612 p.    24th 
               Provincial   2.229 p.     4th 
                Regional      355 p.     1st 

Exceptional breeder his very first crack pigeon is in the Long Distance and ‘Extreme Long Distance’ is  in the new racing lofts of Dr. Carlo & Thomas Gyselbrecht his name is  ‘Remi’.

The ‘REMI’ B06-4028163
He is a son of the ‘Half-brother 1st  Intnat Dax’ B05-3193181 (so ‘son’ of ‘Father 1st  Intnat Dax’, and also grandson of the ‘1° Nat. Ace pigeon Long Distance KBDB ‘92” and of the 1st  Intnat Marseille 20.721 p.) x ‘Daughter St.Vincent’ B05-4318922. The ‘Remi’ performed as follows:

62nd   Nat. Tarbes       4.660 p. ‘08
70th   I.Nat. Pau        7.608 p. ‘09
61st   Prov. Brive       3.080 p. ‘09
20th   Argenton            757 p.
105th  Prov. Chateauroux 3.491 p.
167th  Prov. Bourges     3.267 p.

JUMBO BE00-4298841
6° National Ace pigeon ‘Grand Distance’ KBDB 2004

’02 Beziers   Prov    1.119 p.     2nd 
              Nat.    5.886 p.     3rd 
’03 Montauban Prov    1.123 p.     1st 
              Nat.    6.901 p.     2nd 
’04 Dax       Nat.    6.138 p.    36th 
              Intnat 17.526 p.    61st 
’04 Perpignan Nat.    6.489 p.    81st 
              Intnat 17.570 p.    182nd 

Raced this top performance in the lofts of Cyriel & Dirk Martens, Deinze before moving to the breeding lofts by Dr. Carlo.

The ‘SUPER BREEDER 303’ NL02-1638303
One of the latest acquisition was ‘the breeding wonder’ of the ‘van Houten’ family from IJsselstein (NL), where he was already father of 3 national ‘Top-20’ winners, being:
-“Yolanthe”: 2nd  Nat. Montauban ’08 + 39e Nat. Limoges ‘09
-“Wesley”:  8th  Nat. Brive ’07 + 20e Nat. Barcelona ‘09
- “Red Jan”: 17th  Nat.  St. Vincent ‘09
He is a direct Gerard van Tuyl, Hellouw (self old birds 1st  Intnat Barcelona and Pau winner)! He was bred out ‘The 87 Frenken’ NL95-2421287 (originating from the Gebr Frenken out the ‘Son Pau 2’ 858/93… out a crossing Marcel Braakhuis x Gebr Frenken… with as mother the ‘005-Hen… hen bred out a grandson of the ‘Fameuze 508’ Jan Theelen in combination with the Braakhuis pigeons) x ‘Verhellen hen’ B98-6498654, originating from the Belgian Long Distance crack Hilaire Verhellen (out the ‘Jonge Dromer 700/90’ x ‘Daughter Reiger 242/94). This ‘Super breeder 303’ is without doubt regarded as one of the greatest ‘breeding pigeons’ for the ‘Extreme Long Distance’ at this moment.  We can definitely describe him as one of the ‘top transfers’ of the ‘Dr.Carlo Gyselbrecht breeding lofts’, where, in combination with the time-honoured ‘golden Vanbruaene strain’,  he has to ensure the successful continuation of the racing team for the future.

The ‘WESLEY’ NL04-1763069
A powerful and extremely strong ‘Extreme Long Distance crack’ with, included in his honours list
 8th  Nat Brive       6.029 p. ‘07
11th  Brive           1.248 p. ‘06
20th  Nat Barcelona  8.042 p. ‘09
53rd  Nat Dax ZLU       3.228 p. ‘06
This ‘Super cock’ won 11 x prize in the Extreme Long Distance, and is a 100% pure Gerard van Tuyl (self old winner 1st  Intnat Barcelona and Pau)! He is a son of the ‘golden top breeder’ by the Van Houten family… the ‘SUPER BREEDER 303’ NL02-1638303 (see above) x  ‘SUPERKE VAN TUYL’  NL01-1889142… a marvellous breeding mother direct Gerard Van Tuyl, which, in addition to being mother of the ‘Wesley, is also mother of a.o. the
58th  Nat Mont de Marsan ‘05
68th  Nat St.Vincent ‘05
99th  Nat Marseille ‘08
The ‘Superke Van Tuyl’ is a daughter of an inbreed coupling with ‘Half-brother Car winner 192/99’ (out ‘Father Car winner 797/85’ x ‘Gebr. Van Santvoort hen 247/90’) x ‘Kras Bont 237/99’ (out ‘Son 1° Nat Brive 568/98’… who in turn comes out ‘Father Car winner 797/85’ x ‘1° Nat Brive 631/92’).
This ‘Wesley’ was the reigning  ‘super crack’ in the ‘Extreme Long Distance’ by the Van Houten family, IJsselstein (NL) and purchased by Dr.Carlo.

The ‘SON RED BARCELONA’ B03-4196518
A truly splendid athlete!  He is a son of the ‘Red Barcelona 326/98’, the national Barcelona winner from Jean-Pierre Bogaerts which later became a super breeder in the lofts of a.o. Marc De Cock and Brian Long, he won:

’02 Barcelona Nat.   13.089 p.      1st 
              Intnat 26.944 p.      4th 
’01 Barcelona Nat.   13.161 p.    295th 
’01 Perpignan Prov.   1.084 p.      2th  (Club: 1st  prize against  120 p.)
              Nat.    8.041 p.     23rd 

The mother of the ‘Son Red Barcelona’ is the classy ‘Daughter Laureaat Barcelona 367/97’, and so daughter of the 1st  Internat. Barcelona 20.925 p. in ’95… this hen is also grandmother of the 2nd  internat. Barcelona Jean-Paul and Björn Van Kerckvoorde from Lovendegem.

The  ‘BLUE CARCASSONNE’ B04-2063075
Purchased  in December 2009 in the auction of Erik Limbourg. He exceptional at the ‘Grand Distance’, and in Brussegem raced the following top performances:

’06 Carcassonne Nat    3.911 p.    33rd 
                I.Nat 10.448 p.    63rd 
’07 Perpignan   Nat    5.547 p.    24th 
                I.Nat 14.576 p.    44th 
’08 Tarbes      Nat    4.660 p.    37th 
                I.Nat 12.537 p.    64th 
’06 Vierzon     I.Prov 5.888 p.    92nd 
’08 Bourges     N.Zone 7.838 p.    191st 
’08 Montélimar  Nat    8.634 p.    564th 
’08 Perpignan   Nat    7.603 p.    703rd 

Co-winner of the title 2nd  Nat Champion ‘Grand Distance’ KBDB  2008
He comes out the ‘Dubbele Swing 842/99’ (out the 1st  Prov+ 3rd  Nat  Cahors ’95 and 1st  Prov Limoges ’94: ‘Den Dubbele 177/93’ x ‘Daughter Swing couple’ 842/94) x ‘Inbred Blue As 058/98’ (inbred to the famous ‘Blauwe As’ from Jef Deridder).

The ‘CRAYONNEE DAX’ B03-4430677
5th  Nat Ace pigeon ‘Grand Distance’ KBDB 2007

  2nd  Nat Pau       2.159 p.
 20th  Intnat Dax   11.517 p.
 45th  Nat Irun      5.252 p.
250th  Nat Beziers   6.191 p.
279th  Nat Cahors    9.275 p.

After achieving the title of 5th  National Ace pigeon he was purchased by Dr. Carlo from the colony of Devuyst-Gyssens in Lokeren, where he descended from the ‘Brive 543/91’, who was ‘Internat Ace pigeon Pau 1994-98’ (origin Verhaegen x Cobut x De Zutter) x ‘Ginette II’ 290/98… a daughter of the ‘Geschelpte King 039/93’ (full brother of the ‘King 816/91’ Gyselbrecht which won 92nd  Intnat Barcelona 26.807 p. ’94, 96th  Nat Limoges 19.250 p. ’92 and 365th  Intnat Barcelona 20.943 p. ’95 … and coming out ‘Son Tee 242/83’ x ‘Laureaat-hen 034/86’) x ‘Daughter Golden Boy 573/95 (‘Golden Boy’ was 1st  Gouden Vleugel Barcelona YL in 1992).

The ‘MIREILLE’ B05-4011146
A sister of the Barcelona crack from Gaston Michiels from Iddergem which won

3rd  Prov Barcelona     2.229 p.
13th  Nat Barcelona    12.612 p.
60th  Intnat Barcelona 25.716 p.

Their full brother B05-4011156 won in that same year 9th  Prov, 50th  Nat 12.612 p., and 194th  Intnat Barcelona 25.716 p… after he had already won 8° Prov 1.509 p, 13th  Zone B 2.612 p. and 37th  Nat St.Vincent 7.525 p. in 2006 with 1101 m/min in the extremely tough edition of 2006.
This ‘Mireille’ is a daughter of the ‘Schonen Valen 742/01’, a direct Luc Van Coppenolle (out a son of the 3rd  Nat Pau ’96, 9th  Nat Pau ’97, 27th  Nat Marseille ’96, 56th  Nat Perpignan ’98: the ‘Son Pau 376/97’ x ‘Stock mother 3’ 277/96) x ‘Blue white band 639/02’, also direct Luc Van Coppenolle (which is a crossing of the lines ‘Primus’ x ‘1st  Nat Barcelona’ x ‘Witneus’  Florizoone’ with ‘Blue Narbonne’ Van Coppenolle x ‘1st  Nat Marseille’ Rene De Meester). 

These  new introductions  combined with the existing ‘golden Vanbruaene-base’ form the future of the Gyselbrecht colony! A racing team in the lofts of Carlo & Thomas Gyselbrecht in 2006. But also in the lofts of De Graeve-Gyselbrecht (formed by Martin Degraeve & Nikolaas Gyselbrecht) there will be a new start made in Wemmel, with a large share of the pigeons originating from ‘Dr. Carlo Gyselbrecht breeding lofts’.

The ‘St.Vincent’ B04-4297628
A grandson of the 1st  Internat. Barcelona 1995, the ‘Laureaat Barcelona’ who raced at the lofts of Degrave-Gyselbrecht at Hamme-Mille. He is a son of  the ‘Blue Vanbruaene 258/97’ (a son of the 1st  Intnat Barcelona ’95: the ‘Laureaat Barcelona 350/92’ x ‘Vanbruaene 019/88’… half-sister to the 3rd  Nat Narbonne, and granddaughter to ‘Barcelona II’ Vanbruaene) x ‘Daughter Rys 187/99’ from Hagens Bros (daughter to the 26° Nat Marseille 4.449 p., 43rd  Nat Marseille 4.307 p., 88th  Nat Pau 2.451 p., 91st  Nat Perpignan 3.985 p.: the super racer ‘Rys 140/94’). The ‘St.Vincent’ was a  ‘great long distance’-cock, he won a. o.
’05 St.Vincent        1.985 p.  3rd
                Nat 10.020 YL 19th

’07 Barcelona           258 p.  39th 
’07 Narbonne    Int   9.326 p.  848th 
’08 Barcelona         1.476 p.  173rd 
’08 Perpignan           474 p.  8th 
’09 Brive             6.567 p.  585th 
’09 Barcelona         1.830 p.  100th 
’09 Perpignan   Int  18.354 p.  344th 

Now in the  breeding lofts of Dr. Carlo.

Pedigree "St Vincent" : Click here

Top Prizes Continue To  Be Reported
Results  stream in yearly from fanciers that have achieved top prizes including at the  national and international level with descendants of direct pigeons from the Gyselbrecht breeding lofts. This  list that has now started to take on the form of a ‘book’ some of the main entries follow below:
Jean Moens from Grimbergen bought 3 youngsters from the Gyselbrecht family in the Spring  1996 auction… including a daughter (ring B96-4483308) of the ‘Laureaat Barcelona’ (1st  Intnat Barcelona) x ‘Bijou 253/93’ (a Vd Wegen-hen).This hen grew to be an excellent breeder and is the  mother of  47th  Nat Barcelona as well as  the winner 1st  National Pau 2,061 p. in 2006. At the time she was coupled with a cock from Erik Limbourg (a son 1st  Nat Narbonne).
Fauche Frères from Waret L’Evêque won 1st  Internat. Barcelona against 20,209 p. in 2003. Their Barcelona winner is a great granddaughter of the ‘Laureaat Barcelona’… and is so a grandchild of their star breeder, a direct ‘Son Laureaat Barcelona’ which the Fauche brothers bought from the Gyselbrecht family.
Jean-Paul & Björn Van Kerckvoorde from Lovendegem won the 2nd  International Barcelona against 23.695 p in 2008. They bought the father of their ‘Barcelona topper’ in the auction of Wim Boonen, out a ‘Daughter Laureaat Barcelona 367/97’.Over the last few years,Dr. Carlo and Jean-Paul and Björn have  made it a point to selectively breed the very best from both breeding lofts.
Etienne Meirlaen from Deurle-St.Martens Latem, the superstar who has developed a real ‘power grip’ at national level over the last 2 seasons by winning 1st  National Ace pigeon ‘Grand Distance’ KBDB both in 2008 and in 2009! His ‘1st  National Ace pigeon’ of 2008… the ‘Cor 528/05’… has as its  mother a  ‘Granddaughter Laureaat Barcelona 201/00’ which Etienne obtained from his now deceased sport friend Antoine Van Hove. Included in the lot of youngsters which Etienne bought in Loppem when he re-started in 2000 was also a ‘Granddaughter Turbo 208/00’ Gyselbrecht… and this pigeon is now mother of the current Barcelona topper ‘The 240’ 240/03 which has already completed Barcelona with success four times… including: 28th  Nat Barcelona 12.612 p. in ’07, 84th  Nat Barcelona 12.998 p. in ’05 and 354th  Nat Barcelona 11.484 p. in ’08.

 The Results of the Gyselbrecht Racing Lofts at the Barcelona Station are a source of considerable pride for the entire family.

1986 Spoete Barcelona   292 d.     1st 
        Internat.    18.079 d.    86th 
1987 Prins Barcelona    235 d.     1st 
        Internat.    21.545 d.    31st 
1991 Blauwe Barcelona   345 d.     1st 
        Internat.    27.167 d.     7th 
1994 King               166 d.     1st 
        Internat.    26.807 d.    92nd 
1995 Turbo              167 d.     1st 
        Internat.    20.925 d.    96th 
1995 Laureaat Barcelona 277 d.     1st 
        Internat.    20.925 d.     1st 
1996 Zwarten Barcelona  165 d.     1st 
        Internat.    20.129 d.    104th 
1999 Zoon Blauwe Barc.  410 d.     1st 
        National     13.966 d.    76th 
1999 Sampras            464 d.     1st 
        National     13.966 d.     2nd 
        Internat.    28.017 d.    10th 

2000 King Junior      308 d.    1st
        National    13.659 d.     78th 
2007 De ‘St.Vincent’   355 d.      1st

Dr. Carlo has built  and continues to build upon the foundations laid by the perennial Champions and judiciously blended and successfully fixed the most desirable traits of  these Champion strains together with his own. The results , as you can see, speak for themselves!

Andre, Remi and Carlo Gyselbrecht

The breeding loft of Carlo

The loft of Remi