G&S・フェルケルク - レーウェイク(オランダ)、マントラジョリ20506羽中最高分速!

The racing team of Gerard and Bas Verkerk seem to be on track this season… they already had three teletext notations, and this weekend their one-year-old yearling Eyecatcher was the fastest of 20,506 pigeons from South-Holland. This hen follows the footsteps of her legendary sister ‘Olympic Solange’.

NL11-1741071 is a daughter of Verkerk’s best breeding couple, which is also one of the best couples in The Netherlands: Olympic Survivor (1° Olympiad pigeon middle distance 2003) x ‘Magic Amoré’ (a daughter of Kleine Dirk x Amoré from Koopman). The most well-known child from this breeding couple is without a doubt ‘Olympic Solange’, which is acknowledged as the best racing pigeons in one-day competitions of The Netherlands. This is thanks to no less than six different 1° national ace pigeon titles:

      Olympiad pigeon allround Oostende 2009
      1° Nat. ace pigeon middle distance NPO 2008
      1° Nat. hen WHZB 2008
      1° Nat. ace pigeon allround WHZB 2008
      1° Nat. ace pigeon allround Best of the Best 2008
      1° Nat. yearling Best of the Best 2008
      1° Nat. ace pigeon allround month May 2008 WHZB
      1° NPO Argenton – 6,595 pigeons
      2° Peronne – 2,543 pigeons
      3° Creil – 3.761 pigeons
      3° Creil – 2,197 pigeons

Olympic Solange has already bred Replica, winner of 45° at the NPO Tours in 2011 against 10.490 pigeons, 49° NPO Vierzon against 14,964 pigeons, 28° prov. West Nanteuil against 15,350 pigeons, etc. Olympic Solange is also mother of Bonita, the best young ace pigeon Natour district 2009.

The super couple Olympic Survivor x Magic Amoré has also bred these top-class pigeons:

- ‘Houdini’
      3°  Nat. ace pigeon one-day middle distance 2008
      3°  Nat. ace pigeon one-day middle distance WHZB 2008
      8°  NPO Argenton – 6,595 pigeons
      12° NPO Chateauroux – 8,191 pigeons
      13° NPO Bourges – 8,548 pigeons
    Father of ‘Chanel’ 
      1° Ablis – 1,831 pigeons (3° NPO-West 6,180 pigeons)
    Father of ‘Lost’ 
      7e NPO West Sezanne 9,968 pigeons
    Father of ‘Cannonball’
      7° Nat. Derby youngsters Sens – 19,480 pigeons
- ‘Solana’
    Mother of ‘First Lady’
      1° Peronne – 3,559 pigeons
- ‘Sven’ (Son of ‘Olympic Survivor’)
      10° Nat. ace pigeon Month July 2008 WHZB
      17° Nat. cock WHZB 2008
      4°  NPO Argenton – 6,595 pigeons (after loft companions)
      16° NPO Bourges – 8,548 pigeons
- ‘Party Animal’ (Son of ‘Olympic Survivor’)
      20° Nat. youngster ace pigeon 2004
      1°  Menen – 5,390 pigeons
      4°  Chantilly – 16,824 pigeons
      5°  Chantilly – 6,762 pigeons
      5°  Niergnies – 5,732 pigeons
- ‘Miracle’ (Daughter of ‘Magic Amoré’)
      24° Nat. ace pigeon allround 2009
      2°  Pommeroeul – 4,910 pigeons
      7°  Blois – 2,138 pigeons


And some more successes were added to the victory in Mantes La Jolie (400km) last weekend: the Verkerk colony had sent in 101 pigeons, of which no less than 71 took a prize 1:4. Another 13 pigeons won a prize 1:100. Their results against 10,446 pigeons were:


1st  pigeon is ‘Eye Catcher’ (‘Olympic Survivor’ x ‘Magic Amore’) … thi was her 7th prize 1:10  this season.
2nd pigeon is ‘Feline’ (‘Prince’ x ‘Euphoria’, d. ‘Olympic Solange’) and has won 11x 1:100 up to now.
3rd  pigeon is a daughter ‘Bulldozer’ x ‘Gold Dust’
4th  pigeon is a daughter ‘Icarus’ x ‘Queen Claudia’ (owner: Dong-China) 
5th  pigeon is a daughter ‘Winston’ x ‘Bonita’ (a daughter of ‘Olympic Solange’)

After their successes in Mantes La Jolie, the colony of Verkerk was equally successful at the NPO race Bourges (576km), wehre the Verkerk-racers won for instance 8° and 14° NPO against 13,592 pigeons (including teletext). Miss Friendly won the 8° place (a daughter Party Animal x Imca) and is a grandchild of both Olympic Survivor and Magic Amoré. The 14° place was won by Broken Brestbone, which was bred from Donald x Dream Girl. Previous results in this colony include a 1° Nijvel against 758 pigeons (won by a grandchild of Olympic Solange and Olympic Spongo Bob) and a 6° Teletext-middle distance Lille-Lesquin against 16,450 pigeons, won by Marilyn Monroe (Olympic Sponge Bob x Sieka).