C&G・コープマン - エルメルフェーン(オランダ)、ブレイユルヴェールNPO1位・2位・3位・4位・6位・7位!

Cornelus and Gerard Koopman have been dominating the NPO competitions for years. Many fanciers have tried to copy them by using the same approach but it was Team Koopman that demonstrated once again that they are the real specialists, by winning the first four prizes from the NPO Breuil-le-Vert.

First we give you the overwhelming numbers of Breuil-le-Vert in Province 10 with 4,564 basketed pigeons, including 78 Koopman pigeons. 56 of them have won a prize; let’s have a look at the best results:


When we see the results we tend to think that the race on 25 May was a walk in the park for Gerard Koopman but the opposite is true. “I had not expected them to be so strong”, Gerard admits. “They could have been a bit fitter but they had just had the disastrous race from last weekend.” Gerard refers to the races of 18 May, which were very demanding for the provinces in the north. “That is why I only basketed the pigeons that arrived home before ten o’clock last Sunday, provided they felt good in the hand. This shows that even a perfect preparation can be disturbed by the actual conditions.”

However, Gerard does not want to blame the people responsible for the releases. “Everybody can make a mistake and it is a fact that the weather forecast was not accurate. I think they made the right decision this weekend to just go to the release site. The weather turned out to be much better than expected. I am not in favour of cancelling a race in advance; you should decide whether or not to delay or cancel the flight on the day of the race. I think this is in the interest of the pigeons and that is what matters the most.”

Now let us move to the main topic: we present you the four fastest pigeons in Province 10. These pigeons have something in common since they are all crossings of the world class pigeon breed of Koopman and newly added bloodlines from other lofts. A brief overview:

Jenjira - she gave her name to the First NPO Breuil-le-Vert

1st NPO Breuil-le-Vert – Miss Jenjira

Sire: Silvanus, a son of Olympiad Pigeon and 2nd Nat. Ace Pigeon Ermerveens Hope, one of the stock bears of the Koopman breed. He was paired to Marijke, a direct Marijke Vink and the dam of, for instance, Doran (1st NPO Orléans 9,670 p.) and Varella (1st Nat. Ace Pigeon One Day Long Distance Fondspiegel).
Dam: Nidra, from a joint breeding with Norbert De Schrijver; a 100% Aelbrecht/De Rauw-Sablon. The sire is Bjarne, a great son of Den Dromer and breeder of the third prize winner in the Million Dollar Race. The dam is an excellent breeding daughter of Perpignan (Marcel Aelbrecht).

2nd NPO Breuil-le-Vert – Lerton

Sire: Magic Man, the winner of the national race from Le Mans in East Holland against 15,252 pigeons. He is now an outstanding breeder in the Koopman breeding loft.
Dam: Mirza, already the dam of the 9th NPO Quiévrain 8,202 p. and 2nd St.-Truiden 1,666 pigeons. This is a crossing of the Koopman bloodline x Son Den Argenton of J. & J. Engels.

3rd NPO Breuil-le-Vert – Bella Donna
4th NPO Breuil-le-Vert – Signorita

These are two nest sisters with a remarkable background. These two pigeons were bred in August/September and they were free throughout the winter. They were trained in March and they were never darkened or lightened as yearlings. This means they had two relaxing years, in which they did not win too many prizes. These pigeons were an investment for the future.

Sire: Golden Rudi, which was purchased at the De Duif auction, where Gerard purchased his Golden Lady as well. Golden Rudi is a direct Rudi Diels, his sire is a brother of the sire of the First Nat. Ace Pigeon Middle Distance KBDB 2011 (Marien) and a grandson of Goudhaantje. The dam is a daughter Blue Dream (First Nat. Ace Pigeon August Wouters).
Dam: Safron, bred from the excellent breeder Magic Man x First NPO Ablis winner Daydream. Safron is a half sister of Jerson, an Olympiad Pigeon in Nitra 2013.

The NPO victory is a real boost for Gerard. “I was really motivated for this season but I was a bit uncertain about how this race would develop. The outcome is without doubt fantastic.” That is an understatement... This is another victory in the impressive list of achievements of the fanciers from Ermerveen. It is remarkable that Gerard was not 100% satisfied with his pigeons’ fitness. This could prove to be the start of a very successful 2013 season for team Koopman.