Klip-Verhagen, "The best long distance racers in the Netherlands?"

Partnership Klip-Verhagen from Rotterdam (NL)

When I was talking with a pigeon-fancier from the Netherlands, we discussed the top racers in our countries. We made a list of the top 3 very long distance racers in Belgium and the Netherlands. My friend put the partnership Klip-Verhagen on the top of his list. I knew these fanciers only by reading some articles about them, but I did not meet them personal. I became curious and drove to the famous port town Rotterdam in the Netherlands. Arjan Klip showed me around in the lofts and I must agree. It is amazing what these fanciers won in 7 years of very long distance racing!!

Who are they?
Hans Klip (°1943) used to have a plumber business. We won several provincial championships but he did not have the motivation to keep up this level of racing.
Jan Verhagen (°1942) had sold all his birds in 1986 in an auction. He bought a new house and did not have birds for the following 3 years. He wanted to race pigeons after these years and feel the adrenaline in his blood when they arrive from a race.
Arjan Verhagen (°1973) is the youngest member in the partnership. He is the son of Jan. Arjan missed the birds after the auction in 1986 and started helping Opa van der Meijden (Zuidhoek). This fancier gave Arjan the chance to help him with the daily work in his loft. Arjan drove each noon to Zuidhoek with his bike. Opa van der Meijden did not have good results with his birds but Arjan wanted to do better. He had learned a lot of his father and from Frans Smeets in Rotterdam. Arjan won a few first prizes on the loft Opa van der Meijden. This old fancier died in 1988 but Arjan could race his birds in 1989. The house of Opa was sold by the end of 1989.
All these circumstances (Hans with the business, Jan with the auction and Arjan with the death of Opa van der Meijden) lead to a new partnership.

The partnership Klip-Verhagen started in 1990.
The results in this new combination were very good from the beginning. They became champion with the youngsters in the club Rotterdam. Many championships were won during the following years in the area. Arjan knew that the partnership had to enter the national races in order to become really famous in the pigeon-sport. They entered some birds in the national races and had good results: 24th national Bergerac 20.350p, 14th national St-Vincent 10.640p. Jan, Hans and Arjan decided in 1996 to enter the very long distance races. Most of the birds were sold and other strains were introduced. They would specialize in the races since 1997 and won 4th national Cahors, 1st series 1+2 national. When I see the national results after 6 years long distance…these are the best fanciers in The Netherlands! Their birds have proved to be among the best from 100-1200 km.

Basic strains
NL2022511/87 (Oude 11) 100% Braakhuis
This cock is the real basic cock in the loft. He was direct from Willie Beuken. This fancier was a very good friend of Marcel Braakhuis with his famous ‘Zwarte Moordenaars’. ‘Oude 11’ was 100% Braakhuis. The crossbreeding with others strains was very successful. Many top racers in this loft have blood ‘Oude 11’.
This is the basic hen in this loft. She won 89th Nat. Dax 5315p, 159th Nat. St-Vincent 8799p, 249th Nat. St-Vincent 8556p, 295th Nat. Bergerac 16.434p, and 637th Nat. Montauban 6606p total of 10 prizes on overnight races. She is a direct daughter of ‘Oude 11 Braakhuis’. She is the mother of:
15e National Mont de Marsan 6220
16e National Bordeaux 8825
19e National Dax 4578
20e National Bergerac 12870
63e National Pau 2772
109e National Pau 2758
164e National Bordeaux 10131
169e National Bergerac 11953
213e National Sint Vincent 6330
243e National Mont de Marsan 7245
390e National Pau 2792
393e International Dax 4328
325e National Sint Vincent 7377

This hen is a daughter of NL1145098/92, so a grandchild of ‘Oude 11 Braakhuis’ X a son of ‘Zwart Koppel’ (an important pair of breeders)
The hen ‘42’ won several on Pau (3x), Marseille, Bergerac and Bordeaubr> 63e Nat Pau 2772d.
109e Nat Pau 2758d.
390e Nat Pau 2792d.
180e Nat Bordeaux 2699d.
393e Int Dax 4328d.

NL 96-2239585 ‘Fransie 85’
This cock was one of the best all-round birds of the Netherlands. He won 5x as a youngster but also:
Chantilly 1e 10108
Creil 11e (42e) 3298 (7220)
Chateauroux 14e 9365
Bourges 361e 7183
Bordeaux 54e 1613
Bourges 4e 344
Chantilly 5e 368
Chantilly 10e 307
St.Ghislain 14e 428
Pont St Maxence 15e 403
Fondclub 1e
Nationaal 75e 2493 P
Lmo 1e
National 134e 2758 P

He is the father of:
17e Int.Dax 5617 Winner Golden Double.
47e Int.Marseille 8730 Winner Golden Double
91e Int. Marseille 6699
120e Int.Dax 4328
145e St.Vincent 6330
Arlon 1e
Mourlingcourt 3e - Chateauroux 4e - Strombeek 4e - Strombeek 5e - Arlon 4e - Peronne 5e - Orleans 6e - Ablis 7e - La Ferte Bernard 7e - Chateauroux 7e - Libramont 8e - Bourges 9e - La Souteraine 10e etc
Many top racers are born from the strains ‘Fransie 85’ X ‘NL1483342/97’. Klip-Verhagen wins ‘The Golden double’ on Marseille and Dax with two direct from these pair. A late-bred 2002 wins 1st prize on a speed race…the father was ‘Fransie’.

This hen was never raced but became a good breeding hen. The sire ‘NL141/79’ won 1st Orleans, 1st St-Quentin, and 1st Ruffec. The dame won 1st Bergerac at the loft Platteschorre and son (Rotterdam). The children of 968/92 won:
11e National Marseille 8730 pigeons
17e National Dax 5617 pigeons
22e National Cahors 9365 pigeons
32e National Bergerac 16434 pigeons
47e National Marseille 8730 pigeons
58e National Perpignan 7195 pigeons
63e National Pau 2758 pigeons
89e National Dax 4573 pigeons
91e National Marseille 6699 pigeons
109e National Pau 2792 pigeons
120e National Dax 4328 pigeons
139e National Dax 9405 pigeons
145e National Sint Vincent 6330 pigeons
147e National Marseille 8730 pigeons
160e National Montauban 6781 pigeons
184e National Dax 3755 pigeons
190e National Marseille 6699 pigeons
229e National Cahors 7321 pigeons
233e National Bordeaux 10131 pigeons
295e National Bergerac 17595 pigeons
296e National Sint Vincent 6330 pigeons
338e National Bordeaux 8152 pigeons
345e National Cahors 7250 pigeons
372e National Bordeaux 6133 pigeons
380e National Pau 2792 pigeons
390e National Pau 2792 pigeons
422e National Perpignan 7083 pigeons
460e National Mont de Mars.3902 pigeons
543e National Mont de Mars.7245 pigeons
575e National Dax 5856 pigeons
613e National Sint Vincent 6212 pigeons
And many more on the speed races:
1e St.Ghislain - 1e Aarlen - 1e Bourges - 2e Chateauroux - 3e Chateauroux - 4e Chantilly

NL2239591/96 De Batenburg
This cock is direct from the famous Batenburg. The pedigree is not known but the descendents have very good results.
The Golden Trio from 1998: 068/98, 109/98, 083/98
This 3 birds won:
-Fastest 3 on 3 different races in 2002
-National Championship Overnight races 2002
-Category 3 in The National Fondspiegel
The birds won 24 prizes of 23 and 8X in top 80 national
98-1189068. "Kevin"
52ste nat. Mont de Marsan 6220p
79ste nat. Bergerac 14.093p
168ste nat. St-Vincent 6330p
234ste nat. St-Vincent 7377p
691ste nat. Bergerac 12.780p
948ste nat. Bordeaux 7112p
1615de nat. Bergerac 11.953p
Joined winner national Championship overnight races 2002
Joined winner National Fondspiegel cat. 3 in 2002
National Ace pigeon 2002
The father is ‘NL97-1483357’ (line Zwart Koppel) and the mother is a grandchild of ‘NL1144968/92’. The grandfather won 24th nat. Bergerac 20.000p and the grandmother won 32nd nat. Bergerac 16343p, 22nd nat. Cahors 9365p… She was direct from ‘Zwart Koppel’.

98-1189109 “De super 109” 2x Teletekst
15de nat. Mont de Marsan 6218p
16de nat. Bordeaux 8825p
20ste nat. Bergerac 12.870p
164ste nat. Bordeaux 11.953p
169ste Bergerac
325ste nat. St-Vincent 7377p
379ste nat. Mont de Marsan 3902p
654ste nat. Bergerac 14.093p
This hen is 100% strain Braakhuis. She was sold after 2002 but was matched to a son of 1st nat. St-Vincent sector 3 (Neerbos from Tiel). Three direct birds from this pair are on the breeding loft and 4 on the racing loft.

NL98-1189083 ‘De 083’ Winner of a car
This hen was matched to ‘Kevin 068/98’ before she was sold to China. She won:
4de nat. St-Vincent 7377 winner of a car
14de nat. Bordeaux 5965p
83ste nat. Mont de Marsan 6228p

NL2445631/00 Het Neerbosje
14de Dax 5617p
46ste Pau 2792p
139ste Dax 4328p
170ste Dax 9405
438ste Perpignan 5890
Prize: Golden Double International Dax
Prize: International Dax (14e)
Prize: Pau 3 fast female Pau 2002.
She is the mother of 1st Aarlen, 1st Tours, 4th Chateauroux, and 9th Aardenburg…

30ste nat. Perpignan 5890p
127ste nat. Barcelona 3915p
341ste nat. Dax 5614p
He is 100% AP Overwater from his Eijerkamp-Muller X Batenburg

133ste nat. Barcelona 3915p 2003
242ste nat. Barcelona 8713p 2002
971ste nat. Perpignan 6857p
1015de nat. Perpignan 7083p
He is 100% Theelen via Dirk van Es.
Jan, Arjan and Hans keep looking for new and better blood to breed and race. They went to:
-Henk/Wim Timmermans with the direct birds from Kempeneers and Biemans
-AP Overwater (Strijen)
-Neerbos (Tiel)
-Thei Hermans

The lofts
The birds are housed on two lofts. The first one, about 9 meters, is divided into 4 compartments for 50 pairs raced on the natural system. The first two compartments have 10 boxes, the other compartments has 15 boxes. Another loft, 4 meters, is for the breeders and the youngsters. This loft had aviaries on each site. Arjan knows that these lofts are good. It’s always good on these lofts, whatever the weather.
Natural system
All birds are raced on the natural system. The hens race best on youngsters 2-4 days, the cocks when the youngster is bigger. Many fanciers in the Netherlands use this system; many more than in Belgium.
The racers are matched for the first time in the beginning of March. They were separated by the end of September. All birds get food only once a day starting December and the old birds not fly out. The yearlings can fly out during the winter. When the new seasons start, the training is very important. The birds must train daily (at 7.30 AM and 16.00 PM) and are tossed several times in the beginning. When the birds have raced about 1000 km, they are not tossed anymore. The youngsters train in between, but they are not the main goal in racing.
The birds get a mixture of the firm Natural and the firm Mariman. It is given in one box to all the birds but get extra mixture of few days before basketing. The pigeons get a cure against paratyphus for 14 days in December and cure against paramyxo in January. The vets Henk de Weerd and Jan van Wanrooy(Arjan can call him 24 hours a day)are visited when something is wrong.

Best racers 2004
This strong cock won 2nd Hensies, 4th La Souterraine, 8th national Perpignan 7645p, 195th nat. Barcelona 7875p, 245th nat. Bordeaux 6133p, 323rd nat. Bordeaux… He is 1st Ace Pigeon Morning release Fondclub Rotterdam 2004. His father is NL00/4393398, strain Aarden via Neerbos (Niel); a grandson of 1st and 5th nat. Barcelona. This mother is NL00/4393434, again Neerbos, daughter of Eva( 1st nat. Barcelona at loft Flintrop in 1996)

1st Ace Pigeon Midday release Fondclub Rotterdam 2004. This cock won Mont de Marsan nat. 7245p-59, St-Vincent nat. 6385p-121, St-Vincent nat. 5909p-222, Bordeaux nat. 10131-768, Bergerac nat. 8762p-968. The father is NL97/1383384, direct T. Hermans from his ‘Barcelona’ (3 x top 300 on Barcelona). The mother is NL98/1189059, sister of ‘Super 109’ (sold to China september 2002)

NL01/1862140 Christien
1ste Bourges
3de Libramont
7de Strombeek
7de Chateauroux
7de La Ferte Bernard
St-Vincent 6385p-6 in 2004 CEEFAX
Bergerac 8762p-24
Bordeaux 8149p-146
The sire is NL99/2333298, A. van Waardenburg (son of 628, 3 x top 100 national). The dame is ‘Super 109’ (sold to China )

Championships 2004

1st Champion Fond PV Zuiderpost
1st Champion Fond Linker Maasoever Morning release
2nd Champion Fond Linker Maasoever Midday release
1st Champion Fondclub Rotterdam Midday release
2nd Champion Fondclub Rotterdam Morning release
2nd Champion Provincial Midday release
2nd Champion Provincial Morning release
1st Champion Attractie ZB Midday release
1st Champion Attractie ZB Morning release
1st Ace Pigeon Midday release Fondclub Rotterdam NL99/2333861
1st Ace Pigeon Morning release Fondclub Rotterdam NL01/1561892

Results 2004
Bordeaux 20 mee
Fondclub 489 d. 2, 4, 12, 25, 30 enz. 13 v.d.20
Provinciaal 5.100 d. 43, 50, 152, 271, 293 enz. 12 v.d.20
Nat. 8.854 d. 48, 57, 210, 383, 414 enz. 12 v.d.20

St. Vincent 16 mee
Fondclub 492 d. 1, 10, 21 enz. 6 v.d.16
Provinciaal 4.020 d. 5, 89, 161 enz. 6 v.d.16
Nat. 6.385 d. 6, 121, 232 enz. 6 v.d.16

Montauban 10 mee
Fondclub 380 d. 6, 21, 23 enz. 4 v.d.10
Provinciaal 5.241 d. 128, 322, 359 enz. 6 v.d.10
Nat. 8.346 d. 261, 668, 740 enz. 6 v.d.10

St. Vincent 10 mee
Fondclub 275 d. 10, 14, 26, 27 enz. 5 v.d.10
Provinciaal 3.538 d. 136, 175, 384, 401 enz. 5 v.d.10
Nat. 5.909 d. 222, 298, 651, 685 enz. 5 v.d.10

Bordeaux 26 mee
Fondclub 408 d. 5, 22, 26, 44, 45, 46, 47 enz. 12 v.d.26
Provinciaal 4.132 d. 42, 168, 201, 381, 390, 407 enz. 12 v.d.26
Nat. 7.264 d. 65, 277, 327, 647, 675, 704 enz. 12 v.d.26

Bergerac 10 mee
Fondclub 938 d. 1, 24, 52 enz. 6 v.d.10
Provinciaal 8.762 d. 24, 235, 487 enz. 6 v.d.10
Nat. 12.125 d. 34, 342, 712 enz. 6 v.d.10

Ochtendlossing ZLU.
Fondclub 153 d. 5,13 . 2 v.d.3
Provinciaal 16,74 2 v.d.3
Nat. 69,317 2v.d.3


Fondclub 134 d. 3,8,13,14 4 v.d.10
Provinciaal 999 d. 6,47,80,87 . 4 v.d.10
Nat. 5782 d. 59,247,392,424, 4 v.d.10


Fondclub 159 d. 3,7 2 v.d.8
Provinciaal 1217 d. 29,68 . 2 v.d.8
Nat. 7875 d. 195,429, 2 v.d.10


Fondclub 132 d. 4,5,10,21 4 v.d 10
Provinciaal 701 d. 30,31,55,108 4 v.d 10
Nat. 5884 d. 228,270,405.758 4 vd 10


Fondclub 132 d. 1,13,20 4 v.d 5
Provinciaal 701 d. 1,62,140,240 4 v.d 5
Nat. 5884 8,335,712,1188 4 v.d 5