Dutch Day Racers (Uitgeest - NL) storm Dutch top

First prizes in big races… Teletext pigeons; milestones which Piet van Hoolwerff &Tim de Goede have achieved within four years of the ‘merger’ of their ambitions. Then you can rightly be considered as belonging to the elite of the Dutch pigeon sport

Breeding ground for the top performances is a surplus of exceptional class-genes from the noble Koopman pedigree – obtained via the grandmaster self and ‘wonder woman’ Marijke Vink .

“I’ve been mad about pigeons since I was six years old, and it is just the same with Tim,” is how Piet van Hoolwerff explains the love for the racing pigeon. “At the time we were real fanciers, but decided four years ago to make the switch-over to top sport… and for this we wanted top pigeons. To be more specific: Koopman pigeons, directly from the source and via Koopman’s strongest branch Marijke Vink. That meant investing heavily – a step which has served us well. What character pigeons! We cross these pigeons purely with pigeons from the National top which we have obtained from not just any old fanciers!”

The injection of quality that Piet and Tim brought to Uitgeest, with the Koopman basis, led in 2009 and 2010 to top performances in their favourite 1-day long distance races. “We focus on this completely,” says Tim. “That meant darkening and therefore restricting the form at the beginning of the season and two weeks before the first race working with plenty of light for an optimal condition during the NPO races – it has gone more than well over the last few years!” The team of cocks and hens in widowhood showed what they were capable of with the following performances :

Ablis '09 36 entered-24x prize 2.404 pigeons 1-21-25-32-51-64-72-73-79-89-99-159
-187-238-239-246-255-267-276-305-319-331-385 en 530
Blois '09 32 entered-17x prize 1.519 pigeons 5-17-21-23-25-29-77-106-108-134-175
-188-189-236-270-307 en 337    
Bourges '09  26 entered-16x prize  1.193 pigeons  3-12-13-16-32-33-43-93-110-149-
200-207-209-214-237 en 257
6. NPO against 8.171 pigeons
Tours '09   32 entered-  6x prize  1.633 pigeons
Orleans '09 35 entered-16x prize   2.118 pigeons 16-26-48-56-90-93-104-145-150-
197-235-276-341-356-481 and 503.
Orleans '10 35 entered-13x prize 1.986 pigeons
Orleans '10 36 entered-9x prize 973 pigeons 2. prize
Tours '10  38 entered- 3x prize  1.115 pigeons (Very bad weather)
Bourges '10  40 entered-12x prize  1.439 pigeons
Blois '10  36 entered-13x prize   941 pigeons   1 & 3 (5 minute lead on the 2nd spot)
                                          	7. NPO against 2.980 pigeons 

The stock pigeons ‘Goldfinch’ & ‘Speedfinch’

Responsible for the lion’s share of success is the duo NL05-1375868 ‘Gold Finch’ and NL06-1052765 ‘Speed Finch’ … two rare good breeders and both directly from the champion colony of Marijke Vink. ‘Gold Finch’ comes out ‘Aladin’ x ‘Last Lady’, the wondrous stock couple Marijke Vink which also produced the giant ‘Tips’. ‘Gold Finch’ was the umpteenth top breeder out this inbred ‘Kleine Dirk’ couple (son x sister ‘Kleine Dirk’) and made its presence felt in a vast array of wonderful offspring – the best children are e:

- NL07-1684936 ‘De Buit’ (out ‘Gold Finch’ x ‘Magic Lady’ – 100% Gebr. Janssen)

        12. Nat. Ace pigeon Extreme Middle Distance WHZB 2009
        3.  rayon Bourges     1.193 pigeons
        6.  NPO Bourges       6.819 pigeons
        5.  rayon Blois       1.519 pigeons
        27. NPO Blois         8.803 pigeons 

- ‘100/09’ (joint bred with Gebr. Kat) - raced by Gebr. Kat, Westzaan

        2. Ace pigeon Late Races District 2010
        7. Chimay          1.710 pigeons
        9. Chimay          1.624 pigeons
        17. Duffel         2.225 pigeons
        27. Peronne        1.139 pigeons
        30. Nanteuil       1.026 pigeons
        38. Duffel         2.756 pigeons 

‘Speed Finch’ is inbred to the famous Marijke Vink basis and was bred out a half-brother of ‘Tips’ (out son of Lei’ x ‘Last Lady’)  x a half-sister of ‘Farah Diba’ (out ‘Tips’ x daughter ‘Mr. Surhuizum’ Veenstra) … also a golden bloodline then, which with a number of super breeds produced wondrous children so as :

- NL07-1684938 ‘Power of Dreams’ (out ‘Speed Finch’ x ‘Leentje’ Bosua)

        3. Ace pigeon District with 13 prizes as a 2 year old hen
        1. Ablis                  214 pigeons
        5. District Ablis       1.397 pigeons
        15. NPO Ablis           7.886 pigeons 

- ‘052/09 Miss Paris’(joint breed with Gebr. Kat) – flown by Gebr. Kat , Westzaan   

4.General Ace pigeon District 2010
4.Ace pigeon Middle Distance District 2010  2010 2010 

Winner Paris attraction race province 6 North -Holland

              1. Nanteuil          1.026 pigeons
        8. NPO Nanteuil      6.549 pigeons
        3. St. Job           3.059 pigeons
        3. Peronne           1.139 pigeons
        19. NPO Peronne      6.917 pigeons
        3. Strombeek         2.496 pigeons 

“Actually in all our toppers there is a substantial dose of ‘Goldfinch’ and ‘Speedfinch’ in the pedigree” says Tim. “The children are also of a sublime breeding worth, that’s why our breeding loft is now swarming with children from these two giants; already more than 30 in total. We want to supplement them with new diamonds in order to keep growing … the two top breeders self will find a new home base via PiPa .”

‘Lady Claire’ – exceptional new taltent
The ultimate product of the ‘Finch’-dynasty by “Dutch Day Racers” is the excellent hen NL09-1062031 ‘Lady Claire’. Bred out ‘Look a Like’ (full brother ‘Power of Dreams’ and so son ‘Speed Finch’) x ‘Tim’s Favourite’, out ‘Gold Finch’ with a direct Houben hen. ‘Lady Claire’ excelled in the only Dutch National 1-day race of 2010, Blois, and with this was yearling winner of :

        1. Blois                   156 pigeons
        1. District Blois          941 pigeons
        7. NPO Blois             5.368 pigeons 

The fabulous victory of ‘Lady Claire’ from Blois is for the present the last from Piet and Tim as a combination; where Tim in 2011 will continue on his own as Dutch Day Flyers, Piet will continue to bombard the competitions under the name Dutch Day Racers. In short, two (Dutch Day) in 2011; such a breeding potential means being wary twice for the established order. The extreme middle distance will be waiting for these men at the end of May– the arena that they enter as favourite with a new battalion of top racers … towards a permanent place in the annals of Dutch pigeon sport .