Plenty of top references for Luc De Laere (Anzegem, BE) after his sensational season

There was no denying the absolute super season which Luc De Laere had in 2022! In addition to his own top performances, he also received many new references from other fanciers in the past months.

We wrote about the fantastic season by Luc De Laere, with a/o the 1st National Ace Pigeon KBDB, 1st Nat. Chateauroux, 1st Nat. Argenton and 8(!) Provincial victories, last October in this article. Luc recently also received some beautiful references. Time to take a closer look at these results, achieved by other fanciers with his bloodlines. 

Gebroeders Schrik

The Gebroeders Schrik from Ter Apel, The Netherlands were especially successful with pigeons from Luc De Laere. Several of their top racers were bred by pigeons from Luc. 

The blue hen NL20-4756333 for instance, won 1st Chalons 7,756 p. and was the fastest on Chalons in Afd. 10 + 11 against 13,977 p. A fantastic performance!

Mother of the 20-333 is Blauwtje 38 (BE13-3155238) who descends from the bloodlines of Tieke from Luc De Laere and Bliksem (Gaby Vandenabeele).

Blauwtje 38 was bred by Luc from Baron Junior, a grandson of stock breeder Tieke, Bliksem and Dagmar. Baron Junior himself won a/o: 

1st Poitiers 1,318 p.
1st Poitiers 1,147 p.
1st Arras 298 p.
2nd Ablis 6,256 p.
2nd Orléans 799 p.

Mother of Blauwtje 38 is Ten Bliksemtje, a daughter of Bliksem and granddaughter of Tieke. Thereby, Blauwtje 38 is an inbred to the great breeders Tieke and Bliksem. 

Another top racer with De Laere genes at Gebroeders Schrik is Dreamer Blue (NL16-4787494). This cock won quite some top results during his racing career:

6th Chalons 732 p.
8th Morlincourt 879 p.
9th Laon 1,734 p.
12th Isnes 2,158 p.
12th Troyes 748 p.
14th Rethel 1,246 p.
15th Mettet 1,831 p.

Dreamer Blue is also father of 20-323 who won 6th Venlo against 41,105 pigeons. 

Father of Dreamer Blue is Blue Levi, a super cock and original Luc De Laere who is a double grandchild to Bliksem and a has some great breeding results. 

Olympic Kira (NL19-4740540) also performed exceptionally wel on the racing loft of Gebroeders Schrik. This blue hen won a/o:

1st Nat. Sector Lorris 5,464 p.
34th Nat. Sector Issoudun 4,348 p.
25th Nat. Sector Lorris 3,455 p.
1st Ace Pigeon NU 2021
4th Ace Pigeon Long Distance WHZB 2021

Olympic Kira was bred from Nick 03, a son of the stock pair from Gebroeders Schrik. This sock was paired to Yara, a full sister of Dreamer Blue. Yara is also a daughter of Blue Levi. Clearly a quality injection which bring the Gebroeders Schrik a lot of joy! 

A fourth and final top racer of Gebroeders Schrik bred from De Laere bloodlines, which we will put in the spotlight is Luna (NL17-4706866). She is a daughter of Blue Levi, who we mentioned several times in this article already. Blue Levi is clearly a key figure in the breeding strategy of these brothers from Ter Apel! Blue Levi's daughter Luna won a/o:

1st NPO Vierzon 1,267 p.
2nd Nat. Vierzon 3,092 p.
10th Nat. Sector Lorris 5,464 p.
12th Chateaudun 4,511 p.
29th Lorris 6,086 p.
1st Ace Pigeon Long Distance Noordelijke Unie 2019

Succesess at Willi Linsen as well 

Willi Linsen from Kleve was also successful with pigeons from Luc De Laere bloodlines. Willi Linsen won 19 prizes with his blue cock NL19-1428785 in the seasons 2021 and 2022. Amongst these 19 prizes were the following top results: 

1st Vierzon 11,801 p.
8th Vierzon 2,410 p.
33rd Etroeungt 1,801 p.
25th Dizy 1,265 p.
29th Orléans 878 p.

He was also successful with the blue hen NL18-1643827, winning a/o the following results: 

1st Dizy 20,307 p.
1st Fay Aux Loges 1,664 p.
2nd Tienen 3,610 p.
7th Blankenheim 1,872 p.
14th Tienen 9,001 p.
29th Heusden 704 p.
35th Tongeren 709 p.
36th Quiévrain 15,546 p.
71st Bierges 19,429 p.

Both the cock 19-785 and the hen 18-827 have the same mother, namely the breeding hen BE17-3021536 from De Laere. She is a daughter of Tiekes Bliksem (grandson Tieke) and Prinscilla (granddaughter Tieke). Again these renowned bloodlines from this ironclad colony are found in the pedigree of top racers. 

Luc with his National Chateauroux Old birds 2022 winner
Luc with the National winner on Argenton IV Young birds 2022

Unbelievable super season in 2022

Many fanciers aim for success. Some manage to be successful for long periods of time, others alternate success with periods of poor results. Only a few manage to race at the highest level year in, year out. These fanciers rely on a great stock, which they have built up for many years, by breeding, testing, selecting and again breeding. 

Luc De Laere certainly belong to the last category of fanciers, who have continuously been at the top for years on end. Each year, he manages to win several prestigious races. However, 2022 was an exceptionally good season. A national ace pigeon, 2 national and 8 provincial victories...very few have matched these achievements in just one season. It is the ultimate reward after all the work and hours Luc De Laere has invested in his pigeons. 

The references which Luc receives each year, show that this stock outclasses the average pigeon. Quality always comes first, and therefore many fanciers strengthened their own stock with that of Luc De Laere. We are excited to see what this magnificent colony can achieve in the years to come, but first Luc can look back and enjoy the sensational 2022 season a little longer!