Liliane Demely (Moorsele, BE) : Nationaal winner on La Souterraine

Liliane Demely goes from one highlight to the next. After having claimed a place amongst the best in the past years, her colony now also brings home a National victory from La Souterraine.

La Souterraine was basketed a day earlier than planned due to the extreme heat that was forecasted. A decision which shows that the KBDB thinks about the wellbeing of our pigeons, this organisation anticipates where necessary to keep our sport as pleasurable as possible. In cooperation with the transport company, who showed the necessary flexibility, this was all in favor of our pigeons. Additionally, such decisions increase the chance for a fair race in which automatically the best pigeons are likely to win. 

On La Souterraine this was no different and it was Miss Liliane (BE20-3108033) who managed to win the 1st National La Souterraine aginst 4,907 old birds for the Demely colony. With an average speed of 1171 m/min. and a North Easterly wind, Miss Liliane was the fastest of the whole release against 11,668 pigeons. As everybody ought to know, the Demely lofts are run by husband and wife Vanneste-Demely and their son David and the latest addition to the team is David's son. Three generations of fanciers that have booked great succeses in our sport, largely thanks to their Figo bloodlines which has brought forth several cracks in the past. 

The national winnar on La Souterraine making her way to her nest

The winner was paired to another hen and both ladies laid their 2 eggs in the same nest, of which one was taken away leaving them to breed on 3 eggs. This beautiful blue hen's father is the famous Gilbert (BE16-3039614), this multiple provincial winner is one of the stars of the Demely colony. The mother of Miss Liliane (BE15-3145160) is sister to pigeons who managed 4 provincial victories. 

The pigeons on the lofts of Liliane Demely know how to shine from shortest up to the national long distance races. Reeling in countless victories, provincial victories, ace pigeons titles, national victories,...this can all be found on the palmares of these sympathetic fanciers. In 2022, this combination continues to shine, and their future is looking bright in Moorsele. A loft where the well-known phrase "Quality above quantity" is perfectly put into practice.