Leo and Gerry Dockx (Koningshooikt, BE): 1st National Zone Issoudun

Father and son Dockx
The victory on Issoudun old birds in Zone B2 went to the well-known combination Leo and Gerry Dockx, who no longer fly under the radar in Belgium pigeon sport…

The winning hen (BE-19-6098883) managed to beat all other 1,360 pigeons and take the Zonal victory, the first arrival in a beautiful series for Leo and Gerry. Of their 11 pigeons in the race, 9 managed to win prizes and they can look back on a successful weekend. 

Result Issoudun Zone B against 1,360 Old birds

1-10-22-29-64-117-140-141-170 (9/11)

As is often the case with winners, this pigeon has fantastic bloodlines streaming through her veins. Her father (bought on PIPA last year) and mother are also parents of BE19-6098721 who became 4th National Ace Pigeon in 2020. The winning pigeons previously won a strong 14th National Chateauroux against 6,306 pigeons and a 49th Melun against 3,591 pigeons. 

Father of the zonal winner, also father of 4th Nat. Ace Pigeon YL Middle Distance KBDB

Last weekend, they also took the win on Sermaises in the Federation: 1st-3rd-7th-20th-24th-38th- etc. against 1,007 pigeons. See the pedigree of the winner below: