Davy Tournelle (Rummen, BE) starts the season off with an interprovincial victory

Being the favorite is not always easy, but Davy Tournelle doesn't seem to mind. Super hen Beauty Princess sent him off to a spectacular start in 2022.

1st Interprovincial Lorris with super pigeon

The victory on the opening classics from Lorris was for the Tournelle colony. None of the 2,478 old birds could match Beauty Princess (BE20-2060553). As first nominated, she rewarded the faith Davy had in her. This was not the first top result she had managed, as she performed on an extremely high level last year as well. Last year, this resulted in the title 5th National Ace Pigeon KBDB Heavy Middle Distance. Her palmares includes the following fantastic results: 2nd Prov. Bourges 2,062 p., 20th Nat. Bourges 11,952 p., 36th Nat. Chateauroux 22,196 p., 47th Nat. La Souterraine 14,037 p., ... and many more sensational results on a.o. Issoudun, Melun, ... but also on shorter distances Beauty Princess has shown her class with a victory on Momignies. Now, in 2022, she extends this list with the 1st Interprovincial Lorris against 2,478 Old birds. Here too, the saying ' the apple doesn't fall far from the tree' applies. The pedigree of this interprovincial winner is full of the best from the Tournelle loft in combination with the golden lines of Bart Geerinckx. 

Beauty Princess : the Interprovinciale winner on Lorris

A team performance of the highest level

Not only the victory stands out on the race from Lorris, but the prize percentages too were sensational; from te 45 old birds that were basketed, a staggering 38 (84% !!) won prizes. Hereof, 22 pigeons (50%) won prizes 1:10. Furthermore, the yearlings team also shows great potential with 68 prizes out of 112 basketed pigeons, including several top prizes. The future looks bright for the Tournelle colony. 

New references are coming in 

Also on other lofts there are successes thanks to the Tournelle stock. The most recent reference is from Jozef Lenaerts. From a grandson of Davy's world famous Tiesto, Jozef bred the BE21-502891 who managed the following top results already this season: 1st Vervins 4,305 p., 1st Vervins 2,044 p., 13th Laon 3,444 p. 

2022 is likely to become another season in which the pigeons of Davy Tournelle will stand in the spotlights, both on his own lofts and on that of others. The competition has been warned for upcoming national races...