The ‘Million Pair’ is the new breeding revelation at the PEC

A new breeding pair that bred 2 x 1st Olympiad pigeons 2022... and so much more. Outstanding!

The Million Pair: delivering future winners and cracks

Top results aren't achieved without top pigeons, something that seems evident. To ensure success and continuously deliver top results, the breeding loft also needs to be of the highest quality in order to bring forth new top pigeons. The Million Pair is one of the breeding pairs that lives up to this standard, and are the new breeding revelation at PEC. See their pictures below. 

In 2020, they became father and mother of "Miss Million" and in 2021, the 595 and 210 outdid themselves by each becoming 1st Olympiad pigeon in 2022. Unmatched. 

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Possibly the most special daughter of the "Million Pair" is Olympic Miss Million 210. She seems to be a new breeding hen that lays golden eggs. Even before the was transferred to the breeding lofts (in 2022) she already showed her great hereditary potential. On National Argenton in 2021 she herself took the 2nd Provincial only to be beaten by her own granddaughter, the 1st Provincial winner. Please enjoy the results list of this super hen Olympic Miss Million 210 below:

- "Olympic Miss Million 210" BE18-4194210

 1st Olympiad pigeon Cat. D KBDB 2022 (she became 1st Olympiad pigeon in 2(!) categories, but can only participate officially in one category)
 1st Prov. Le Mans ’18 – 579 p.
14th Nat.  Chateauroux ’21 – 24,617 p.
14th Nat.  Argenton ’21 – 9,851 p. / 2nd Prov 1,.434 p.
20th Nat.  Issoudun ’20 – 10,603 p.
41st Nat.  Bourges ’20 – 23,195 p.
42nd Nat.  Chateauroux ’20 – 20,800 p.

That wasn't all...

A full sister to Olympic Miss Million 210, named Olympic Miss Million 595, has the same golden genes. She not only became 1st National winner, but also 1st Olympiad pigeon and 2nd National Ace Pigeon KBDB. Some of her top results: 

- "Olympic Miss Million 595" BE19-4184595

1st Olympiad pigeon Cat. I KBDB 2022
2nd Nat.  Ace Pigeon Allround KBDB 2021
9th Nat.  Ace Pigeon Long Distance Old birds KBDB 2021
1st Nat.  Souillac 4,144 p. (fastest 8,715 p.)

20th Nat. Tulle 5,067 p.
30th Nat. Zone Brive 1,655 p.
52nd Nat. Zone Bourges 4,514 p.
56th Nat. Chateauroux (Gueret) 7,099 p.

Two sisters, both becoming 1st Olympiad pigeon in 2022 is no coincidence. They clearly inherited top genes. It makes us curios to know what genes these are, and who bred these racing wonders. In the meantime, this pair has been given a name and is now called the "Million Pair" at the PEC...and is formed by Bart BE16-6033920 x Panamera BE17-4062772.

Another 2 exceptional children of the "Million Pair":

"Olympic Miss Million 210" immediately proves her hereditary potential

The day that "Olympic Miss Million 210" won the 2nd Prov. Argenton, she was beaten by her own granddaughter, raced on the lofts of Walter Lambeets in Aarschot. She was bred by Frans Nys. Walter and Frans got their hand on a pair of eggs from the "210" from Pascal Ariën (at the time not yet known as "Olympic Miss Million 210"), paired to the Porsche lines of the PEC. 

Two cocks were born from these eggs, the BE19-2112310 and BE19-2112311, who both grew up to become fantastic breeders. The enormous hereditary power of the Million Pair of the PEC, was passed on via "Olympic Miss Million 210" to the successive generations at Walter Lambeets and his German sporting friend Frans Nys. Looking at the top racers that these two men managed to breed from these sons of "Olympic Miss Million 210" in only two years time, it is clear that she is a golden breeding hen. Super racer, Olympiad pigeon, and (grand)mother of super pigeons and winners...and as of 2022 on the breeding lofts of the PEC! Aren't these the pigeons we all wish we had? 

-Miss Million Junior 580 BE20-2105580 (bred by Frans Nys )

  1st Prov. Argenton  1,434 p. – 8th Nat. 9,851 p.
13th Prov. Chateauroux 1.506 p. – 104th Nat. 10,137 p.
13th Soissons     910 p.
32nd Soissons     784 p.
60th Soissons     936 p.
177th Nat. Chateauroux     22,196 p.
185th Nat. La Souterraine  14,037 p

Achieved under tough racing conditions with speeds of 1200 m/min or less. Super! 

Her father Son Olympic Miss Million 311 BE19-2112311 was born from an egg from Pascal Ariën-De Keyser and is a son of Son Wacko Freddy BE16-4129282 (half brother Porsche 911… from Wacko Freddy x Sister Super Romeo – G.Vandenabeele) x Miss Million 210 BE18-4194210. Her mother BE19-2112204 won 1st prijs 264 p., 4th/786 p., 6th/1,232 p… (from a cross between the lines of 1st Nat. Argenton Jef Vanwinkel x Henri Menten).

The nest sister of this Miss Million Junior 580, with ringband BE20-2105579 won several top prizes on short distance races, including: 

4th Soissons 784 p.
7th Momignies 485 p.
21st Soissons  910 p.
Moreover, with her first offspring, she is mother of a new supertalent...


4th Soissons  645 p.
8th Soissons 2,074 p.
12th Momignies 1,973 p.
50th Salbris  1,685 p.


From the other son Miss Million...Son Olympic Miss Million 310 BE19-211231 Walter Lambeets bred several beautiful pigeons, who as youngsters have shown themselves on the short distance races already: 

-BE21-2077243: won 12th Momignies 1,788 p. (1417 m/min), 21st Soissons 645 p. (1061 m/min), 73rd. Soissons 2,074 p. (1042 m/min)… and is one of the favorite yearlings of Walter Lambeets.
-BE21-2077291: won 34th Momignies 2,684 p. (1149 m/min), 52nd Momignies 1,568 p. (1136 m/min)… and moved to the breeding lofts at the end of 2021. 
-BE21-2077292: won 3rd Soissons 319 p., 31st Soissons 645 p…
At the lofts of Frans Nys (in Germany) a child of the 310-19 won the following top results: 
-BE21-2097443: won 4th Lehrte 944 p., 5th Peine 1,872 p., 30th Sickte 1,338 p…

Frans Nys and Walter Lambeets couldn't be happier with both sons from Olympic Miss Million. Another hen, the BE20-2105611, a daughter to Red Devil BE18-4194903, direct PEC from Red Devil Porshce (winner 1st. Nat. Jarnac x Ace Norma: 1st Prov. Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB 2015) x Myra BE13-2052913 (mother 2nd Prov. Ace Pigeon KBDB 2015… crossing between W. Lambeets and the old Verreckt-Ariën stock)… also bred 1st prize winners:
-BE21-2077312: won 1st Soissons 645 p., 3rd Soissons 2,074 p., 4th Momignies 368 p., 36th Momignies 2,684 p… (at Walter Lambeets)       
-BE21-2097362: won 1st Sickte 1,338 p., 1st Peine 1,872 p., 21st Hannover 2,010 p… (at Frans Nys)
- With another pair of youngsters from BE20-2105611 they participated in the One Loft Race Pyramids in Egypte. On the second Hotspot race (250 Km) the BE21-2097915 ranked 22nd against 986 pigeons (1188 m/min), whilst nest mate BE21-2097914 took 19th against 914 pigeons on the third Hotspot race (329 Km) with an average speed of 939 m/min. 

Whether it is on Belgian soil, in Germany or at One Loft Races...these grandchildren of Olympic Miss Million 210 shine regardless and manage to rank amongst the best of the race. The best way to prove their class, winners mentality, orientation, endurance and power. Top talents! 

With this golden breeding line, succession is ensured

The continuity, in regard to breeding as well as top results, seems to be ensured with the transfer of Olympic Miss Million 210 to the PEC breeding lofts. Ready to start a new chapter and continue the success story of the past years. Building further on the breeding dominance of the New Freddy lines, which continue to shine throughout many generations. This golden breeding line runs throughout the PEC breeding loft, with New Freddy, Wacko Freddy, the golden Porsche 911 line and the Million Pair (met Panamera, zus Porsche 911), and also with Olympic Miss Million 210. Delivering national KBDB ace pigeons, Olympiad pigeons, 1st National winners, national top performers and 1st prize winners by the masses. This is without doubt one of the most successful lines world-wide of the last 10 years...and the current generation. Absolute world-class!