The phenomenal ‘De Molenaar’ from the late Camiel and his son Wim Van Sande (Bambrugge, BE)

One of the best, possibly even the best, extreme long distance pigeon to have ever raced in and around Belgium. He became 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon Extreme Long Distance KBDB with a record coefficient and took 5 x National Top 30 spots in 2 years’ time.

Exceptional pigeons...these are only born every so often and are very rare. They are pigeons to be cherished by a fancier, if one is so lucky to ever have one on their lofts. Often these cracks form the foundation to the building up of a strong stock, and/or ensure strong results for several years. Their racing results prove that they have the perfect gene combination...genetic material which is invaluable to their offspring. These pigeons are wanted by buyers, as such greats are not easy to come by...and everybody wants one. Who doesn't? If you don't breed one, the only other option is to try and purchase one, under the assumption that ones bank account allows it. 

One of these exceptional pigeons is without doubt the world famous Molenaar from the late Camiel Van Sande and his son Wim uit Bambrugge (near Erpe-Mere). The late Camiel (past away 14/01/21 at 73 years old) his occupation was miller or 'molenaar' in Dutch and together with his son Wim was manager of 'Bloemmolens Van Sande'. He was the 4th generation in a row to take on this craft, milling wheat into flower and distributing his product to clients which were mostly bakeries and cookie factories. Pigeon sport was his favorite leisure activity. Due to a lack of time, he chose to focus on the extreme long distance...a discipline where skill and class of a pigeon are most important, more so than the fancier's touch. 

Extreme long distance, a passion 

Camiel Van Sande started racing pigeons at around 25 years old. Starting off on the short distance, something that got his father's attention as he joined him in this hobby, although he was never a pigeon fancier before. Quickly their focus shifted via the middle distance to the extreme long distance, which got full focus since the 1990 after winning 1st Club Narbonne yearlings. Camiel was off to a great start. 

The foundation to the colony was formed by pigeons from Alfons D’Hoker, Haaltert ... Belgica-De Weerd, Breda... en Souffriau-Minner, Outer-Ninove. Later, three hens were added from Danny Vagenende, Schellebelle and a hen from Jo Ronsijn, Appelterre. Camiel put his focus on the races from 700km up to Barcelona. In 2105, he had a super season...the year that Molenaar stood up and showed his class.

De Molenaar: 1st National Ace Pigeon Extreme Long Distance KBDB 2015

The super season in 2015 was largely on account of the crack 'De Molenaar' BE12-4096069, who was crowned 1st National Ace Pigeon Extreme Long Distance KBDB Old birds 2015. This Molenaar was bought as a youngster from the combination Souffriau-Minner. Later more pigeons would make the transfer from Outer-Ninove to Bambrugge. 

"De Molenaar" is a beautiful pigeon that has it all! He is a red-white eyed cock with thick pigment as if it was painted on and the softest plumage. He has closed vent bones and a perfect and above all fast wing, the last 4 flights are thin, which is not evident for an extreme long distance racer. According to son Wim, this top athlete never showed signs of exhaustion after a race and recuperated extremely quickly. The next day he would already be round again. 

As a yearling he already showed his enormous class with the 8th Nat. Libourne 6,1134 p., immediately showing his true champion qualities. In 2014, he confirmed his super talent with the 3rd Nat. Cahors 7,140 p., and the 30th Nat. Narbonne 4,448 p. In 2015, he went even harder, taking 3rd Nat. Agen 3,524 p. (and 4th Int. 6,042 p.), and 2nd Nat. St. Vincent 3,037 p., which won him the title of 1st National Ace Pigeon Extreme Long Distance Old birds KBDB 2015, with a record coefficient. Earlier he became 2nd Olympiad pigeon Marathon. A champion that is near unbeatable on distances above 700km, with no less that 5 prizes in the National Top 30 (2-3-8-14-30) within 2 years' time. Truly a golden crack! 

The best extreme long distance pigeon of all time?

Without doubt one of the best, possibly the best Belgian extreme long distance crack ever. Camiel wasn't enticed by the astronomical offers...quite the contrary, as he continued to race his Molenaar. Not even one of his feathers were for sale. 

This way, these sensational extreme long distance genes stayed on Belgium soil. Due to the fact that Camiel continued to race this phenomenon, not very many offspring were bred at the time. The youngsters he did breed however, were cherished. Very few colleague fanciers got the chance, when he was finally given a place on the breeding lofts, to attain one of his offspring...directly or through co-breeding. The first breeding results are already quite promising. In the first year on the breeding loft he brought forth Camille BE19-3040117. This beauty of a hen won: 

52nd Nat. Zone Argenton 6,657 p. '19 - 176th Nat. Argenton 23,258 p.
94th Prov. Agen 1,456 p. '20 - 367th Nat. Agen 5,955 p.

Currently, for the first time these super genes of this fantastic wonder pigeon Molenaar are in auction (on PIPA). An opportunity to take advantage of for fanciers of top quality! 

Video 'Molenaar' BE12-4096069