Heavily secured lofts prevent pigeon theft at Anthony Maes (Waregem, BE)

Last night thieves tried to steal pigeons from Anthony Maes. Fortunately, the lofts are heavily protected by a high-tech alarm system and no loot could be taken.

It was around 10:40pm yesterday evening when the 'silent' alarm of Chantal and Anthony Maes went off for the first time. I went to have a look, but didn't notice anything special. When it went off again a few seconds later, Anthony went outside to take a look. There he found a thief, who quickly ran away. Anthony chased him and saw that he also had an accomplice with him. The pursuit had to be stopped and the police were notified.

They came to establish the facts, but apart from a door of an aviary which was open, no pigeons were stolen. The alarm system had done its job. The camera images were reviewed last night and indeed 2 men can be seen. One of them was wearing a conspicuous pair of training pants, which the police will use to help them catch the perpetrators.

Extra security

"Fortunately, a few years ago we made a huge investment in an extremely equipped security system. It showed its worth last night. We are going to ask the security firm to do extra surveillance today, so that all the loopholes are closed," said a stricken Anthony.