Gerard Schalkwijk (Lopik, NL) once again confirms his status among the international long-distance elite with yet another great season

Gerard Schalkwijk can look back on another amazing season. At the foundation of his successes of the last years are a strong breeding loft of which the origin can be traced back to the international Barcelona toppers Frans Bungeneers, Cor de Heijde and his fast Ries-Barca King Li
Katiuska and Gerard Schalkwijk

Since 2009 Gerard has been aiming for the titles of the heavy international marathon races. His goal was the gain the title of all titles, namely “1st International Ace Pigeon Barcelona”. Gerard has the following to say concerning this. “A 1st national or international is of course also wonderful and a dream come true, but to breed a pigeon that can get the best results 3 years in a row is the most challenging thing to do.” He knew that the only way he could achieve this was with wonderbirds that were bred for the discipline. Gerard plays on the greatest distance internationally (Barcelona is 1200 km). The last few kilometres count the most. It is why he did not rest until he had the best Barcelonablood in the world within his loft. With the introduction of Frans Bungeners pigeons, the true Barcelona blood entered the loft. Who mentions Frans Bungeneers can not avoid also naming Cor de Heijde. It is no secret that the Bungeneers colony is built up with the best blood of de Klamper - Don Michel-dynasty of Cor de Heijde. Crossed with Gerards’ own and trusted “Rappe Ries”- lineage, the quality in the loft quickly started to rise. It is truly unimaginable what the influx of Frans Bungeneers pigeons has done in such a short time, truly a quality explosion at the lofts of Gerard Schalkwijk!

Gerard is still hard at work to evolve his colony of marathon pigeons to be fasters. Heavyweights who arrive under the harshest of conditions whether this is tropical temperatures, heat, headwinds or rainstorms (Definitely not an unknown in the Netherlands). Besides the athletes must also have the courage to race at night or in the dark and come back to their loft in the middle of the night. This is mostly for the shorter heavy races such as Perigueux 817 km, Orange 715 km,  and Bergerac 860 km.

That Gerards’ approach with the night racing is working was proven at the race from Perigueux on the 19th of June `21. That race became a true sight for the eyes with the following incredible results:

Prov. Perigueux 1.604 p.: 1-2-3-7-12-22-57-60-89-etc. (18/38)
Nat. S3 Perigueux 6.452 p.: 2-4-5-15-32-69-149-157-236-etc. (13/38)

The first 8 pigeons were registered at the following times during the night:
(1st pigeon) 01.14.26 am., (2nd pigeon) 01.45.40 am., (3rd pigeon) 01.47.23 am.,
(4th pigeon) 02.42.06 am., (5th pigeon) 03.09.07 am., (6th pigeon) 04.01.35 am.,
(7th pigeon) 04.47.51 am., (8th pigeon) 04.51.08 am.

The full report concerning this sensational Perigueux can be reread here.

There are also some other results and championships of just the last year that are definitely worth looking at:

Perigueux Nat.S3 6.452 p: 2-4-5-15-32-69-149-157-226-etc. (13/38)
Barcelona Nat. 4.838 p: 74-141-260-280-892 (5/14)
Marseille Nat. 4.310 p: 15-116-177-477-818 (5/12)
Bergerac Sector 7 2.750 p: 6-20-48-63-252-431-437-539 (8/10)
Achieved Championships 2021:
2nd Int. Extremely Long Distance Golden Pigeon 2021
3rd Nat. Ace Pigeon Narbonne ZLU ’20 en ’21 (Miss Excellent NL19-018)
4th Int. Ace Pigeon Narbonne PIPA ranking '20 en '21 (Miss Excellent NL19-018)
8th Nat. Ace Pigeon Barcelona ZLU ’19, ’20 en ’21 (Mini Laika NL16-019)
9th Nat. Ace Pigeon Narbonne ZLU '18 ’19, ’20 en ’21 (Tom Dumoulin NL17-801)
25th Int. Ace Pigeon Barcelona pigeon '20 & ’21 (Mini Laika NL16-019)
78th Int. Ace Pigeon Barcelona pigeon '20 & ’21 (BULL NL17-746)
11st Nat. Marathon ZLU 6 designated.
16th Nat. ZLU Emperor Long Distance
28th Nat. Marathon ZLU
One of the most beautiful championships of the last year: 2nd International Extremely Long Distance Competition Golden Pigeon 2021

One of the most important pigeons whose influence can be seen everywhere in the current colony is Lady Richelle

Lady Richelle (BE10-6057103), mother of nine 1st prize winners

Breeding miracle Lady Richelle is a granddaughter of super breeder Don Michel (Cor de Heijde) and her mother is a halfsister of Queen Tonny (1st National Barcelona `05) at Frans Bungeneers.

That Lady Richelle lives up to her family name is clear from the fact that an amazing 9x 1st place was won by her children. One of her most important children is Orange Oil with 3x 1st.

Father of Orange Oil is King of Queens (Frans Bungeneers) and in his pedigree, we can find a number of toppers like Malasyia King, Blokje and again Queen Tonny. Orange Oil was the Best International Ace Pigeon Barcelona 2017-2019 at the PIPA rankings. Her most beautiful results are:

Best Nat. Barcelona pigeon ‘17 ‘18 ‘19 (PIPA Ranking)
Best Int. Barcelona pigeon ‘17 ‘18 ‘19 (PIPA Ranking)
2nd Nat. Ace Barcelona over 2 years ‘18 ‘19
3rd Nat. Ace Barcelona over 2 years ‘17 ‘18
6th Int. Ace Barcelona over 2 years ‘17 ‘18
20th Nat. Orange S3 ‘15
28th Nat. Barcelona ‘18
41st Nat. Barcelona ‘19
56th Nat. Barcelona ‘17
76th Int. Barcelona ‘18
97th Int. Barcelona ‘19
158th Int. Barcelona ‘17

Orange Oil has also been showing her talent as a breeder and has become the mother of a.o. Goldplay (NL19-1488013) en Double Barcelona (NL17-1082615). Goldplay won in 2020 the 1st National S3 Perigueux (also fastest S3 +S4 of 11.000 pigeons) Goldplay came home from this Perigueux at 2.40 am.

Goldplay, 1st National S3 Perigueux '20 (also fastest of S3 + S4 11.000 pigeons)

Another wonder from Orange Oil is her son Double Barcelona. This Double Barcelona is a full brother of the above listed Goldplay and thus also from Barca King x Orange Oil.

As is indicated by his name Double Barcelona’s parents were especially amazing at the Barcelona:

Barca King:
1st Barcelona 2015
21th Nat. ZLU Barcelona ‘15
33th Int. ZLU Barcelona ‘15
183th Nat. Barcelona ‘17
678th Nat. Barcelona ‘18
Orange Oil:
Best Nat. Barcelona Pigeon ‘17 ‘18 ‘19
Best Barcelona Pigeon of Europe ‘17 ‘18 ‘19
2nd Nat. Ace Barcelona over 2 years ‘18 ‘19
3rd Nat. Ace Barcelona over 2 years ‘17 ‘18
6th Int. Ace Barcelona over 2 years ‘17 ‘18
20th Nat. Orange S3 ‘15
28th Nat. Barcelona ‘18
41st Nat. Barcelona ‘19
56th Nat. Barcelona ‘17
76th Int. Barcelona ‘18
97th Int. Barcelona ‘19
158th Int. Barcelona ‘17

Besides the above-listed children of Lady Richelle, there is also her daughter Pauline with a.o. A 31st Nat. Pau and a 547th Nat. Barcelona, Treuzel Trust with a.o. 22nd Nat. Narbonne and a whole series of children which have proven their worth at the breeding loft in Lopik.

The last wonder that we would like to introduce to you is the phenomenon Lady in the Dark

Looking at the pedigree of Lady in the Dark we can once again see the important influx of Bungeneers and de Heijde-pigeons. Besides being a miracle at the races she is also an incredible breeder. In 2017 she finished as Best European Hen on all International races (2 pr). Her most incredible feats, and some of her children, you can view below:

Best Int. Ace Hen Marathon Races‘17 (PIPA Ranking 2 pr)
7th Nat. Ace Bird WHZB/ZLU
2th Nat. Perigueux S3, 827 km 7022 p. 2016
11th Nat. Sint Vincent, 1032 km 3037 p. 2017
16th Nat. Pau, 1040 km 3526 p. 2017
19th Nat. Orange S3, 872 km 3861 p. 2016
Mother to: 5th Nat. S3 Perigueux '21
Gr.mother to: 1st Agen sector 3+4 ’20
3th NPO Limoges '21
17th Nat. Agen ’20 YL
18th NPO Limoges '21
10th NPO Perigueux ‘20
22nd NPO Perigueux ‘20
36th NPO Orange ‘19
101th Nat. Perpignan '21
180th Nat. Perpignan '21
Halfsister to: Vale Elite:
49.-52-59 Nat.
Halfsister to: Tom Dumoulin
2x Bike winner!!
37th Nat. Narbonne ‘18
45th Nat. Narbonne ‘19
145th Nat. Agen '18

Latest News

During the writing of this report the PIPA-ranking of the International Narbonne (2 years) was announced. Miss Excellent (NL19-1488018) finished as 4th International Ace Pigeon Narbonne 2020-2021 with a succeeding 77th Int out of 8.492 p. And a 177th Int. out of 15.121 p.

In conclusion

We would like to finish this report by sharing a few admirable references (just a small select group) from the last 3 years:

  • Jurrian van Amerongen; wins with a grandchild of Lady in the Dark the 17th Nat. Agen yl. And the 1st Nat Agen S3 in '20
  • Jan Grootoonk; grandchildren of Lady Richelle win 46th and 342nd NPO Limoges '20
  • Raymond Schalkwijk; is extremely successful with a grandson of Rappe Ries (father Barca King). This grandson wins a.o. 2nd Nat. Dax S3, 86th Nat. Bergerac S3 and 35th NPO Perigueux (2nd Nat. Ace Pigeon Marathon `19)
  • Frank Kwekkeboom; (line Orange Oil) 13th Nat Bergerac S3 and 372nd Orange NU '20
  • Harold Zwiers; bough a son (Giandro) from Son Mollema x Lady in the Dark. Children from this couple achieved a 3rd and 18th NPO Limoges `21, 110th and 22nd NPO Perigueux `20, 36th NPO Orange `19th and 101st and 1810th Nat. Perpignan `21.

When Gerard decided in 2009 to specialise in the marathon races with as goal to reach the absolute top of this discipline there was one thing he knew for sure. The only way he could achieve this was with a select group of top pigeons at the foundation. By purchasing the earlier described bloodlines Gerard succeeded in abundance. International Ace Pigeons such as Lady in the Dark and Orange Oil, but also National victories such as Goldplay prove the current quality of this colony… one that we will keep seeing in the coming years at the top of the international classics.

Visiting Gerard you can see on the left photo Gerard with Frans Bungeneers and on the right photo Cor de Heijde, Gerard and Jo van Schijndel