Hardy Krüger wants to thank PIPA for his successful auction

11 years ago, Hardy Krüger started working with PIPA. Last Sunday, his auction ended with the best average result in all those years...

Dear Nikolaas, Thomas, Pieter, Jenka and the whole PIPA Team,

Thank you for another perfect and incredible auction today .With the best average result of € 3077 per pigeon ,which I have achieved with you in 11 years.
Thomas and Pieter were the first to believe in me as a German breeder 11 years ago and we started the project of cooperation. It was one of my best decisions ever made. Thanks to the whole team for all of the hard work and Support over the years and I still hope for a long and good working relationship.

We thank all bidders for the sensational result , and wish the buyers good luck with the pigeons. 

Kind regards and thanks to the whole team.