Sensational season Roger & Nick Thys (Hallaar, BE) results in 1st Nat. Champion KBDB young bird title

Roger & Nick Thys never shied away from spectacular results, but what they achieved in the 2021 season is every fancier's dream!

Small colony

Achieving noticeable results in 2021 is one thing, but doing so with a small number of pigeons is a whole other game. Starting 2021 with 14 widowers, 16 racing hens and 110 youngsters on the lofts, father Roger, son Nick and mother Godelieve belong to the small group of fanciers that manage to shine on the provincial and national heavy middle distance races despite their small colony. 

De Witte 6, BE11-6217606

De Witte 6 is bred from a crossing between Portier (BE06-6111039) and stock hen Salien (BE06-6111045). They both descend from the bloodlines of Geert Lambrechts, the man where Roger and Nick got their first reinforcements from some 20 years ago. 

De Witte 6 has become the colony's stock pigeon. Many successes of Nick and Roger can be traced back to this pigeon. He is amongst others responsible for the following results: 

2nd Nat. Argenton 19.592 p. and 2nd Nat. Zone Bourges 4,831 p. (grandchild, BE16-6255578) 11th Nat. Chateauroux 14,955 p. (grandchild) 1st Nat. Argenton 14,787 d. and 16th Nat. Gueret 12,888 p. (grandchild, Sparrow) 19th Nat. Gueret 12,516 p. and 92nd Nat. Bourges 18,826 p. (child) 3rd Prov. Ace pigeon KBDB Antwerpen (child, New Linne) …

Salien, mother of De Witte 6, is grandmother to the following stars at the lofts of Frans & Dirk Maris (Itegem, BE):

Maxi (BE12-6024544):

1st Nat. Argenton 3,671 p.
39th Nat. Argenton 6,801 p.
87th Nat. Issoudun 5,670 p.

Mister Millenium, a son to this Maxi is the cock to the Millenium-pair from Embregts-Theunis (Hoeven, NL).

Sister Maxi (BE14-6074365) is mother to Martha:

1st Nat. Ace pigeon Middle Distance KBDB
3rd Olympiad pigeon Poznan

Thor x Van De Wouwer hen

Another important breeding pair is formed by Thor (BE14-6274403) and the Van de Wouwer hen (BE15-6285010), also known as Maria. 

Thor is also a child to De Witte 6. Paired to the Van De Wouwer hen 010/Maria, this couple was an immediate success when they were put together for the first time in 2016. As they became parents to the 6th Nat. Ace pigeon KBDB Heavy Middle Distance 2017 (BE16-6255562).

It was only the start of their exceptional breeding...

The fantastic 2021 season

Calling 2021 a great season for Nick, Roger and Godelieve Thys is kicking in an open door. Besides 1st Nat. Champion KBDB young birds they also won:

1st Nat. Argenton against 14,787 pigeons 3th Nat. Ace pigeon Allround Young birds KBDB 2021 6th Nat. Ace pigeon Heavy Middle Distance Young birds KBDB 7th Nat. Ace pigeon Heavy Middle Distance Young birds KBDB 7th Nat. Ace pigeon Heavy Middle Distance Yearlings KBDB 30th Nat. Ace pigeon Heavy Middle Distance Old birds KBDB 1st Nat. Zone B3 Bourges 3,333 Yearlings 1st Nat. Zone B3 La Souterraine 1,634 Young birds

We would like to emphasize that the overview above is (only) from the 2021 racing the cherry on top, the Thys family became General Champion of Fondclub Antwerpen 2021. Truly impressive!

It is now time to introduce some stars from the 2021 season! 

Sparrow (BE19-6036708): 1st Nat. Argenton 14,787 p.

After having read what impact the De Witte 6 genes have on the Thys colony, it will be no surprise to find out the Sparrow is a grandchild to this icon. Mother to Sparrow, BE17-6052867, is a direct daughter to De Witte 6. 

That Sparrow is no one-hit wonder is proven by his results earlier in the season and those of 2020, as he previously managed: 

16th Nat. Gueret 12,888 p. 386th Nat. Chateauroux 6,306 p. 434th Nat. Argenton 26,085 p. 627th Nat. Issoudun 18,176 p. 1032th Nat. La Souterraine 15,939 p.

Video of Sparrow after his national victory on Argenton

Sparrow shorty after his national victory

Sparrow's father is Fried, a cock from Winfried Helmerichs (DE). Fried is a great grandchild to Kaasboer from Gaston Van De Wouwer.

Mother is Gebroken Borst (BE17-6052867), a daughter to De Witte 6 and the 422. The 422 was an excellent racing hen herself, winning amongst others: 

1st Noyon 896 p. 1st Sourdun 640 p. 1st Gueret 324 p. - 22nd Nat. 16,262 p. 1st Bourges 213 p. - 16th Nat. 19,776 p. 1st Chateauroux 236 p. - 10th Nat. Zone 5,939 p.

Ace 45, BE21-6032645

The title, 6th Nat. Ace pigeon Heavy Middle Distance YB KBDB 2021 and 3rd Nat. Ace pigeon Allround YB KBDB 2021, were won by Ace 45. He is winner of the following prizes:

38th Nat. Vierzon 18,710 p. 45th Nat. Argenton 23,124 p. 268th Nat. Chateauroux 18,741 p. 7th Prov. Fay-aux-Loges 1,858 p. 24th Noyon 1,409 p. 6th Melun 1,868 p.

Ace 45 immediately managed to fly several top results in his birth year which resulted in not 1, but 2 national ace pigeon titles.   

Father of Ace 45 is De Kleine Witte (BE18-6061393), who is also father to 19th and 10th Nat. Bourges 28,551 pigeons. Father to De Kleine Witte is a cock from the Eagle Eye lines of Marc De Cock (via Vermeerbergen-Wilms). Mother is Superhen, appropiately named as she is winner of i.a.: 

2nd Nat. Argenton 19,592 p. 2nd Nat. Zone Bourges 4.831 p. 21st Prov. Vierzon 1,787 p. 107th Nat. Bourges 28,078 p.

Mother is Sister Victoria (BE16-6255551) (her mother is a half sister to De Witte 6). Her sister, Victoria, won 4x 1st prize and is housed on the breeding lofts of Victor Yin (CN). Her father is Zwarte Mol (BE14-6274857), another important breeder in Hallaar. Zwarte MOl is a son to De Witte 6 and Dark Mustang of Vermeerbergen-Wilms. He is also father to Tammeke, 7th Nat. Ace pigoen Heavy MIddle Distance YL KBDB. 

Her mother is bred from Salien, who as mentioned earlier is also mother to...De Witte 6...and mother to the 22 (grandmother to Sparrow) may have understood by now that the stars in of the Thys colony are all closely related to these bloodlines...

Witte Nagels, BE21-6032677

Besides the 6th place with Ace 45, Nick and Roger also won 7th Nat. Ace pigeon Heavy Middle Distance YB KBDB, with a grandchild to Thor. Witte Nagels, as this national ace pigeon is called, won the title by achieving the following results on the national young bird races: 

24th Nat. Argenton 23,124 p. 63rd Nat. Chateauroux 18,741 p. 281st Nat. Bourges 18,710 p.
The young bird loft with aviaries in front.

Witte Nagels is a sister to Dobberke (BE21-6032650), winner of 1st Nat. Zone B3 La Souterraine 1,634 p. (13th Nat. against 14,315 p.) and another sensational result on Argenton, taking the 31st Nat. Argenton against 23,124 p.

Parents to Witte Nagels and Dobberke are Witten As (BE17-6189170) and Geertje (BE17-6042924)Witten As is a son to Thor, who wasn't paired to Maria, but to As Kaier (BE15-6269451). As Kaier became 4th Nat. Ace pigeon Heavy MD old birds and is a child to Eagle Eye (also grandfather to Ace 45) and the 411. 

Geertje, is a Geert Lambrechts hen and mother to Tammeke. Geertje herself is bred form a Stefaan Lambrechts cock. Tammeke was also one of the stars in Hallar last season...

Tammeke, BE20-6185703

Tammeke became 7th Nat. Ace pigeon Heavy Middle Distance YL KBDB and was the best yearling in the PIPA-raking across 8 National races!

Father to Tammeke, as mentioned, is Zwarte Mol (BE14-6274857) and mother is Geertje from Geert Lambrechts. 

BE20-6185770, 1st Nat. Zone Bourges

Lastly, there is the other zonal winner 770-20 who won 1st Nat. Zone B3 Bourges 3,333 yearlings. On this Bourges, Nick and Roger hit the competition hard, with 3 pigeons in the zonal Top 4! These 3 stars arrived home and were clocked within 40 seconds of each other...on the first national flight they hit the jackpot. A sign of what was to become an unbelievable season for the young bird, yearling and old bird teams...

The zonal winner is from the same golden bloodlines. On father's side we find Favoriet (BE17-6052857), a son to Thor and a grandson to De Witte 6. Mother to Favoriet is a 100% Gaston Van De Wouwer. On Mother's side we find the 422, granddaughter to Salien (mother to De Witte 6). 

The old birds and yearling lofts. Again, the pigeons have the opportunity to sit in the aviaries.


With such a high quality pigeon stock it is inevitable that these bloodlines achieve outstanding results on other lofts as well. On various lofts the Thys pigeons have proven themselves with super results. Amongst these fanciers are Frans & Dirk Maris, Jules Engels en Leo & Frederick Van Den Bruel (with recent top results during the "Ronde van Belgie"). Furthermore, speed specialist and neighboring fancier Luc Vervoort houses a phenomenal Thys breeding hen, Goddelief. She is a half sister to De Witte 6, a daughter to Salien. Goddelief has bred many ace pigeons and super racers for Luc Vervoort. Luc was also successful with pigeons from the pair Zwarte Mol x mother Goddelief. 

Strong stock forms the foundation to success 

The super pigeons from the Thys family are all closely related. De Witte 6 is the absolute stock pigeon, who can be found in nearly all of the pigeons' pedigrees at least once. By pairing Thor, a son to De Witte 6, to Maria (Van De Wouwer hen), Nick and Roger created a new successful breeding pair. In addition to Zwarte Mol, Kleine Witte and co they create a near perfect breeding team. With the newly crowed national ace pigeons, national winner and 2 zonal winners the Thys lofts are only becoming stronger and stronger. It looks like the Thys family are becoming the fanciers to beat in and around Hallaar... 

A huge congratulations to Nick, Roger and Godelieve on a magical 2021 season!