Jan Hooymans (Kerkdriel, NL) experienced another exceptional season in 2021

Top results were achieved on the lofts in The Netherlands, Belgium and England, with the Harry family still at the foundation of these successes. National victories, ace pigeon titles and "2nd Best Nat. Fancier The Netherlands" are examples of what was accomplished in 2021.

Several years back, Jan Hooymans launched his plan to compete in Belgium and England as well as The Netherlands, with the intention to participate in the three strongest competitions with the Harry family. Now, several years later, Hooymans pigeons have settled at the top of the charts in various national results. This year again, many appealing results were booked. Team Hooymans NL (Wijk en Aalburg) for example, became 2nd National Champion in The Netherlands (2nd Best Fancier WHZB-TBOTB), 1st Provincial Champion Short Distance Afdeling 7, 1st Provincial Champion Long Distance Afdeling 7 (1,000 lofts, 20,000 pigeons at the start of the season). In the tough 2018 season with lots of headwind and high temperatures, Christian became 1st Best Fancier in The Netherlands. In 2021, again with tough conditions he took 2nd place. Jan Hooymans and his team (Kerkdriel) have the 5th and 12th National Ace pigeon NPO Long Distance with “Harry Baron 398” (NL17-1410398) en “Silviu” (NL19-1022619). Team Hooymans BE (Mol) have the 3rd National Ace pigeon KBDB Middle Distance with “095 Grandson Harry” (NL19-1023095). Below is a small overview of several results and titles: 

(Jan Hooymans and the teams Hooymans BE, Hooymans WVL, Hooymans UK & Hooymans NL)
Olympiad Ace pigeon Speed Cat A.
2nd Best Fancier National The Netherlands WHZB (Team Hooymans NL)
1st s-Nat. Loft Champion Noordelijke Unie Afd.7-8-9-10-11
2nd Nat. Champion Short Distance Nominated NPO
3rd Nat. Ace pigeon Middle Distance KBDB
3rd Nat. Champion Long Distance Nominated NPO
8th Nat. Champion Middle Distance Nominated NPO

Nat. Chateauroux: 1-3-5-9 ( 8.075 p.)
Prov. Etroeungt 1-2 (18.670 p.)
Prov. Bourges KBDB 1 ( 7.113 p.)
Prov. Melun 1 ( 5.644 p.)
Lessines 1-3-4-5-6-7-9 ( 3.385 p.)
NPO Chateauroux 1-3-4-5-8-9-10 ( 2.863 p.)
Nat./Zone Bourges 1 ( 3.251 p.)
Asse Zellik 1-2-8-10 ( 3.268 p.)
Lessines 1-2-3-4-5-7-8 ( 2.534 p.)
Lessines 1-7-10 ( 2.421 p.)
Sermaises 1-2 ( 2.003 p.)
Nat./Zone Chateauroux 1-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 ( 1.457 p.)
Nat./Zone Argenton 1-3-5-9-11 ( 1.000 p.)
Sermaises 1-2-8-9-11 ( 1.242 p.)
Federation Cheltenham 1 ( 1.183 p.)
Nat./Zone Issoudun 2-3-4-9 ( 1.879 p.)
Prov. Peronne 4-5-8 ( 8.047 p.)
NPO Vierzon 6-7-10 ( 2.363 p.)

To guarantee the quality of his strong breeding loft in the future, Jan has decided to transfer some of his best racers of the past seasons to the breeding loft and create some wonderful new pairs. Some of these stars, super breeders and pigeons responsible for fireworks in the past seasons will be further introduced below: 

NL20-1608274, 1st National Chateauroux SIII against 8,075 pigeons

Victor Harry won this season's tough edition of the national race from Chateauroux (612km) against more than 8,000 pigeons with a 13 minute lead!! He previously won 5th Asse Zellik against more than 10,000 pigeons. He is now paired to Daughter New Harry (from the success pair New Harry x Sister Harry, "Jeanette"). She is mother to 8th, 11th, 19th, 20th, 93th, 93th National Zone and 37th National Souillac. Her nest brother is father to 4th National KBDB Chateauroux against 10,317 pigeons (1,082mpm at Team Hooymans WVL). 

NL19-1022619 Silviu, 12th National Ace pigeon Long Distance NPO

Powerhouse Silviu wil also be transferred to the breeding lofts. This compact pigeon (named after loftmanager Silviu Glodeanu, who takes care of the racing team together with Michel de Pijper) won 1st National NU Chateaudun against 15,359 pigeons as a yearling on the lofts of Jan Hooymans. In 2021, he takes two Top 10 NPO long distance spots; 5th National Chateauroux against more than 8,000 pigeons and 6th NPO Vierzon against 2,363 pigeons. With these results, he became 12th National Ace pigeon NPO Long Distance. He is paired to a daughter of New Harry x Alexia (sister Harry). She recently became mother to 5th National-Zone Argenton KBDB Yearlings (13th National against 21,282 pigeons). Another example of the success formula, New Harry x sister Harry.  

NL16-1663249 Special Boy, 6x Top 10 NPO 

In 2021, racing wonder Special Boy at Team Hooymans NL was still world class despite his 5 year old age. In his final racing year, he wins 2nd National Issoudun against 14,785 pigeons, 8th NPO Chateauroux against 2,863 pigeons, 16th NPO Melun against 5,644 pigeons and 17th Asse Zellik against 10,863 pigeons. He is ranked 4th Olympiad Allround pigeon thanks to these astonishing results. He won 25 prizes in the first 1% of the results list (1:100), no doubles! Special Boy won 12x top 10 against an average of 5,000 pigeons. He did this on all disciplines from short, middle to long distance races. A true allrounder, with 6x Teletekst, taking Top 10 NPO spots. A dream pigeon! Paired to NL14-1208806, mother to Brenda, 1st National Argenton KBDB against more than 40.000 pigeons, he will undoubtedly breed future cracks.  

NL17-1410612 Brave Harry, 1st National Chateaudun against 12,995 pigeons

Another racing miracle at Team Hooymans NL is Brave Harry. He was only raced for 2 years but won 15 prizes 1:100 (no doubles). He ended his racing career with a bang, winning 1st National Chateaudun against 10,082 pigeons. He now forms a breeding pair with sister "Alyda" (Dolce Beauty x Alexia). A super pairing as this sister Alyda is mother to several excellent racers, sister to 1st NPO Bourges winner Alyda, but also a sister to “Dochter Alexia 12/985”, the stock hen from Wout Spiering (grandmother Golden Prince, 1st NPO Chateauroux, 3rd NPO Chateauroux, 10th NPO La Souterraine and great grandmother to New Prince, 1st Nat. La Souterraine, 3rd NPO Issoudun, 4th NPO Chateauroux).

NL17-1410398 Harry Baron 398, 5th National Ace pigeon Long Distance NPO 

The best long distance racer on the lofts of Jan Hooymans in 2021 was Harry Baron 398. He became 1st Provincial Ace pigeon Long Distance Afdeling 7 and 5th National Ace pigeon Long Distance NPO. His father is Blue Baron, a super racer from Peter Colijn that was paired to daughter Harry. Blue Baron is also father to Baron Harry (1st NPO Bourges, half brother Baron Harry 398). Mother to Harry Baron 398 is Laatje 707, she is a daughter to Harry x Laatje 56 (sister Harry). Harry Baron 398 will get the chance to show his class on the racing loft in 2022 as well. 

NL15-1849590 Solo Warrior, 1st National Ancenis (UK) against 5.160 pigeons

Solo Warrior won 1st National Acenis at the lofts of Team Hooymans UK. He beat all 5,160 competing pigeons across the 710 kilometer race. The victory was extra special as Solo Warrior was the only pigeon that was basketed by Team Hooymans UK (hence the name, Solo Warrior). After this National victory, Solo Warrior is back on the lofts in Kerkdriel where he forms a breeding pair with Mother Victor Harry (1st National Chateauroux 8,075 pigeons, with 13 minute lead), from Blue Brave x Dreameye Harry . Both pigeons are super racers and form a breeding pair with many great results. 

NL17-1410366 De Boswachter, 1st National Pau BE (888 km)

Super talent De Boswachter was raced by Bert Vandenberghe (B) and is winner of 1st National Pau (888km in one day, with an average speed of 1100 mpm!). He previously won 2nd National Agen Yearlings, 6th Provincial Issoudun and 16th National Perpignan! De Boswachter, son of brother Harry, is back on the breeding lofts in Kerkdriel and forms a pair with a daughter to New Harry x Hildes Davinci. In 2021, this Hildes Davinci (NL 12/557) became grandmother to 1st National Issoudun against more than 13,000 pigeons at J. Poelstra & Znn. (Utrecht), her granddaughter also become mother to 1st and 5th National Agen ZLU at Batenburg-vd Merwe. Showing that the Harry bloodlines are more than capable of covering distances of 900km in 1 day. 



NL16-1663129 Peter, 1st against 3,600 pigeons and 11th National Ace pigeon Long Distance 2018

Peter was a super racer at Team Hooymans NL. He became 11th National Ace pigoen Long Distance and a year later 27th National Ace pigeon. He won 1st prizes on 350-600 kilometer races and flew a total of 10x Top 100 NPO on races above 500 kilometer. His full sister won 8th NPO Chateaudun, whilst a full brother (19/606) wins 7th NPO Vierzon, 12th National Ace pigeon Old birds, 13th National Ace pigeon Allround in 2021 at Team Hooymans NL. Peter forms a pair with Daughter New Harry, mother to many top results and full sister to breeder of 1st Nat. Carentan UK and to 4-6-8-27 National-Zone KBDB in 2021. 

Blue New Harry x Jane

Blue New Harry (NL17-1411147) x Jane (NL18-5022214) are another fantastic breeding pair. On both sides the success formula "New Harry x Sister Harry" can be found in their pedigrees. Blue New Harry recently bred the 2nd and 8th Provincial Ace pigeon Long Distance 500-700km in 2020 and Jane herself won 1st National Nanteuil against 14,422 pigeons. 

Hans x Moeder Brave Harry

Hans (NL14-1209225) himself won 1st NPO Gien (500km, 1,153mpm) as well as 11th NPO, 13th NPO and many more top results. He is also a half brother to Blue New Harry, who is father to 2nd and 8th Provincial Ace pigeon Long Distance 2020. 

Mother Brave Harry bred the super racer Brave Harry. She is also mother to federation winner from Worcester at Team Hooymans UK and many more top results (3rd against 1,403 pigeons, 10th against 4,209 pigeons, etc.) She is a close relative to New Harry and Harry Junior (from Harry x Stareye). 

Son New Harry x Silver Carnival

Another promising breeding pair is Son New Harry (NL17-1410850) x Silver Carnival (NL18-5002739). Son New Harry is father to two regional winners against 2,000 pigeons, and the 1st Ace pigeon in Pattaya (one loft race). Silver Carnival was also 1st Ace pigeon, only in South Africa at the Carnival Allflight One Loft Race. She took 2nd in the tough final across 600 kilometer and arrived together with the winner. A brother to Silver Carnival flew 9th NPO Chateauroux against 2,863 pigeons (1,029 mpm, 611km) at Jan Hooymans' loft in 2021. 

Top breeder New Harry

Super breeder New Harry (NL14-1219811) also deserves to be mentioned. He was paired to an exclusive daughter to National winner Brave Harry x New Kim, wonder pigeon of Gaston van de Wouwer. New Harry has impeccable references in 2021. One of the most impressive is on account of his daughter Olympic Lieke, who became Olympiad pigeon Speed Cat. A for The Netherlands. Other references include:

1st Prov. Etroeungt 18.760 b. Halfbrother New Harry (Team Hooymans NL)
1st Nat. Nanteuil 14.226 b. Gr.child New Harry (C. v.d. Wetering)
1st Prov. Soissons 15.127 b. Halfsister New Harry (Team Hooymans NL)
1st NPO Sezanne 8.463 b. Grandchild New Harry (J. Hendriks & Zn.)
1st NPO NU Bourges 8.019 b. From brother New Harry (Rien & Diny van Oss)
1st Nat. Chateauroux 8.075 b. Gr.child Sis New Harry (J. Hooymans)
1st NPO Troyes 5.248 b. Gr.grandchild New Harry (G. Everts & Zn.)
1st Prov. Bourges KBDB 7.113 b. Gr.child New Harry (Team Hooymans BE)
1st Prov. Bourges KBDB 7.093 b. Gr.child New Harry (Team Hooymans BE)
1st Neeritter 7.081 b. Gr.child New Harry (Team Hooymans NL)
1st NPO Montlucon 4.133 b. Gr.grandchild New Harry (J. Deliege)
1st Nat-z. Bourges 3.251 b. Gr.child New Harry (Team Hooymans BE)
1st Nat-z. Brive 3.144 b. Gr.child New Harry (Bert Vandenberghe)
1st Nat. Coutances UK 3.058 b. Gr.child New Harry (Ace Lofts UK)
1st Nat. Carentan UK 2.002 b. Gr.child New Harry (team Hooymans UK)
1st Nat.-z. Chateauroux 1.451 b. Gr.child New Harry (Team Hooymans wvl)
1st Acepigeon PIPR Pattaya Thailand’18 Gr.child New Harry (J. Hooymans)
1st Knock Out Acepigeon Victoria Falls’20 Gr.child New Harry (J. Hooymans)
1st Grand National Yeovil 1.018 b. Grandchild New Harry (Team Hooymans UK)
1st Prov. Souillac 864 b. Grandchild New Harry (Team Hooymans BE)
1st I-Prov Guilianova 926 b. Grandchild New Harry (Padov-Correggiari)

A golden combination of genes is acquired when pairing children to New Harry x sisters to Harry, as seen in the overview below:

Harry Junior x Eva

The last breeder we wil introduce is the illustrious Harry Junior (NL16-1663140). He too has proven himself as a great breeder, and many great results were added to his reference list in 2021, including 6th National Ace pigeon Middle Distance in The Netherlands (direct son) and various victories. He was paired to National Ace pigeon Eva (1st National Ace pigeon Middle Distance The Netherlands, as a young bird she was 5th National Ace pigeon Young birds). In 2021, at Team Hooymans NL, a full brother to Eva wins 1st Provincial Melun against 5,644 pigeons, 1st Regional Sens against 903 pigeons and 8th Provincial Peronne against 8,047 pigeons! Find an overview of some of the results flown by children and grandchildren in 2021: 

Father to:
1st Prov. Asse Zellik 8.257 b.
1st Lessines 4.097 b.
1st Lessines 3.385 b.
1st Lessines 2.421 b.
2nd Nat. Argenton 42.847 b.
2nd Prov. Etroeungt 18.760 b.
2nd Asse Zellik 2.091 b.
3rd NPO Salbris 5.746 b.
4th Nat. Bourges 16.658 b.
4th Prov. Niergnies 6.938 b.
4th Lessines 3.385 b.
4th Vervins 2.450 b.
7th NPO Melun 7.140 b.
7th NPO Niergnies 4.849 b.
7th Niergnies 2.942 b.
7th Yeovil 2.438 b.
8th Pont St Maxence 800 b.
9th NPO Melun 6.025 b.
9th NPO Roye 8.755 b.
9th NPO Melun 3.882 b.
10th NPO Vierzon 2.362 b.
10th Lessines 2.628 b.
Grandfather to:
1st Sermaises 1.242 b.
2nd Sermaises 1.242 b.
3rd Nat-Z Issoudun 1.879 b.
9th Nat-Z Issoudun 1.879 b.
9th Prov. Vierzon 4.208 b.
10th Lessines 10.841 b.

A passion for breeding 

Jan Hooymans his breeding lofts are rich in quality. With his racing lofts in different countries and competitions, he can select pigeons at a high pace, and build an even stronger breeding loft. Jan's passion lies in these breeding lofts. Knowing Jan, he can be found wondering through his breeding lofts on a daily basis, enjoying the exclusive top quality he accommodates.