A report on the British Barcelona Club old hen race from Ilkeston on 28th August 2021

26 members sent 180 old hens to Ilkeston with the British Barcelona Club. They were liberated at 09.00CEST into broken cloud and sunny intervals. The following is a report on the provisional result based on members' verifications.
Rod Rann

Mr and Mrs Rann and Son of Newport on the Isle of Wight timed four pigeons in the top ten, taking first, second, eighth and ninth open, first, second, seventh and eighth section A. The winning velocity was 1559ypm for a two year old hen and the next three, all yearlings, were on 1557, 1445 and 1443ypm respectively. Rod's hens were widowhood all season and then re-paired after the cocks had finished racing. They were then trained and raced as trainer with the young birds in the Southampton Fed. The winner is a small apple bodied hen sent racing to a week old squeaker. Second open was also racing to a youngster. 

3rd open old hens

Asa, G and Ann Williams of Southampton were third open and third section A with a four year old on 1553ypm. The partners timed Nan's good hen, the white flight, purchased from Louella as one of a kit of ten youngsters. It contains Jacob Poortvliet bloodlines. 

John Adams

John Adams of Watford timed an five year old hen on 1582ypm to take fourth open and first section D. John's chequer hen was racing celibate. The sire was bred by Mark Gilbert from Vandenabeele Dutch Master x Golden Gaby and the dam was purchased direct from Daniel Arrens. A full brother was tenth open BBC Berwick earlier this season. 

Paul Basham

P Basham of Southampton was fifth open and fourth section A with a two year old on 1468ypm. Paul's hen was bred from birds given to him by Tony Cowan when he started back in the sport in 2009. The sire and dam both contain De Klak bloodlines that Tony obtained from Brian Long. 

Kevin & John Zerafa

K and J Zerafa of Portsmouth timed a two year old on 1464ypm to take sixth open and fifth section A. This is the same hen that was second open from Ilkeston with the classic the previous week. The sire is Yvette's Decision, owned by Steve and Yvette Harris, whilst the dam is Eastern Angel, the partners first open  Fougeres winner in 2017. 

Wayne & Roy Seager

W and R Seager of Seaview were seventh open and sixth section A with a two year old on 1446ypm. Wayne and Roy clocked a Koopman hen which was used on widowhood earlier in the season. 

Steve Slade

Steve Slade of Calne timed a two year old on 1433ypm to take tenth open and first section C. The dam of the section winner was lent to Steve by Paul Weems and was a daughter of Ernie Smith's Saintes section winner. The sire was bred by Dave Fisher of Ipswich was a Buddle cock, a grandson of Amoyx Mikex Elsax when paired to a grand-daughter of Legacy. It came from Steve's friend Joe Raeburn. 

Harp & Pearse

Harp and Pearse of Poole timed a German rung four year old on 1426ypm to take eleventh open and first section B. This hen is a grand-daughter of Euro Diamond x Olympic Drain and was sent sitting twelve day eggs. 

J Derbyshire of Whitchurch was twelfth open and ninth section A with a yearling on 1392ypm. 

Leon Hall

Leon Hall of Oxford was thirteenth open and second section D with a yearling on 1368ypm. Leon timed a Gaston van De Wouwer hen bred down from the Casbo cock. A full brother was sixth open Ilkeston with the classic. 

Eric Davis

E Davis of Marlborough was fourteenth open, second section C with a five year old on 1355ypm. Eric timed two further pigeons to take the next two section positions. Second section was bred from a daughter of Vandenabeele Black National and the sire was a Van Dyck cock from GWP Maloney. 

Peter English

P English of Portslade timed a yearling on 1326ypm to take fifteenth open and first section G. This was a Sion hen, the sire and dam of which were through Paul Pratte of Boston. 

Around the sections 

Steve Travers

The runner-up in section B was S Travers of Poole who timed three pigeons, the first of which was a two year old on 1295ypm, to take second, third and fourth section. Steve's winner was bred from his own family of pigeons. He had five out of six sent within twenty minutes. 

Paul Baker

P Baker of Seaford was second section G with a two year old on 1306ypm. Paul timed Martha's Girl containing Wilf Reed's Jan Aarden bloodlines. 

John Brady

The section J winners were J and J Brady of Benfleet with a five year old on 765ypm. The sire of this section winner was a Frank Tasker cock when paired to a grand-daughter of Jos Thone's National II hen. 

That concludes the report on the provisional result of the British Barcelona Club old hen race from Ilkeston.