Team Jan Hooymans (Kerkdriel, NL) wins 1st, 3rd, 5th and 9th National Chateauroux Sector III against 8.075 pigeons

Not only did Jan Hooymans (Kerkdriel) achieve a beautiful result at National Chateauroux, but also at the other locations, Wijk, Aalburg, Mol and Desselgem, did he perform excellently on this national long-distance race.
Jan met zijn wereldberoemde Harry

Last Sunday 18th of Juli, the extreme middle distance race Chateauroux took place in both Belgium and the Netherlands. In the Netherlands, this race was decisively won by Team Jan Hooymans. On this last extreme middle distance race, Team Jan Hooymans won 1st, 3rd, 5th and 9th in Sector II against 8.075 pigeons. Team Hooymans NL, Wijk and Aalburg performed admirably with an 8th and 10th NPO. In Belgium won Team Hooymans WVL (Desselggem) the 4th National yearlings and Team Hooymans BE (Mol) also scored among the yearlings with the 4th Nat-Z and among the old birds 5th and 8th Nat-Z. Besides these aforementioned top prizes, it was also a beautiful series. Below we will go in-depth about the performance per team.

Team Jan Hooymans Kerkdriel, 1st, 3rd, 5th, 9th etc.... National Chateauroux Sector III against 8.075 pigeons.

From left to right: Silviu, Michel, Jan and Christian

Team Jan Hooymans Kerkdries is compromised out of, naturally, Jan Hooymans with at his side loft managers Silviu Glodeanu (racing pigeons), Michel de Pijper (racing pigeons) and Christian v.d. Wetering (Breeding pigeons as well as independent fancier under the name Team Hooymans NL)

NL20-1608274, 1st National Chateauroux SIII out of 8.075 pigeons

This talented yearling cock also raced excellently as a youngling. This season he won a 5th against more than 10.000 pigeons, and now with a huge lead the 1st National Chateauroux. His father raced with Team Hooymans NL in Wijk and Aalburg and was an excellent pigeon with more than 30 prizes 1:10. Because of his beautiful appearance, he was immediately put into the breeding loft. Grandfather of the 274 is the Goede Zwarte, stock breeder at Victor Massart. His grandmother is a full sister of “Beauty Harry” (Direct daughter of Harry). Mother of the winner is the NL17/146, and she comes from a special coupling, namely “Blue Brave” (best pigeon of Christian van de Wetering and now a super breeder) x “Dreameye Harry”, a super racing hen at Christian and also a full sister of “New Harry”, so from the top couple “Beauty Harry x Stareye”.

NL20-1609109, 3rd National Chateauroux SIII out of 8.075 pigeons

This blue cock from late 2020 only flew 3 races as a youngling up to 240km. This season he was basketted on the sprint and middle-distance where he won 5 prizes 1:1-, among which the 58th Prov. Peronne against more than 8.000 pigeons. At Chateauroux, he showed what he was truly made off by winning a 3rd National. His father is a double grandson of, once again “Blue Brave 807” (mother of Nikkie, 1st NPO Orleans). The mother of the 109 is a direct daughter of “New Harry” who was coupled with “Jonge Jamy” (James Bond x Laatje 56). She is also the mother of “Eva” 1st National Ace Pigeon Middle Distance WHZB. Thus both parents are a half-brother or half-sister of “Eva”

NL19-1022619 Silviu, 5th National Chateauroux SIII out of 8.075 pigeons

This beautiful compact wonder pigeon did not achieve anything amazing as a yearling, but on the very last long-distance race, he finished strong with the 1st NPO NU Chateaudun against more than 15.000 pigeons. This year he has already won a 6th NPO Vierzon, 20th NPOP Vierzon and now the 5th National Chateauroux. These performances have earned him the title 8th National Ace Pigeon Long Distance WHZB-TBOTB 2021. From his father’s side, he originates from a son out of “Harry” and “Esmee” (joint breeding with Tj & J Elzinga). From his mother’s side, he comes from a daughter of “Alexia” coupled to Fighter Gloria from Bert Vandenberghe.

NL20-1608299, 9th National Chateauroux SIII out of 8.075 pigeons

The last in this line-up of spectacular racers is once again a yearling cock. He is a promising yearling and has already won 6th Niergnies out of 1.637 pigeons, 16th NPO Vierzon, 47th NPO Vierzon and now 9th National Chateauroux. His father is “Dion Harry”, who has ranked three times in the top 10 NPO (6th NPO Issoudun, 8th NPO Bourges, 9th NPO Chateaudun) under Christian (Team Hooymans NL). He is also a half-brother of “Blue Brave” (same father) and a grandson of Harry and Alexia. Mother is acquired hen from combination Neerbos/Spies and she did not only win the 1st NPO Nanteuil but also the 3rd Quievrain out of more than 10.000 pigeons.

Team Hooymans NL (Wijk and Aalburg) 8th and 10th NPO Chateauroux

Jan Hooymans (left) and Christian v.d. Wetering (right)

The 10th NPO was won by a yearling hen. She is a granddaughter of “4000” (brother Harry), “Stareye” (mother New Harry) and “Blue Brave”. The 8th NPO was achieved by an exceptionally well-bred pigeon, namely “Special Boy” NL16-1663249.

Many pigeons lose something as they get on in age, but “Special Boy” is like a fine red vintage “He gets better as he gets older”. He has won no less than 6 times a top 10 NPO position in sector 7 Mid-Netherlands as well as 25 prizes 1:100 without doublings!! On the previous long-distance race National Issoudun he achieved 2nd place as well as the 2nd s-National (Sector III and IV) against more than 14.000 pigeons. The series of Ace pigeon titles he has collected in previous seasons has become too long to list. After the last old birds race, he is now listed as the number 1 of the general Ace Pigeon Championship Sector 7 Mid-Netherlands season 2021. This is a title for which roughly 20.000 pigeons battle. Rare for a 5-year old cock to achieve. He may now enjoy his well-deserved retirement at the safehouse or breeding lofts of Jan Hooymans in Kerkdriel.

Fantastic result National Chateauroux Sill by the Hooymans-pigeons

Against 8.075 pigeons, a total of 16 original Hooymans-pigeons finished in the top 100 National. Jan Hooymans has 12 pigeons in the top 100. Team Hooymans NL has 3 pigeons in the top 100 and family Bambacht has 1 100% Hooymans pigeons in the top 100. At NPO level (sector 7), 26 prizes were won in the top 100 (19x Jan Hooymans, 4x Team Hooymans NL and 3x Family Bambacht). Below you can view the summary of these results:

1st Nat. 1st NPO Gr.child Sister New Harry, and gr.grandchild Harry
3rd Nat. 3rd NPO Gr.child New Harry
5th Nat. 4th NPO Gr.child Harry and Alexia
9th Nat. 5th NPO Child Dion Harry
20th Nat. 8th NPO Special Boy, 6 times top10 NPO winner, from sister Harry
24th Nat. 9th NPO Grandchild Harry and Hilde27e Nat. 10e NPO Grandchild 4000 x Stareye
51st Nat. 23rd NPO Child Laatje 707
61st Nat. 29th NPO Gr.child Harry and Alexia
67th Nat. 32nd NPO Gr.child New Harry x Laatje 707
70th Nat. 34th NPO Gr.child Harry Junior and Blauwe Bink
78th Nat. 38th NPO Brother Peter, from sister Harry
87th Nat. 42nd NPO Grandchild Jonge Bliksem and Dirkje
92nd Nat. 45th NPO Grandchild New Harry x Sister Harry
93rd Nat. 46th NPO Grandchild New Harry x Sister Harry
95th Nat. 47th NPO Grandchild Harry and Alexia

54th NPO Grandchild New Harry x Sister Harry
56th NPO Grandchild Beauty Harry x Birdy
57th NPO Grandchild New Harry and Alexia
58th NPO Grandchild New Harry
64th NPO Grandchild James Bond x Laatje, halfbrother to EVA
74th NPO Solo Warrior x daughter Harry Junior
85th NPO Son Harry Junior
87th NPO Grandchild Harry
92nd NPO Brother Brenda
95th NPO Grandchild New Harry x Sister Harry

Team Hooymans WVL (Desselgem) 4th National Chateauroux out of 10.317 yearlings


Wout Spierings (left) and Jan Hooymans (right)

As has already been said, they performed excellently as well on the National Chateauroux in Belgium. Against 1.457 yearlings nearly everything was won at the Nat-Z level with 1st-3rd-4th-5th-6th-7th-8th-9th-10th-11th-12th-14th-etc.... The 31st Team Hooymans WVL pigeon classified at place 96 (Loftmanager Wout basketted 96 pigeons for this race). At the provincial level, we could see a similar performance. At the National level against 10.317 yearlings, 13 pigeons ended with a prize 1:100, 12 pigeons ended in the top 100 National etc, etc… below you see a short overview of the 12 pigeons from the top 100 National yearlings:

4th Nat. Grandchild New Harry x Sister Harry
11th Nat. Grandchild New Harry x “Harry/Alexia”
24th Nat. Grandchild New Harry x Laatje 707 and Alexia
29th Nat. Grandchild Harry x Alexia
30th Nat. Grandchild New Harry x ‘Harry/Alexia”
37th Nat. From gr.son “Daughter Alexia” , founding hen Wout Spierings
39th Nat. Grandchild New Harry x “Harry/Alexia”
45th Nat. Grandchild Beauty Harry x Birdy
46th Nat. Grandchild “Daughter Alexia”, founding hen Wout Spierings
55th Nat. Brave Harry x Gr.dtr New Harry
56th Nat. Grandchild New Harry and Stamkoppel
60th Nat. Grandchild “Daughter Alexia”, founding hen Wout Spierings
* In Zone A2 no less than 14 grandchildren of New Harry finished in the top 100 Nat-Z
NL20-1608731, 4th National Chateauroux out of 10.317 yearlings.

Team Hooymans BE (Mol) 4th Nationaal-Z Chateauroux (1.519 yearlings) and 5th and 8th Nationaal-Z (1.005 old birds)

Jan Hooymans (left) and Gregory Bekaert (right)

:Last but not least you will be able to see an overview below of the performances of the old birds and yearlings at Chateauroux National-Z level:

4th Nat-Z yl Grandchild New Harry x Laatje 707
5th Nat-Z “Did it Again”, gr.son Beauty Harry and Alexia
8th Nat-Z Grandchild New Harry x Sister Harry
13th Nat-Z Grandchild Harry and New Harry
20th Nat-Z From son New Harry x Sister Harry and New Stareye
23rd Nat-Z yl Grandchild Harry x Alexia
23rd Nat-Z Grandchild New Harry
51st Nat-Z yl From brother New Harry x gr.dtr Harry Junior
68th Nat-Z yl Grandchild New Harry, Alexia, Birdy and Carnival Wonder
81st Nat-Z yl From parents Brenda
84th Nat-Z yl Grandchild New Harry
93rd Nat-Z yl Grandchild Harry x Alexia