Luc De Laere (Anzegem, BE) strikes hard on national Chateauroux

With national Top 10 spots on the old bird and yearlings race form Chateauroux, Luc confirms to belong to the best on the long distance races.

Anzegem, the village where Luc De Laere writes pigeon sport history. In 2021, he adds a new chapter to his already successful racing pigeon career. 

The bloodlines of world famous stock pigeon Tieke continue to deliver. Especially through her offspring, this pigeon and the De Laere name have been associated with phenomenal results for the past decades. The past seasons the De Laere colony also performed well on a national level, with marvelous results on the most beautiful races of the season. This season is no different. He strikes on Chateauroux with a 3rd National Yearlings against 10,317 pigeons whilst also taking 9th National against 7,099 old birds on the same race. 

National podium spot on the yearlings race

The 3rd National on the yearlings race was on account of Apollo (BE20-3000640). An absolute crack, who already flew some great results as a young bird on Sermaises, Argenton, Pontoise,...In 2021 however, Apollo continued to fly to the top of the charts and achieve some wonderful results. This year he polished up his palmares with a 1st Clermont 166p., 5th Clermont 424 p., 65th Bourges club, 188th Provincial and 577th National against more than 25,000 pigeons. His best result this year is from Chateauroux with 1st Club 202 p., 2nd Provincial against 1.630 p. and a magnificent national podium spot, 3rd Nat. against more than 10.000 pigeons. 

Also at the top with his old birds 

Luc also managed to grab a top prize with leading light Luck Sproet (BE19-3042137) on the old bird race. As a young bird Lucky Sproet performed well with the following prizes: 2nd Chateauroux (after loft mate) against 744 pigeons good for a 10th place against nearly 5,000 pigeons provincially, Blois: 6th Club 643p., 13th Interprovincial against 3,898 p. On Pointoise he flew several strong prizes of which several 1:100. Sadly his racing career was put on hold when he came home heavily injured after training. Luckily (hence the name) he recovered and continued to impress as a yearling: 3rd La Souterraine 226 p., 5th Provincial 2,484 pigeons, with more absolute top results on Sermaises and Argenton. Now, as a 2 year old he performs better than ever...flying one top result after the other: 1st Arras 430p., 1st Arras 572 p., 2nd Clermont 424 p., 5th Clermont 659 p., 8th Sermaises 380 p., 71th Provincial Bourges 5,658 p., ... and most recently 2nd Chateauroux Club against 154 pigeons, 3rd Provincial against 1,278 p. and 9th National  op 7,099 pigeons. 

Father to Lucky Sproet is the famous Sproet Tieke (1st Ace pigeon Both Flanders and moral winner of 1st Nationaal Chateauroux). The bloodlines of Tieke, stock pigeon in Anzegem, also flow on mother's side. In combination with Vandenabeele blood, it is no surprise that this is a super pigeon. 

Luc's colony is synonymous to top class pigeon racing, big victories and countless titles. Now that his racing team is in full swing, we surely haven't seen the last of this West-Flemish champion.