With the Return Flojo bloodline, Pieter Veenstra & Sons own pigeons that thrive on tough race from Sens

Pieter Veenstra & Sons (Drachtstercompagnie, NL) 3rd NPO Sens
In a weekend during which the one-day NPO races were held under difficult conditions, the Veenstra pigeons show out.

Demanding race from Sens

On June 6th, Afdeling 10 (Noord-Oost Nederland and Afdeling 11 (Friesland '96) had their second one-day NPO race of the 2021 season. Postponing the race from Sens to Sunday could not prevent a monstrous edition. Respect to the pigeons that managed to reach the top of the charts. The results in Afdeling 11 Friesland '96 show that Pieter Veenstra and his sons' pigeons could handle these tough conditions well. Nearly 9.5 hours after the pigeons were released they clock their first pigeon (1049m.pm. across 589km) and thereby reach the podium with a 3rd NPO. The first pigeons return home swiftly; 18:51, 18:54, 19:03, 19:06, 19:19, 19:19, etc. Nonetheless only 11 pigeons managed to return home on the day of release. So few pigeons returned Sunday, that race continued the following day. In the end Pieter and his sons' win prizes with 29 out of 57 entered pigeons (more than 50%) and can look back on a fantastic result! 

The 018 3rd NPO Sens 5,706 pigeons

NL19-4200018 The 018 wins 3rd NPO Sens against 5,706 pigeons

The first pigeon to arrive in Drachtstercompagnie from Sens was NL19-4200018 The 018, taking 3rd NPO Sens and giving the Return Flojo family name even more glory. Father of The 018 is NL18-4297798 Brother Return Flojo is bred from BE10-4327643 Shamrock Ike x NL12-5200222 Desteny Vita. 18-798 Brother Return Flojo is also father to 18th TF16 VFWCPR against 2,973 pigeons. 

NL18-4297798 Brother Return Flojo, father of The 018 3rd NPO Sens 5,706 pigeons

Return Flojo decisive for Pieter Veenstra & Sons

The results flown by CHN17-11-0227000 Return Flojo, with 1st Grand average Acebird SAMDPR 2018 (with an advantage of 136 minutes) as the highlight, where influential to Pieter Veenstra and his sons' loft. Now, near to all pigeons include Return Flojo bloodlines. A breed that does not disappoint! 

CHN17-11-0227000 Return Flojo, 1st Grand average Acebird SAMDPR 2018 with an advantage of 136 minutes

Veenstra pigeons play part in 1st NPO Aaldering Pigeons

Afdeling 8 raced from Salbris as their season's second NPO race. NL18-5160291 otherwise known as Billy Jean was victorious and took 1st NPO against 4,671 pigeons for Aaldering Pigeons (Brummen). Veenstra's pigeons can be found in the winner's pedigree, as her mother is a 100% Veenstra hen. Interestingly, grandmother to this hen is NL12-5200222 Desteny Vita. Destiny Vita is also grandmother to The 018 (3rd NPO Sens) and also mother of Return Flojo amongst many other first prize winners.  

NL12-5200222 Desteny Vita, mother of Return Flojo and grandmother 3rd NPO Sens

Season taking its toll 

The 2021 season is already noted as 'a tough one'. With cold weather early on in the season and a period in which the wind predominantly blew from the North-East the racing conditions haven't been easy. Last weekend's NPO races once again showed that this doesn't bother Veenstra pigeons!