Ivan & Willy Baetens (Sint-Niklaas, BE) extremely succesful on the national races up to 750km

Ivan Baetens
In recent years Ivan & Willy Baetens have been mostly specializing in national races up to 750km. And with results. That they have successfully taken the road to the top is proven by the countless national and provincial championship titles of recent years.

The super year 2017 and the descendants of Rax and As 214

2017 became a great year for Ivan and Willy. That year they qualified 2 yearlings in the top-5 of the National Ace Pigeons Long Middle Distance KBDB.

Rax became the 2nd National Ace Pigeon and As 214 Claimed the title of 5th.

Stock Breeder Rax
Stock Breeder As 214

Despite serious interest from China, Rax was not moved to the far east but simply stayed on the breeding lofts of the duo Baetens. He was immediately coupled with the sisters of another stock breeder, As 214, directly from progenitor Messi (grandson of Gladiator - Bart Geerinckx).

It was a choice they would not regret. In the first year, 083 was born, as a young bird, this ace became the best of Belgium as a yearling and a two-year-old and was crowned in 2020 as 15th National Ace Pigeon All-round KBDB.

In 2019 another top racer was bred from Rax, this time with another sister of As 214, listening to the name Olya. Olya did not just become the 2nd National Ace Pigeon All-round KBDB 2020, but also the 14th National Ace Pigeon Longer Middle Distance 2020 and 2nd best of Belgium FCI Long Distance.

The 083, the first ace from Rax, 15th Nat. Ace Pigeon All-round KBDB 2020
Olya, 2nd National Ace Pigeon All-round KBDB 2020 - directly from Rax

But in the meantime, As 214 had already been breeding aces, for example, de 221 who was also a top racer in 2020 as a yearling.

The descendents and the expansion of the entire Rax-line are filled with talent. So won de 115 (from a son of Rax) in 2020 the 1st prize local Vierzon and the 1st prize local Chateauroux (=18th Nat.).

Rax sisters are also prize pigeons of great quality. The 077/18 won in 2020 the 5th National Chateauroux and the 097/19 (10 prizes on 10 races), won Ace Pigeon RVA in 2020 as a yearling. Lastly, a half-sister, 119/19 won the 1st provincial La Souterraine.

The Rax-line, together with the children of ace breeder Messi, are the secret behind the success of the colony of Ivan & Willy Baetens. 80% of all their pigeons can be traced back to one of these two golden lineages. 

De 221, directly from As 214
De 077, among others, 5th Nat. Chateauroux
Stock Breeder Messi
Ace of Aces; the father of Rax

2020 was another great year

The recent sports season 2020 was one of the highest levels with quite a few beautiful championships titles;

  • 2nd Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB allround
  • 2nd Best of Belgium FCI Fond
  • 5th Olympic Hope KBDB
  • 14th Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB Grand Middle Distance Birds
  • 15th Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB Grand Middle Distance Yearlings
  • 19th Nat. Champion Longer Middle Distance Old Birds + Yearlings
  • 1st Prov. Champion Longer Middle Distance Old Birds
  • 2nd Prov. Champion Longer Middle Distance Yearlings
  • 2nd Prov. Ace Pigeon Longer Middle Distance Yearlings
  • 3rd Prov. Ace Pigeon Longer Middle Distance Old Birds
  • 3rd General Provincial Champion 
  • Gold / Silver / Bronze at the Golden Rings Waasland small distance Old Birds + Yearlings 

The season 2021 will be undertaken with 40 old birds and 90 yearlings. Half of them cocks, the others hens. One part will race with a permanent partner (mostly the old birds), but the largest part will race on full widowhood. Together with you, we are curious to see what kind of beautiful things the descendents of the 4 stockbreeders, Messi, Ace of Aces, Rax and As 2014 will have in store for us this year.