Jan Hooyman's Jonge Bliksem passed away

Jonge Bliksem
Jonge Bliksem BE01-3266512 has passed away. He died today at the age of 20...

Back in the day, at the request of Jan Hooymans (Kerkdriel, NL), Gaby Vandenabeele (Dentergem, BE) bred Jonge Bliksem from the Bliksem x Dolores breeding couple. This inbreeding coupling had been specifically requested by Jan. Dirkje and Jonge Bliksem turned out to be a real top-couple that has produced several high quality pigeons over the years.

Jonge Bliksem is the father of, among others, Harry. He is also the foundation of Jan's entire pigeon stock, but also part of the reason for some excellent performances in many other lofts. His legacy, thus, is guaranteed.

But many more direct children of this stock couple are phenomenal, too:

• Harry (1st - 1st - 3rd NPO)

• Cees (2nd-5th-11th NPO)

• James Bond (NPO breeder, father 1st-4th-8th-9th NPO)

• Alexia (1st NPO)

• Cheryl (10th NPO)

• Show 56 (2nd - 12th NPO)

• Dark Herman (3rd NPO)

• Ome Sjaak (4th - 15th NPO)

• Doutzen (10th NPO)

• Roney (father of 3rd-4th-7th NPO)

• Elfje (mother of 1st-6th-14th NPO)

• Lucy (mother of 5th-10th-13th-17th NPO)

• Jeanette (mother of, among others, 1st NPO Blois)

• Blauwe Bink (father of 3rd-5th Provincial)

• Future Boy (father of 1st Nat. Bordeaux)

• Checkered Gerrit

• De Drietjes (father of 1st-5th-7th-8th-10th-16th in large context)

• Pep (8th Prov. Wolvertem, 10th NPO Salbris etc.)

• Dollar Lady (dam of 100,000 Dollar winner SAMDPR - South Africa)

• Mother Car Winner (mother of car winner SAMDPR - South Africa)

• De Schift (1st St.Quentin regional)

• The “Sister Harry 892” (mother Solo Warrior, 1st Nat. Ancenis UK)

• The “Sister Harry 422” (mother Hans, 1st NPO Gien)

• The “Sister Harry 078” (grandmother 1st Nat. Coutances UK)

• “De Sister Harry 441” (grandmother 1st Final PIPR Pattaya One Loft Race Thailand 2017)

• The “Sister Harry 565” (grandmother 1st Nat. Nanteuil 14,422 p.)

• The “Brother Harry 807” (father 8th Nat. Bourges)

• “Sunny Boy” (father 1st 2,884 p. and 9th Knock Out Ace pigeon MIllion Dollar Race)

• “Hilde” (super breeder, 1st Nat. Ace pigeon NPO, 1st Nat. Ace pigeon Long Distance Japan, 1st Nat. Gien, 1st Nat. Argenton KBDB)

• “Sister Harry 493” (mother 4x 1st against 2,500 p. and mother 9th + 14th Nat. Ace pigeon, and mother Olympiad pigeon UK)

• “New Herman”, (grandfather 1st, 2nd and 10th NPO)

• “Brother Harry 358” (father Boswachter, 1st Nat. Pau, 2nd Nat. Agen and 16th Nat. Perpignan)

• “Sister Harry 973” (mother 1st of 10,082 pigeons and 1st Final Balkanic OLR)

• “De 4000” (grandfather National Harry, 1st National, 2nd National etc.)

• “Brother Harry 910” (father 6th NPO Bourges, 10th Knock Out Million Dollar Race)

• “Sister Harry 512” (mother 6th Olympiad Middle Distance 2020, 10th Olympiad Allround, 7 Nat. Pipa Ranking)

• “Sister Harry 891” (mother 10th NPO, grandmother 2nd Nat. Ace pigeon KBDB)

• “Sister Harry 655” (mother 9th NPO Melun, 1st Ace Pigeon Race IV Belgian Master)

• “Brother Harry 791” (father 1st 4,209 pigeons, 10th NPO, 14th NPO)

Jonge Bliksem has been part of the reason for great performances in many other lofts, too. His legacy is, thus, guaranteed.

Jonge Bliksem