A good 2020 for Kevin Saudoyez (Tertre, BE)

Kevin Saudoyez tire un bilan positif de sa saison 2020.
The 2020 season was a new challenge for Kevin who entered the national races with a very young team leaded by the super 'Damian' who finished his season with the title of Best Yearling in Belgium with 8 prizes on the Great Middle Distance (PIPA Rankings).

Kevin is known to race his pigeons very hard with a great middle distance national race each week during several weeks in a row to reach a total of however 3.500-4.000 kilometers in about 8 to 10 weeks of time. It's not an easy task for the pigeons but after several years of hard selection, Kevin successfully built a strain of pigeons able to face this kind of challenge. Several years ago, he had the chance to discover a super breeding pair with 'The 452' x 'Gold Ingrid'. This pair is to be found at the basis of all his main performances with for example the 1st national Argenton 18.390 p. & highest speed from 31.939 pigeons, a performance booked by 'Marcelyne' (granddaughter of the breeding pair), the 2. National Ace Pigeon GMD KBDB 2016 booked by 'Ambre' (a daughter of the breeding pair) and also the title of 1. Provincial Ace Pigeon GMD KBDB 2018 brought back home by 'Ambrouille' (this time a son of the pair).

The main members of this family were sold online on PIPA in early 2020 but it didn't avoid him to obtain some additional prestigious references as the two main racers of the team last season were two sons of this super breeding pair: 'Marley' & 'Damian'. This is quite a remarkable feat.
'Marley' won this year the 1. Châteauroux provincial against 3.131 pigeons (71. National 20.800 p.) while his brother finished the year winning the title of Best Yearling of Belgium with 8 prizes on the great middle distance national races (PIPA Rankings).

Anyway, the buyers of the breeding pair 452 & Gold Ingrid probably put their hands of something exceptional who has not finished to surprise us.

'Damian' (BE19-1130542)

Meilleur Yearling de Belgique 8 prix dans les nationaux de GDF (PIPA Rankings)
2. Argenton rég 120 p.
83. National 4.606 p.
6. Argenton II prov 563 p.
7. Guéret prov 1.971 p.
14. Châteauroux II prov 705 p.
22. Bourges II prov 1.327 p.
65. National 8.424 p.
32. Argenton I prov 3.246 p.
43. Châteauroux I prov 3.873 p.
63. La Souterraine prov 2.113 p.
275. Issoudun prov 2.738 p.

Let's face some new challenges

In a near future, the colony of Kevin will be definitely moved to his new place in the city of Péruwelz where a brand new house and some fantastic accommodations are currently being built. This new project took some delay because of some issues with the neighborhood but everything is now running well. Kevin will soon run a fantastic accommodation to manage his pigeon stock. He is always looking for any possibilities of improvement in the management of his loft, either it is for the purchase of a new introduction, either it concerns a modification into his lofts and especially when it concerns the feeding management of his pigeons, something on what he really pays a lot of attention. That's how he became part of a test group for the elaboration of protein granules developed by his friend Frédéric Leclercq (Columbi). The first tests have been conclusive both for the breeding and the racing. It says a lot on the philosophy of this fancier, always focused to anything that would allow him to improve his management and this despite his performance list who is already very significant regarding his age (32 years). Good luck Kevin!