Luc De Laere (Anzegem, BE) reached new heights again in 2020

Luc De Laere had a furious start to the season. His super class racing birds clearly did not mind the belated start to the season, on the contrary.

We already discussed their fantastic early season in an earlier article.

And they continued their winnning streak later on in the season as well, with Luc De Laere adding several provincial victories to his already impressive palmares over the course of 2020. Luc can look back on a fantastic season for both his old birds, yearlings and young birds.

Fideel leads the old birds' team

The star of the old birds' team was once again Fideel BE16-3053741. He was basketed for 9 races in 2020, and he won a top result in each one of them. And that includes 7 national races!

27/6/20 Prov. 496° 3,688 p. Bourges 04/07/20 Prov. 331° 3,607 p. Chateauroux 11/07/20 Prov. 1° 2,971 p. Argenton 18/07/20 Prov. 25° 1,606 p. Issoudun 25/07/20 Prov. 8° 1,484 p. La Souterraine 01/08/20 Prov. 8° 1,235 p. Gueret 08/08/20 No racing 15/08/20 Prov. 11° 503 p. Chateauroux

Following his winning streak, Fideel ended up as West Flanders's best old bird in the PIPA Rankings across 5 and 7 national races respectively:

  • PIPA ranking: 13th Best old bird in the Belgian national races - 5 prizes
  • PIPA ranking: 14th Best old bird in the Belgian national races - 7 prizes

His provincial victory from Argenton was not Fideel's first major feat: he also claimed victory in the provincial race from Chateauroux of 2,326 p., besides claiming a 5th Prov. Argenton of 2,714. that season as well. It goes to show that Fideel is one of the great stars in Luc's pigeon family.

Interestingly enough, the sire of Fideel, Late Baron BE10-3181446 is the sire of three different race winners in 2020, three different hens in fact. And he is also grandfather of the provincial winner in Chateauroux III young birds for Lannoo-Declerck. We take a look at the three youngsters of Late Baron that each won a race:

  • 1st  Prov.  Argenton 2971 p. with Fideel from ‘’Late Baron x Fredje’
  • 1st Chateauroux 774 p. / 4th Prov. with Little Benji from “Late Baron x Benja”
  • 1st Bourges  561 young birds / 2nd Prov. 3777 p. from “Late baron x Ginette“

Another important member of the old birds' team was New Tieke BE17-3021504, which had several national top results to her name already. And she delivered again in 2020, this is her list of achievements this season:

16° Prov. Argenton 2,871 p. 16° Prov. La Souterraine 1,484 p. 21° Prov. Chateauroux 3,607 p. 34° Clermont 465 p. 127° Prov. Gueret 1,235 p. 224° Prov. Blois 8,991 p.

Tiekes Flash, Little Benji & Perfect Dream fire up the yearlings

Similarly the old birds, we have also seen some very strong yearlings in 2020. Luc's one year olds were particularly tough to beat in the national race from La Souterraine, where we saw an astounding overall performance:

1-5-6-13-13-42-135-… 2,484 pigeons (11/13)

We take a closer look at the first five pigeons to reach their loft in Anzegem in the race from La Souterraine.

We start with the provincial winner Tiekes Flash BE19-3042247, who has the following prizes on his palmares:

1. Prov. La Souterraine 2,484 p. 3. Prov. Argenton 4,305 p. 13. Sermaises 234 p. 59. Prov. Gueret 2,214 p.

Tiekes Flash is a son of Tiekes Bliksem BE11-3115713, himself a grandson of Tieke and Bliksem of Gaby Vandenabeele, two breeding cocks that have been playing a defining role for the Luc De Laere pigeon family. Although Tieke Bliksem is now increasingly assuming that role. He has 7 victories to his name and he is also responsible for the following top results, as the sire of these racing birds:

1. Pontoise 18. 184 p. 1. Prov. Clermont 10,912 p. 1. Prov. Chateaudun 3,594 p. 2. Nat. Zone Argenton 7,382 p.

We think it is fair to say that Tiekes Bliksem is the number one breeder today for Team De Laere.

The dam is Diamond Lady BE18-3080122, a great racing hen and winner of a 3rd Prov. Pontoise of 9,630 p. and a 9th Prov. Tours of 2,434 p. And she is now showing to be an equally talented breeder. The sire of Diamond Lady, Baron Junior BE08-3015149, originates from Tieke and Bliksem as well.

Lucky Sproet BE19-3042137, 5th Prov. La Souterraine

The 5th place Prov. La Souterraine 2,484 p. was won by Lucky Sproet. This pigeon is also related to Tieke and Bliksem twice. The dam, Bijou BE16-3136295, was inbred to top breeder Justine Bliksem, herself a daughter of Bliksem x Dagmar.

Little Benji BE19-3042112, 6th Prov. La Souterraine

His early arrival in La Souterraine was not the first big success for Little Benji. He already had a few noteworthy results to his name:

4. Prov. Chateauroux 5,555 p. (1st - 774 p.) 77. Prov. Argenton 4,305 p. 94. Prov. Issoudun 2,501 p.

Brave Sproet BE19-3042202, 13th Prov. La Souterraine

The pigeon to finish in 13th place provincial (together with a teammate) is Brave Sproet. And Brave Sproet's pedigree consists of some of those same bloodlines: De Sproet Tieke (grandson Tieke), Justine Bliksem, Perfect Tieke, etc.

Witneus Sproet BE19-3042174, 13th Prov. La Souterraine

Witneus Sproet arrived home together with his half brother Brave Sproet. As his name suggests, he is another son of De Sproet Tieke. And his dam Bijou features in the pedigree of several other race winners as well.

Another yearling that deserves a mention is Perfect Dream (BE19-3042160), which has done really well in a number of provincial races:

14. Prov. Gueret 2,214 p. 34. Prov. Issoudun 2,501 p. 49. Prov. Argenton 4,305 p. 83. Prov. Bourges 2,821 p. 381. Prov. Chateauroux 5,555 p.

The young birds in 2020

On top of that, Luc's young birds were almost unstoppable this season as well. To illustrate, we take a look at some of the best young birds' results of 2020:

25/07/20 Blois 1031 YBs: 11-12-14-18-19-25-29-31-58-61-74-75-78-78-85-91… (37/81) 01/08/20 Blois 944 YBs: 12-17-20-22-26-27-30-31-38-39-41-44-47-48-59-65-68-69-70-79… (39/86) Provincial: 27-35-40-43-51-52-59-60-76-78-87-90-93-94… (46/86) 15/08/20 Pontoise 202 YBs 1-2-4-5-6-16-17-18-20-22-25… (27/52) 22/08/20 Sermaises 430 YBs: 1-2-3-4-5-6… (29/56) 22/08/20 Bourges 561 YBs 1-119… 4/6 Provincial 3,777 YBs 2-628-784 (3/6) 30/08/20 Sermaises 295 YBs 3-7-8-9-11-14-15-17-22-24-25-26-27-28-34… (46/65) 05/09/20 Argenton 643 YBs: 9-11-11-20-22-44-64-68-71-75-76… (23/66) Provincial 4,746 YBs 44-48-48-94-97-155-297-313-328-344-359-456.. (28/66) 12/09/20 Chateauroux 367 YBs 8-18-20-23-31-38-41-45-50… (18/45)


What we did notice about the De Laere racing birds is that quite a few pedigrees have the same bloodlines in them. This is obviously a very homogeneous pigeon family, centered around a few super class birds. We have also seen in the past that such types of bloodlines have proven particularly suited for crossbreedings with other pigeons. As such, we are not surprised that Luc De Laere has so many references to his name. We will end this article with a list of references from the 2020 season:

Fellow fancier Joseph Vandeputte (Zulte, BE) wins several prizes with racing bird BE17-4197716 in 2020:

15. Sermaises 301 p. 1. Blois 474 p. - 14. Prov. 9,881 p. 6. Bourges 218 p. 7. Chateauroux 256 p. 1. Argenton 178 p.

The sire of this pigeon, BE15-3070959, is a full brother of Sproet Tieke BE11-3115645.

Willi Linsen (Kleve Emmerich, DE) did fantastic with a blue coloured racing hen with ring number NL18-1643827. This is her palmares, often against a large field:

1 Fay Aux Loges 1,664 p. 1 Dizy 20,307 p. 2. Tienen 3,610 p. 7. Blankenheim 1,872 p. 14. Tienen 9,001 p. 29. Heusden 704 p. 35. Tongeren 709 p. 36. Quiévrain 15,546 p. 71. Bierges 19,429 p.

The sire of this 827/18 is Super 399 of W. Elsing, DV3805-10-0399. A great racing bird and winner of four first places in the middle distance. This led to several ace pigeon titels as well.

This pigeon is related to the De Laere pigeon family from his mother's side. The dam is Blauw BE17-3021536 of Luc De Laere, a daughter of Tiekes Bliksem BE11-3115713 and Prinscilla, BE12-3116469 (a granddaughter of Tieke).

Tiekes Bliksem

No signs of Geen sleet

The pigeons of Luc De Laere are clearly not past their best, quite the contrary. 2020 was a great season for himself and for other fanciers that invested in these bloodlines. This pigeon family knows how to win races against many opponents. Many fanciers are hoping to discover this type of bird one day but not many players have been that fortunate. Luc De Laere from Anzegem was able to create a successful pigeon family from his top class racing birds, and they have been successful season after season. We have a lot of respect for what Luc has accomplished. Many congratulations!