A spectacular result in natour race from Quievrain in province 9 for Kas and Karel Meijers (Oud Ootmarsum, NL)

With as many as 8 pigeons in the top 10 against more than 16,000 pigeons, Kas and Karel Meijers are responsible for arguably one of the most spectacular results of 2020.

Crescendo in the natour competition

Some fanciers cannot wait for the 2020 racing season to end, while others would like the season to last even longer. Fanciers Karel and his son Kas Meijers clearly belong to the second category. They outperformed their opponents in the natour races, with just one more to go, in unprecedented fashion. Their winning streak, which began in the last but one weekend of August, eventually led to a climax in Quiévrain, where they were outstanding in the entire province 9. They had basketed 20 pigeons, and 8 of them finished in the top 10 against more than 16,000 pigeons. They even scored a clean sweep: a 100 % prize percentage. Thanks to their impressive performance, the combination also claimed three titles of Grandmaster for the international 'Spoor der Kampioenen' pigeon magazine.

Some outstanding results in the race from Quiévrain on 12 September

The team is on a roll

This top team of 20 hens was incredibly strong in the natour competition. We take a look at their fantastic results in CC4 of province 9:

  • 22/8 Beek en Donk  3470 p.  1-2-3-15-17-34-71-93-97-99-etc.(18/20)
  • 29/8 Tilburg             3190 p.  3-5-7-8-9-10-33-34-57-60-61-69-74-79-80-etc.(22/30)
  • 5/9   Burdinne         2757 p.   1-2-3-7-13-23-32-48-50-54-55-56-63-73-79-etc.(20/20)
  • 12/9 Quiévrain         2133 p.   1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-13-16-17-18-23-24-etc.(20/20) 

NL19-1340730 takes the win

A race can only have one winner. The race winner in Quievrain was NL19-1340730, which finished 20 seconds ahead of her fellow teammates after 315km. She takes a maximum of points in the natour competition so far, which puts her in the lead in the ace pigeon championship natour so far. She claimed victory in Quievrain of 2133 pigeons (1st prov. 9 of 16,120 p.) but she did great across the board, with a 3/2757 p. Burdinne , 7/3190 p. Tilburg and 15/3470 p. Beek en Donk. The winner is a daughter of NL17-820, which we will take a look at later in this article.

Two other stars worth taking a look at

There are two more hens that caught our attention with some fantastic results in the natour competition. They both have a 100% prize percentage in the natour as well. Their worst result is a 23rd of 2757 pigeons, which goes to show that we are dealing with two top class racing birds. The first one is NL18-1554888, a direct daughter of stock breeder BE07-6379882 Juan Carlos. This blue colored hen began the natour competition with a victory in Beek en Donk of 3470 pigeons, followed by a 3rd Tilburg (3190 p.), a 23rd Burdinne (2757 p.) and lastly a 2nd Quevrain last weekend of 2133 p. (3rd province 9 of 16,120 pigeons). Click this link for an earlier report in which we zoom in on the 18-888's victory.

Double success for Ace Pigeon sprint Province 9

NL17-1743820 Ace Pigeon Sprint province East Holland 2019

Racing bird NL17-1743820 excelled in the natour competition, not only through her own results but also as the dam of the race winner in Quievrain. This 17-820 won the title of Ace Pigeon sprint in province 9 in 2019. And she continued to add great results to her palmares in 2020: she let her daughter take the win last weekend, and she claimed victory herself as well one week earlier. She was the fastest of 2757 pigeons in CC4 in Burdinne. She has won six first prizes at club level. We take a look at some of her best results:

  • 1st Ace Pigeon sprint province 9 2019
  • 1st Bierges       3340 p.
  • 1st Burdinne    2757 p.
  • 1st Niergnies     715 p.
  • 2nd Duffel      12904 p.
  • 2nd Quiévrain  1007 p.
  • 3rd Boxtel        4129 p.
  • 3rd Boxtel        1315 p.
  • 5th Tilburg       3190 p.
  • 5th Boxtel        1961 p. 

Hens raced from the nest

We reckon many of you will be curious about the strategies behind the truly exceptional achievements of father and son Meijers. To begin with, the hens are raced from the nest. They had been looking after a few small youngsters in the weekend of their fantastic performance in Quievrain. The pigeons have one training flight at home a day (at noon). And they are taken away once or twice a week as well, for a trip of around 12km. They get several portions of breeding and energy mixture of Vanrobaeys every day, plus some electrolytes upon arrival. On Sunday father Karel (a retired vet) carried out smear tests to check on their health. With the last weekend of pigeon racing of 2020 coming up, all eyes will be on Oud Ootmarsum once more. Will Karel and Kas manage to rise to the occasion once again?