Baetens Willy en Ivan (St.-Niklaas, BE): provincial success and 100% in La Souterraine

A 100% prize percentage – how often would that happen in a race? The more pigeons you basket, the more challenging it becomes. Ivan and Willy Baetens show us how it’s done: they had 11 prizes with 11 basketed pigeons in La Souterraine, while also winning a 1st provincial YLs.

Willy and Ivan, which we know from the Bricon Loft, have already earned their stripes in pigeon racing. Their approach is pretty straightforward: they invest in the best bloodlines they can find, they breed youngsters from these renowned bloodlines and they keep only their very best birds. And their approach proved its worth again in last week's race from La Souterraine, where they claimed 38 top prizes with 48 pigeons. The old birds even managed to score a 100% prize percentage, which is highly unusual.

La Souterraine

2020 olds: 4-9-18-46-115-118-140-156-158-…(11/11) 3540 YLs: 1-3-76-85-131-153-167-219-230-…(27/37)

Racing hen Miss La Souterraine (BE19-4044191) claimed a convincing win in the yearlings' race against 3540 one year olds. She is a crossing of Ace of Aces x Lucy 237 from the top team of Geerinckx, and she is an exponent of the successful strategy of the Bricon Loft.

The following racing bird arrived home less than three minutes after Miss La Souterraine, claiming a 3rd provincial. This 287 is one of a kind: she originates directly from none other than Rax (BE16-4011101) of Ivan and Willy. In 2017 she won a title of 2nd National Ace Pigeon middle distance yearlings, based on a 10th national Bourges and an 11th national Chateauroux.

Top breeder RAX

Like we said, the old birds achieved a 100% prize percentage, while BE18-4163025 claimed a 4th provincial La Souterraine. This pigeon already had a few notable results on its palmares, including an 11th provincial Chateauroux of 4800 pigeons and a 48th provincial Issoudun of 2563 pigeons.

Racing bird 083 was the next in line, winning a 9th provincial. This was not a surprising result for her, since she has already won 11 prizes in 11 races, including a 6th provincial Bourges of 4858 pigeons and an 11th provincial Chateauroux of 4800 pigeons. She too originates from Rax, which appears to breed nothing but very talented descendants.