Stijn and Jeroen Rans (BE, Wijgmaal): champions in the (extreme) long distance

We reckon the Rans brothers do not really need an introduction. Following their earlier victories in Pau and Perpignan, they managed to take the win in the most important race on the calendar last year, with ‘Jef’ claiming a 1st International Barcelona.

The pigeons from Wijgmaal have been very strong again in 2020. They had a busy weekend coming up, with races from Agen, Marseille and Montelimar. "Marseille was our best race", Stijn told us. Stan was their first finisher, winning an 11th national (1st provincial) Marseille, and they had three pigeons in the national top 80, or 10 prizes with 18 pigeons, including 7 pigeons per 10. The sire of their provincial winner is the inevitable Ed, while the dam is Kirstel, a hen from Dirk Christiaens.

The pedigree of Stan, 11th national Marseille

Jeroen elaborates: "The pigeon that won a 57th national Marseille is a half brother of Jef and a brother of Chanti, which claimed a 2nd national Valence. We have given him a new name: Ruud. The dam of our 78th national Marseille, Linn, is our trusted Kristel. The sire comes from the loft of Rommelaere."

The pedigree of Ruud, 57th national Marseille

The pedigree of Linn, 78th national Marseille

Stijn has an eye for talent...

The race from Agen was quite a success as well, with a 45th national old birds and a 97th national yearlings. The loft won a 3 out of 6 old birds and a 13 out of 24 yearlings. By 12:15, 28 of their 30 pigeons had made it back home. And the next stop was the race from Montelimar, where the best result was a 97th national yearlings. The sire of this bird is a half brother of Jef and a brother of Chani; the dam is a daughter of Zwarte Weduwe, winner of a 1st national Pau. The team did pretty good, winning 13 prizes with 28 birds. The first old bird arrived home as 191st national and they had 5 prizes with 9 birds. The team had basketed 37 pigeons for Montelimar, and 30 of them were back home by 12:15.

They have some excellent references as well:

67th nat. Agen for Christiaens-Desmedt

87th nat. Pau (50%), 108th nationaal Montelimar and 135th national Valence for Hok Rommelaere

169th nat. Pau for Rans A&A

216th nat. Montelimar and 275th Agen for Sente L&C

The 997, winner of a 45th national Agen

Racing bird 325, 97th national Montelimar