New auction: Jan Hooymans

Wednesday the 22th of July a new auction of Jan Hooymans (BE) will start.

Jan Hooymans
Youngsters of the best breeders, related to recent racing birds from the 2020 season

Hooymans stands for pigeon racing at the highest level; they have been excellent both in The Netherlands, in Belgium and in the United Kingdom in recent years. And they have been in a league of their own in all three countries in the 2020 post corona season! Think for instance of their sensational 1st and 2nd National Argenton in Belgium on 11th of July, racing against 42,847 pigeons! This was a terrific result in one of Belgium's most important national classics. In fact, team Hooymans BE had already won a 9th and 22nd national (1st & 9th prov. Chateauroux) the week before. Their best results in The Netherlands include a 1st-7th-8th Soissons of 15,127 p. and a 5th-6th-7th-8th NPO Salbris of 6,788 p. Meanwhile, Team Hooymans UK claimed a 2nd Section Nat. Messac and a 4th section Nat. St. Philbert, as well as some victories in the federation. PIPA is proud to announce that Team Hooymans was found willing to co-host this unique pigeon auction in the midst of what is proving to be a legendary racing season! We have youngsters of all of their race winning bloodlines on offer. Needless to say, each of their race winning bloodlines will be offered for sale, and each of them is closely related to the invaluable stock breeder Harry, or to his fantastic descendants Harry Junior and New Harry. The bloodlines that are now playing a leading role in the international competitions will be sold in a special midsummer PIPA auction.

Breaking: this weekend a direct Hooymans pigeon won 1st national Pau 2020!

Jan Hooymans