André Roodhooft (Pulderbos, BE) again in strong form

Many fanciers know André Roodhooft as the King of Antwerp. But André’s career surpassed the borders of his province long ago. He claimed four national victories and four national championship titles in the past decade, which makes him one of the very best players in Belgium.

Things are going really well for André again this season, with or without the corona virus. His pigeons made it back home from the last three national longer middle distance races without much of a struggle. It led to three fantastic national results:

Bourges (489km)

  • 23,195 old birds: 85.-236.-438.-598.-1233.-1780.-... (11/17)
  • 22,502 yearlings: 28.-37.-113.-228.-331.-342.-666.-688.-... (20/31)

Chateauroux (537km)

  • 20,800 old birds: 23.-266.-419.-538.-721.-927.-1254.-... (15/17)
  • 33,833 yearlings: 277.-345.-358.-529.-1205.-1786.-1900.-... (16/30)

 Argenton (566km):

  • 16,762 old birds: 112.-114.-216.-321.-538.-696.-752.-867.-... (16/18)
  • 26,085 yearlings: 103.-191.-236.-308.-421.-706.-821.-895.-... (20/29)

BE18-6230276 - Best old bird PIPA ranking (3 races)

Racing bird '276' of André Roodhooft tops this list after three national races. This is very gifted racing bird showed his potential for the first time in 2019 with a 7th and 10th National. Here is an overview of his palmares:

  • Chateauroux II 2019: 7th National of 6,377 pigeons (3rd Nat. Zone / 1,970 pigeons)
  • Bourges II 2019: 10th National of 10,401 pigeons (2nd Nat. Zone / 3,361 pigeons & 1st Prov. / 1,569 pigeons)
  • Chateauroux I 2020: 23rd National of 20,800 pigeons (3rd Nat. Zone / 5,507 pigeons)
  • Bourges I 2020: 85th National of 23,195 pigeons (23rd Nat. Zone / 7,004 pigeons)
  • Argenton I 2020: 112th National of 16.762 pigeons (23rd Nat. Zone / 4,957 pigeons)
  • Bourges I 2019: 167th National of 17,969 pigeons (70th Nat. Zone / 6,524 pigeons)
  • Argenton 2019: 922nd National of 22,826 pigeons
  • Vierzon 2019: 81st Provincial of 2,018 pigeons

It will not surprise you that this successful racing birds takes the lead in this PIPA ranking after three races. In 2019 he finished in 15th place (3 races), in 28th place (7 races) and in 35th place (4 races). He was also the 5th best racing bird from Bourges in 2019.

The sire comes straight from a direct Marcel Aelbrecht cock, from his renowned bloodline De Marseille, paired to an excellent breeding hen of the Hofkens breed (through Van De Pol). This breeding hen is a sister of stock breeders Tom and 691/05.

The dam is a granddaughter of Di Caprio (Heremans) from her father's side, paired to a daughter Kannibaal (Van Dijck). Her dam is another renowned breeding dam from the Hofkens bloodline.

Pedigree of BE18-6230276 (1st PIPA Ranking - 3 races)

Stock breeder Tom (BE04-6250335)

One of the birds that deserves a special mention in André's success story is for sure stock breeder Tom. Tom was himself a marvellous racing bird with an impressive palmares, including:

  • 1st Ace Pigeon Union Antwerp 2006
  • 1st Ace Pigeon Union Antwerp 2005
  • 1st Dourdan - 665 pigeons
  • 1st Marne la Vallee - 321 pigeons

He is a son of top class racing bird 463/96 (winner of a 1st, 3rd, 8th, etc.) from the renowned bloodlines of Son Geschelpte Hengst 657/94 x Daughter Blauwe Hengst 708/94 combined with Zus 036 (373/02). The 036 was 1s Ace Pigeon Union Antwerp 2001 + 2002. Besides, Tom is also a brother of top breeder 691/05, the sire of Lady Shine, winner of a 1st Nat. Bourges.

Tom is the sire of several talented racing birds, including:

Belgium’s Best, BE13-6165132

  • 1st Olympiad Pigeon Budapest 2015 yearlings
  • 1st Best pigeon PIPA Ranking 4-5-6-7 national races
  • 4th Nat. Ace Pigeon longer middle distance  KBDB 2014
  • 2nd Nat. Guéret - 2,429 pigeons
  • 24th Nat. La Souterraine - 3,184 pigeons
  • 27th Nat. Montluçon - 19,298 pigeons
  • 28th Nat. Argenton - 9,970 pigeons

Guéretje, BE11-6025013

  • 1st Nat. Guéret - 3,415 pigeons
  • 97th Nat. Argenton - 22,384 pigeons
  • 108th Nat. La Souterraine - 16,665 pigeons
  • 185th Nat. Limoges - 17,735 pigeons

And here are some other descendants from the famous Tom bloodline:

Lady Shine, BE15-6175349, 1st Nat. Bourges -  8,348 pigeons

And we continue:

'011', BE14-6264011, 1st. Nat. La Souterraine - 18,588 pigeons

'076', BE13-6156076, 3rd Nat. Ace Pigeon longer middle distance KBDB 2014

And let's not forget the tens of national top 100 finishers in André's own loft, as well as in other lofts both at home and abroad!

This is a fantastic bloodline that breeds race winning youngsters in the first generation, as well as in the second and third generation. The pigeon breed of André Roodhooft has had many great successes over the years, and it still has that same potential. André is regarded as one of the men to beat in each and every race, which explains his lifelong title as the King. And an increasing number of fanciers from other provinces have been calling him that as well. After all, he truly is the king of the (longer) middle distance -  he gained the respect of many fanciers both at home and abroad.