Another provincial victory for Kévin Saudoyez (Tertre, BE) on Châteauroux

After the sale of all his old pigeons in january 2020, people were wondering how would Kévin Saudoyez get back on the map. The opening of the national calendar gave him the opportunity to show once again what he is made of.

As a well known specialist of the great middle distance races, Kévin Saudoyez just added a brand new victory to his fantastic performance list, the 21th since 2013 at the (inter)provincial level!
Since 2013 and his first stunt on Vierzon, not a year goes by without Kévin adding one or a few provincial victories to his name. Even better, he also won no less than three national victories since then: 1st Argenton 18.390 p. in 2016, 1st Châteauroux 4.691 p. in 2017 and 1st Bourges 19.129 p. in 2018.
Earlier this year, the pigeons that allowed him to put his name on the international pigeon scene were sold to several countries of the world. Seeing the first results booked in 2020, we assume that this sale had no big impact on the efficiency of his racing loft. The proof that Kévin built his career around some very valuable breeding lines. Here is a brief summary of his first results:

20/06 Vierzon - 378 km
Semi-National - 6.377 olds: 28-112-178-218-294-303-361-463-490-595-597-600-608-... (19/31)
Semi-National - 4.019 yearlings: 15-87-156-187-224-253-262-306-... (23/44)

27/06 Bourges - 387 km
EPR Hainaut/BW - 3.712 olds: 53-88-123-163-305-... (17/31)
EPR Hainaut/BW - 2.375 yearlings: 14-15-18-26-35-43-44-62-65-68-81-113-114-155-208-209-... (26/44)

04/07 Châteauroux - 432 km
EPR Hainaut/BW - 3.134 olds: 1-126-162-164-226-230-308-... (16/25)
EPR Hainaut/BW - 3.873 yearlings: 19-20-41-43-68-79-143-203-203-207-231-282-286-323-350-361-... (26/43)

Now, let's take a look at the provincial winner. Important fact was that he was already the first pigeon clocked at home two weeks ago on the first great middle distance race of the season, the semi-national race of Vierzon. This pigeon has a strong potential, which is not really a surprise when you know from which bloodline he was bred!

- 'Marley' (BE18-1047641)

  1. Vierzon regional 966 p.
28. Semi-National 6.377 p.
163. Bourges prov 3.712 p.
04/07 -
  1. Châteauroux prov 3.131 p.
71. National 20.800 p.

'Marley' after his provincial victory

'Marley' is the brand new flag-bearer of the fantastic golden pair from Kévin Saudoyez, being 'the 452' x 'Gold Ingrid'. Together, this pair bred most of the main pigeons that left their mark on this racing team, for example 'Marcelyne' (1. Argenton nat. 18.390 p. & highest speed of 31.939 pigeons), 'Ambre' (2. National Ace Pigeon GMD KBDB 2016), 'Ambrouille' (1. Provincial Ace Pigeon GMD KBDB 2018), etc. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree! That motto came out, once again...

'The 452', cock of the golden pair.
'Gold Ingrid', hen of the golden pair.

What will be next for 2020?

The Saudoyez loft seems to be on the same track as the one that  lead it to its main national successes from the last 5 years and everything seems to show that 2020 will be a good year. Kévin sold the pigeons that helped him to built his reputation and he is now spending his last moments on his current location before moving to another place where he will build a brand new house and lofts. The quality of the birds is still very high, so are the ambitions of this young talented fancier. Good luck for the rest of the season.