Rutz & Sons (Blieskastel, DE): oustanding in the yearlings' race from Agen!

We bring you yet another report about the pigeon loft of Rutz & Sons. This time we discuss their results in the yearlings' race from Agen on 28th of June 2016, where the team did a fantastic job. The pigeons were released at 6:50, and they arrived home in quick succession.

The times of arrival are pretty much self-explanatory: 17:04, 17:27, 17:45, 17:46, 17:50, 17:50, 17:50, 17.51, 17:53, 17:57, 17:58, 18:11, 18:12 and 18:15. The team had basketed 46 yearlings, with which they win 32 prizes at national and international level. Their first pigeon wins a 3rd prize at international level! It was a long wait but eventually the official results for the yearlings' race were published online. It turned out to be a great race for Rutz & Sons! Their first 14 pigeons finished in 3rd, 14th, 29th, 30th, 40th, 43rd, 45th, 48th, 50th, 63rd, 64th, 148th, 157th and 175th place at international level against 9,043 pigeons. They also had 11 pigeons in the international top 64; a world class performance.

It takes courage to compete in the international race from Agen with nothing but yearlings. Agen is not an easy race after all; the pigeons have to cover more than 750km. It shows that the loft of Rutz & Sons is home to a top quality pigeon breed!

The pigeon family of Rutz & Sons from Blieskastel has been one of the strongest teams on the international scene for years. This is a reputable loft not only among long distance fanciers but among fanciers from all across the world. Their loft is located in Blieskastel, a city in Saarland about 25km to the east of Saarbrücken, the state capital of Saarland. Blieskastel has about 22,000 inhabitants. 

The father-son combination consists of Karl-Heinz (66) and his two sons Sven and Jens. Unfortunately their father can no longer contribute to the caretaking due to health problems. His two twin sons are now committed to running the team's pigeon family. They are 33 years old and they are trained toolmakers. They obtained their master certificate already at the age of 22, and they are both holding a responsible position. This also means they cannot spend as much time in the loft as they would like to. Fortunately their mother Adelheid spends some time in the lofts every morning as well. She basically does everything that her two sons have not been able to do in the morning. The pigeons are kept in a loft near their parents' house but the two sons are living close by.

And what does their pigeon family look like? Team Rutz & Sons has a collection of 230 pigeons, including 70 pairs raced in total widowhood.

The pigeons were basketed for Agen on Friday 24th of June 2016, which is when the international race from Bordeaux used to took place. The pigeons are now released in Agen, which is more inland, about 115km to the south-east of Bordeaux. It took some getting used to, since Bordeaux has always been a very reputable race.

DV 0709-15-1344, 3rd international Agen yearlings 2016

Like we said, the pigeons were scheduled to take off on Friday but due to the weather conditions the race was postponed, not for the first time this season. The release eventually had to take place two days later, on Sunday the 26th of June, at 6:50 in the morning. It was partly cloudy, there was a northwesterly wind and visibility was good. The pigeons were going fairly fast, considering this is a long distance race. The international first prize yearlings was won by Wolfgang Emser from Homburg; his hen was clocked at 17:07'18" with a velocity of 1,245.98 m/min. The third prize at international level was won by the one year old cock 0709-15-1344 of Rutz & Sons; he was clocked at 17:04'41", covering 753km with an average speed of 1,224.42 m/min. This third international prize against 9,043 pigeons was a world class performance. The other pigeons of Rutz & Sons managed to arrive home in quick succession; the team had every reason to be proud.

The winner of a 2nd nat. Carcassonne 2016 hens

The pigeons of Rutz & Sons had completed two long distance races in the leadup to Agen. The first one took place on 28th of May 2016, and it was the international IG long distance race from Bourges (432km) with 3,444 pigeons. The father-son combination had basketed 127 pigeons and they won 78 prizes: 47-62-98-114-140-141-156-159-194-194-200-216-218-242-242-281-303-332 etc. This was quite a successful start to the season.

There was another international IG long distance race on 6 June 2016, this time from Bourges. Rutz & Sons had basketed 69 pigeons and these managed to win 48 prizes. These are the results: 8-32-52-67-89-120-122-133-188-189-190-235-247-250-256-259-273 etc. This was the prelude to a very successful international long distance season. It is worth noting that their racing cock 0709-15-1344, which won a 3rd international from Agen, has also won an 8th international from Bourges.

We were obviously particularly interested in the pedigree of the racing cock that won a 3rd international Agen. It caught our attention that he was bred from two one year olds. His sire, the 0709-14-146, is a son of Red Blade paired to Barcelona Princess 0709-06-943. This hen won a 1st national prize from Barcelona in 2008, and she is the dam and grandmother of several outstanding prize winners from Barcelona, including for instance an 8th national 2014 and a 1st national & 2nd international 2003. The dam of the 15-1344 is the 06348-14-625, a hen that comes from Freialdenhofen & Sons. As you know, these pigeons have an international reputation in the long distance. The dam of the 14-625 is Käthe 06348-11-427, winner of a 1st national Barcelona against 1,729 pigeons in 2013. Käthe was in fact paired to his sire, the Son Barcelona 06793-08-927.

We scrolled through the pedigrees of the first pigeons from Agen, and we noticed that all of these racing birds had an impressive pedigree. It seems that only the best is good enough for father & sons Rutz, who have a number of prestigious international first prize winners in their breeding loft.

The most prestigious wins for Rutz & sons at international level:

1. International Pau 2006
1. International Bordeaux 2005 YLs
2. International Barcelona 2003
2. International Barcelona hens 2003
5. International Tarbes hens 2009
6. International Barcelona hens 2004
7. International Bordeaux YLs 2004
7. International Tarbes

National victories in recent years:
1. National Pau 2015
1. National Barcelona 2003
1. National Barcelona 2008
1. National Bordeaux 2005
1. National Carcassonne YLs 2005
1. National Pau 2006
1. National Bordeaux YLs 2005
1. National Barcelona hens 2005
1. National Barcelona hens 2008

Top results with pigeons of Rutz & sons 2012-2015
1. Nat. Marseille hens 2012
1. Nat. Marseille 2015
1. Nat. Marseille hens 2015
1. Int. Marseille 2012
1. Nat. Marseille UK England 2012
1. Int. Ass-Taube 2012 over 2 races
1. Nat. Barcelona FR hens 2012
1. Interprov. Perpignan  2012
1. Nat. Marseille FR 2012
1. prov. Pau 2012
1. Nat. Primus Inter Pares Barcelona 2009-2013
1. Nat. Pau hens 2014
2. Nat. Marseille 2012
2. Nat. Ace Hen 2014
3. Nat. Ace Hen national marathon 2015
2. Nat. St. Vincent hens 2015
3. Nat. Narbonne hens 2015
3. regional Narbonne 2012
3. Nat. St. Vincent hens 2013
4. Nat. Marseille 2015
4. Nat. Marseille hens 
4. Nat. Ace Hen 2015
4. Nat. St. Vincent 2013
4. Nat. Pau 2014
5. Nat. St. Vincent hens 2013
5. Nat. Marseille hens 2015
5. Nat. Narbonne 2015
5. prov. Pau 2013
6. Nat. Marseille 2015
6. Int. Ace Hen 2012
6. Nat. Pau 2015
7. Nat. St. Vincent 2013
7. Nat. Narbonne 2015
7. prov. Barcelona 2013
7. Nat. Marseille 2014
8. Nat. Narbonne 2014
8. Nat. St. Vincent 2015
8. Nat. Marseille 2015
9. Nat. Marseille 2015

And these are the best results of 2016 with pigeons of Rutz & Sons:

Marseille 2016: Lauer & Söhne win a 1st and 3rd national with two pigeons that originate for 50% from the Rutz pigeon breed.

Pau 2016: Ernst Markus wins the second national prize. The dam originates from Rutz & Sons.

Ernst Markus in between Sven and Jens Rutz

There is still a lot more to be said about the outstanding pigeon breed of Rutz & Sons but we will keep that for another report about Rutz & Sons.