Helmut & Alfons Klaas (Rietberg, DE): the undisputed number one in One Loft Races!

Do Helmut & Alfons Klaas have a different type of pigeons, or do they simply have higher quality birds? Perhaps their pigeons are better suited to the particular environment of a One Loft Race, or perhaps they can adapt to it more quickly.

We haven't yet found the answer, but it goes without saying that they are the undisputed number one in one loft races. It explains why their pigeons are in such a high demand. All it takes for a fancier to win an important race or to finish up high, is a pigeon that comes from the breed of Helmut & Alfons Klaas.

Helmut and Alfons Klaas

The pigeon loft

The work is done by both of them: Helmut Klaas (77) and his son Alfons (50). They have competed in the races of RV Rietberg and other neighbouring races for many years. Alfons joined his father's pigeon loft in 1972, and they started racing under the name of Helmut & Alfons Klaas. Alfons has now become the decision maker in this loft. This is the brief history behind the remarkably successful pigeon loft of Helmut & Alfons Klaas.

Current results

We published our latest article on the two Klaas fanciers in November 2014, which is quite a while ago. We were interested to see see if they had had a good 2015 season. Well, they had an outstanding season indeed. We take a look at their prizes for 2015:

2015 Championships old birds in RV Rietberg and old birds in RV Rietberg and the union

1st Champion RV
1st Champion RV yearlings
1st Champion RV hens
1st Champion RV sprint
1st Champion Die Brieftaube
1st Champion yearlings ranking
2nd Champion union (the same number of prizes as the first prize winner - 58 pr.)
1st Champion union with the three fastest pigeons per race from 40 nominated
1st Best hen in the union
1st Best one year old in the yearlings ranking
Best cock in the RV: 3rd, 13th, 28th
Best hen in the RV: 1st, 4th, 6th, 8th, 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th, 17th, 19th
Best one year old hen in the RV: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 8th, 9th

2015 results with the young birds in the RV

2nd Champion RV young birds
Best young birds: 2nd, 4th, 5th, 7th, 9th, 10th, 14th, 16th, 18th, 20th, 22nd, 23rd, 25th, 30th, 32nd, 
34th, 35th, 37th

One Loft Races 2015

1st Prize Algarve Semi final (car winner)
4th Prize Final in Rumänien

As you can see, the Klaas pigeon loft has had another great season, despite the tough weather conditions in Germany, leading to a high number of losses among old and young birds.

A look back: chapter one

Let's take a look back at how this pigeon loft started to become so successful in the one loft races. They won their first prize in 2007, when Konstantin 0507-06-860 claimed victory in the 11th Sun City Million Dollar Race. Konstantin comes from the pair 0507-03-994 x 0507-96-660. His sire 994 is a son of this loft's stock breeder 0507-97-180 paired to 0507-01-123, a hen originating from Steenbergen-Kösters. The 180 won 12 prizes in 13 races in 1999, resulting in 1,070 ace points. Several of his youngsters have won top 100 prizes as well. The dam of Konstantin, the 660, originates from breeder Tim paired to Konstance. This was their first major success in one loft racing, earning them 200,000$ worth of prize money. Would they be able to repeat that performance in future seasons?

Chapter two

Their next important victory followed a few years later, in the 15th Sun City Million Dollar Pigeon Race 2011. The Kitchenbrand lofts won the first prize with Viktor, a pigeon from Helmut & Alfons Klaas.

The release for the 15th Sun City Million Dollar Pigeon Race took place on Saturday the 22nd of January 2011 at 7:35am. Pigeons had to cover the 526km back to Hopetown in a slight headwind and in temperatures of about 22 degrees. A small group of pigeons quickly managed to break away from the main group of 2,575 pigeons. It is hard to tell if this group was also the first to arrive back home. The first pigeon was back in Sun City after just over nine hours of racing, as Viktor was clocked at 16:37'03". Helmut and Alfons klaas had bred this pigeon, that was now in the hands of the Kitchenbrand lofts. The two lofts obviously agreed to share the prize money of 200,000$. An additional three pigeons of Helmut and Alfons Klaas managed to win a prize in this race as well.

The sire of Victor is Contador 0507-03-577, and the dam is Naomie 0507-08-980. Contador originates from Pantani 0507-95-511, another descendant of stock breeders Tim x Konstance. Naomie, the dam, was bred from a half brother of Konstantin paired to Juwelchen 01769-07-100, of Andreas and Walter Drapa, bred from Carl x Daughter Maya. This is quite an impressive pedigree.

Chapter three

Their third major success came on the 25th of January 2014, when the pigeon loft of Helmut & Alfons Klaas came to the fore once again, and again in the Million Dollar Pigeon Race in South Africa. 3,478 pigeons were released for the final race at 6 o'clock in the morning, ready for a race over 661km. It proved a very difficult flight. The winning pigeon of the German Karl Ziefle was clocked at 13:43'49". The second pigeon arrived home just two minutes later. There was a lot of time between the arrivals of most other top class pigeons. The pigeon that finished in 16th place was that of Helmut and Alfons Klaas, called Alfonso Jun. He was clocked at 16:58'20", more than an hour after the first prize winner. The second and third pigeons of Klaas, called Hurrikan and Hasty, finished in 44th and 46th place. 53 pigeons managed to arrive home on the first day, three of which belonged to the collection of Helmut & Alfons Klaas. No other fancier had three pigeons clocked by the end of the first day, which shows their pigeons were doing really great. No other fancier came close, even though some great champions had basketed up to 50, 60, or 70 pigeons for this race. It shows the true value of the Klaas pigeon breed.

These three achievements show that their pigeon breed is exceptionally strong. Every racing bird originates from top quality bloodlines, and the partners are often closely related or crossed. Helmut and Alfons have really created their very own pigeon breed, which they have been developing and improving since 1987/1988, introducing outstanding pigeons on a regular basis. This is clearly an unparalleled pigeon breed.

Achievements in other lofts

Last year, on 11 October 2014, the first prize Hot Spot in the Worldrace in America was won by a pigeon bred from two Klaas breeders. Both its parents (the 715 and the 730) were purchased at the Klaas auction on PIPA.
The Sandstorm Brothers from Minnesota have won 21,000$ worth of prize money in One Loft Races with original Klaas descendants, in 2013 alone.
Elton Dinga Wonderlofts from the United States have won the following top prizes with Klaas pigeons:

1st/403 p. World Ace Challenge 2013, 350 miles - 100% Alfons Klaas
2nd/600 p. World Ace Challenge 2013, 250 miles - 50% Alfons Klaas
1st/539 p. Sierra Ranch Classic 2013, 195 miles - 100% Alfons Klaas
1st/573 p. Sierra Ranch Classic 2013, 170 miles - 100% Alfons Klaas

Ken Easley from New Mexico is the owner of Konbird, DV 0507-10-949, another original Helmut & Alfons Klaas pigeon. Konbird has bred several first prize winners and ace pigeons paired to different partners.

The list of top results worldwide goes on and on. We have summarized the most important achievements of the pigeon breed of Helmut and Alfons Klaas in the one loft races:

1st Prize Final CARNIVAL CITY OLR 2014
1st Prize Final DERBY ARONA Teneriffa 2013
1st Prize Final SUN CITY 2,402 pigeons 2007
1st Prize WORLD ACE CHALLENGE in the US 2007
1st Prize Hot Spot 1 Teneriffa 2008
1st Prize Hot Spot China 1,432 pigeons 300 km 2009
2 x 1st Prize Tribünenflüge Germany 2010
1st Prize Final SUN CITY (Kitchenbrand Loft) 2011
3rd Prize Final SUN CITY (Team Esser-Klaas) 2012
1st Prize Grand Average (Team Esser-Klaas) 2012
1st Prize Final ALLFLIGHT 521 km 2012
1st Ace Pigeon Hot Spot ALLFLIGHT 2012
3rd, 5th, 7th Prize 2nd Hot Spot Teneriffa 2008
7th, 11. Prize Semi Final Teneriffa 2009
5th Prize 2nd Hot Spot Teneriffa 2009

It goes without saying that several more top results have not been included in this list, I hope the fanciers in question won't mind too much.