PIPA congratulates Joksch-Bremen combination on their title of 1st National Champion Germany Young birds 2014!

PIPA has done it again: they will bring you another sensational pigeon auction in the 2014/2015 season. The very best breeding birds of the pigeon loft of Joksch/Bremen will be sold on PIPA from the 2nd of February 2015.

This auction includes:

  • Supercrack Rookie, one of the world’s best breeding pigeons (sire, grandfather and great-grandfather of countless first prize winners, ace pigeons, etc.) – all ace pigeons of 2014 of Joksch-Bremens are related to this exceptional breeder;
  • youngsters (with great breeding potential) of Supercrack Rookie;
  • 10 original Marcel Aelbrecht pigeons, the direct descendants of which have won several first prizes;
  • 2 sisters of Blue Dream (winner of 10 first prizes), 1st Ace Pigeon sprint in Belgium;
  • 3 youngsters (with excellent breeding references) of De Rauw-Sablon legend Lucky 848;
  • 3 sisters of Goudhaantje (1st Olympiad Pigeon sprint Oostende), the descendants of which have won about impressive 30 first prizes;
  • 2 sisters and a son of Chipo;
  • as well as several more high value birds.

Get prepared for what promises to be a surprising auction!