Rutz & Sons (Blieskastel, DE) are outstanding from Barcelona

Their long distance pigeons are exceptionally strong and sometimes simply too strong for their opponents. They appear very successful in other lofts as well. Their achievements in the races from Barcelona are quite sensational.

Their pigeons return home from nearly every long distance race they compete in and, more importantly, they bring home a top prize most of the time as well.

Some of you might not be familiar with Rutz & Sons, but most true long distance fanciers know this family. The name of Rutz & Sons stands for a long distance pigeon loft that has been performing really well for several years, as one of today's top lofts at national and international level. They have already won quite a few important races in their career.

The team of Rutz and Sons consists of father Karl-Heinz (64) and his two sons, Sven and Jens. Their father cannot spend too much time in the loft anymore due to health issues so his two sons do most of the work in the loft nowadays. Sven and Jens are two twin brothers both involved in pigeon racing; they turn 31 this year. We should not overlook another important person in this family, namely their mother Adelheid. She takes care of the pigeons in the morning, making sure all pigeons have what they need. She takes care of everything her two sons cannot take care of when they are off to work. The pigeons are housed in a loft near the house of their parents but the two sons live nearby.

Barcelona 2013

Barcelona is of course the number one long distance classic. A total of 25,382 pigeons were released on 30 June for the 2013 edition of this classic. We had 10,685 Belgian, 6,912 Dutch, 3,232 French, 1,733 German, 475 British, 63 Luxemburg and 63 Polish pigeons at the start. Last year the number of pigeons was slightly lower with 25,320 participating pigeons and we noticed an increase in Polish pigeons this year. The pigeons were released on Friday at 9:30 am with good visibilty and a weak north east wind. They started the race a bit later to make sure no pigeons would manage to reach their loft on the day of basketing.

This would turn out to be a great edition and it is considered the hardest long distance race of the last ten years. Fanciers had to wait quite some time for the first pigeons to turn up. The French fancier, Thil Claude saw his first pigeon land at 8:25 in the morning but this was obviously not the international winner. Pigeons landed one by one and it took a while before the international winner could be announced. The first international prize was won by the Belgian, Luc Wiels from Roosdaal, whose pigeon was clocked at 10:19'10" after a race over 1,057.761km. His pigeon reached a velocity of 944.289 m/min, which means not a single pigeon had a velocity of over 1,000 m/min.

Rutz & Sons have basketed 26 pigeons and they have won an impressive 19 international prizes. Winning 19 prizes in the toughest long distance race of the last 10 years is quite an achievement. Another interesting fact is that one of their pigeons had been found dead in France even before the first German pigeon had been clockced. This means they might have won a 20th international prize as well.

The Rutz pigeons have performed equally well in the 2012 edition of Barcelona with another impressive prize percentage: they have won 17 prizes with a total of 28 pigeons. It is remarkable that only one out of four pigeons has won an international prize; their first pigeon finished 37th in the international results.

The highlights in the career of Rutz & Söhne

1st International Pau 2006
1st International Bordeaux 2005 Yearlings
2nd International Barcelona 2003
2nd International Barcelona Hens 2003
7th International Tarbes 2009
5th International Tarbes Hens 2009
6th International Barcelona Hens 2004
7th International Bordeaux Yearlings 2004
1st National Barcelona 2003
1st National Barcelona 2008
1st National Bordeaux 2005
1st National Carcassonne Yearlings 2006
1st National Pau 2006
1st National Bordeaux Yearlings 2005
1st National Barcelona Hens 2005
1st National Barcelona Hens 2008

Success in other lofts

Fanciers usually judge the quality of a pigeon by the results of its descendants in other lofts, because this gives us a good idea of how talented the pigeon really is. Some pigeon families are so talented that their descendants can really boost the performance of other existing breeds and this was also the case for the breed of Rutz & Sons:

Two German fanciers have been very successful with pigeons of Rutz & Sons in 2010: Hans-Peter Brockamp won a third national prize from Barcelona 2010 with a pigeon that originates for 50% from the Rutz & Sons breed and the Bold brothers won a fourth national prize from Barcelona with a 100% Rutz & Sons pigeon that season. In 2011 Markus Becker won a third national Barcelona and a second national hens with a 50% Rutz & Sons pigeon. In 2012 the French Schaschkow brothers won the first national Barcelona hens with a 50% Rutz & Sons pigeon. These are just a few examples that help us estimate the amazing breeding qualities of the Rutz & Sons pigeon breed. Keep in mind that we have only included the best results from Barcelona! There is a much longer list of references in international long distance races but we will come to that later.

A PIPA auction

This is quite a small auction: only eight pigeons of the Rutz & Sons pigeon loft will be offered for sale in this special Barcelona auction. Keep in mind though that each of these pigeons is exceptionally talented and has an impressive pedigree. These pigeons come from a pure long distance breed and they are true Barcelona racers. We give you an overview:

The dam of two of these pigeons is Barcelona Princess 0709-06-943, a hen that won the first national Barcelona in 2008. Two other young birds were bred from Miss Rainbow, winner of a second national Barcelona in 2012.

We also have two young birds that were bred from Barcelona Hero 0709-07-5, winner of a second national Barcelona in 2010. The last two pigeons in this collection were bred from Miss Spain 0709-05-379, winner of a third national Barcelona 2008. This makes it quite a special group of nothing but Barcelona specialists.