André Allemeersch (Pottes, BE), unstoppable in 2019!

It seems that the age of wisdom allowed André Allemeersch to achieve the best season of his career. With a first national victory and 2 silver medals in the national championships of the KBDB, the balance of 2019 will remain unforgettable.

André & Monique right after the national victory of Argenton.

In 2019, André Allemeersch was walking on water. He waited until his 75th birthday to book the first national victory of his career and was very close to obtain two major ace pigeons titles of the belgian pigeon sport: 2nd National Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB & 2nd National Ace Pigeon Great Middle Distance KBDB, these two last rankings having been confirmed at the end of the season, respectively on the first and the second weekend of august. The 'Limoges' wins the first of his three classifications on Limoges I (first national race of the long distance calendar) and the last one on Tulle (last race). The 'Fighter' wins the first of his four classifications on Vierzon (first national race of the great middle distance calendar) and the last one on Châteauroux II (last race).

This means that André managed to maintain a very exceptionnal level of racing from the very first weeks of competition and that he still managed to basket the same pigeons in a state of grace at the end of the racing campaign. To achieve this, you need a team of pigeons with very high quality and a team in perfect condition. You also have to show great skills as a pigeon fancier, which means being tactful but also remaining calm. With his 75 years, André reached a point where he combines all these qualities necessary for the practice of pigeon racing at the highest level. He is a pigeon fancier that particularly excels in the art of observation and preparation. In addition, he has always been known to be a specialist witk the youngsters and he confirmed this status this year since he won 1st national Argenton against 23.229 youngsters (with the highest speed of the 28.411 pigeons entered to the race).

The 'Dikken', 18 years later

The 'Dikken', basic pigeon & common denominator between 'T'Nationaalke', 'The Limoges' & 'The Fighter'.

André is owner of a super strain able to book a victory anytime on the races from 100 until kilometers. He built it with pigeons coming from the late Maurice Casaert, Maurice Verheye, André Laurent and André Verhaege. He spent many years breeding and selecting in order to improve the strenght of his stock while he kept his colony very small on size: about thirty racing cocks raced on widowhood and around fifty youngsters are used for racing. The breeding team consists of a big dozen of breeding pairs. The quality is of course very high and it's remarkable to observe the work carried out for all these years as a pigeon breeder by André. One of the main basic pigeons from the loft is the 'Dikken', a pigeon born in 2001. André knew the worth of his breeding line and that's why they are still very well represented in the colony 18 years after the birth of this pigeon. And as 2019 turned out to be a brilliant year for André, it was obvious that the 'Dikken' line would eventually reach its climax. Thus, this fantastic breeder became grandfather of the 'T'Nationaalke' (1st national Argenton 23.229 p.) as well as the 'Limoges' (2nd National Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB) but he became also great-grandfather of the 'Fighter' (2nd National Ace Pigeon Great Middle Distance KBDB). Let us introduce you these 3 pigeons:

- 'The Limoges' (BE17-1051237)

1. Limoges I prov  -  1.346 p. '19 *
   89. Nat Zone    -  4.612 p.
   107. National   - 13.569 p.
1. Limoges II prov -    863 p. '19 *
   15. Nat Zone    -  3.518 p. 
   22. National    -  9.661 p.
34. Tulle national -  6.206 p. '19 *
51. Toury regional -  1.767 p. '19
420. Aurillac nat  -  3.886 p. '19
(* = results sent for the national championships)

Father: 'De Gill' (BE09-9060203)
Excellent racer with a.o. 43th Argenton nat 19.816 p. & 121th Tulle nat 8.323 p., he is a son of the Hero BE08-3070460 (son from the pair Uitbreker x Medje Allemeersch, 100% Allemeersch-Van Parys) x Valerie BE07-9017275 (inbred on the Supercrack as daughter of Châteauroux (son Supercrack) x mother Supercrack), mother 'Bijter' (85th Limoges nat 10.448 p.).

Mother: 'Saskia' (BE13-9051433)
Daughter of the super breeder Dikken BE01-9038438 x Judith BE12-9101237 (Argenton x La Flèche)
The Dikken is father of a.o. 'Filou' & 'Blue Diamond' (see later).

Click here to check his pedigree.

- 'The Fighter' (BE16-1008569)

1. Argenton NZ    -  5.067 p. '19 *
   5. National    - 15.237 p.
4. Issoudun NZ    -  2.091 p. '19 *
   159. National  -  8.248 p.
26. Vierzon NZ    -  7.179 p. '19
   52. National   - 20.956 p.     *
4. Châteauroux NZ -    597 p. '19 *
2. Bourges NZ     -  1.002 p. '18
   249. National  -  5.831 p.
99. Argenton Nat  - 11.823 p. '18
60. Argenton NZ   -  3.068 p. '17
212. Châteauroux  -  8.640 p. '18
26. Toury reg     -  1.767 p. '19
(* = results sent for the national championships)

Father: The Jewell BE13-9035578
Excellent racer with a.o. 1st Guéret Iprov 1.823 p. & 23th national zone 3.874 p. & 45th Argenton nat zone 4.379 p.
He is a son of the pair Blue Diamond (ao. 14th Bourges nat 31.642 p. bred from Dikken x Star 09) x Lady (ao. 86th Bourges 9.071 p., Bliksem x Marie-Jeanne)

Mother: Princess Geerinckx BE14-1000629
Original Adrien Mirabelle and also mother of the '813/18' (ao. 33th Montluçon nat 14.104 p. & 52th Argenton nat 22.826 p.)
It's a direct daughter of the Divock (4th National Ace SMD Yl KBDB & top breeder, from Last Son x La Magnifica) x Last Daughter Xena, direct Geerinckx LBJ and last daughter bred out of Xena (2nd Argenton nat 5.034 p.) x Best Son (Son Gladiator).

'The Fighter' is also a full brother of the 'Aske Geerinckx', 3rd Provincial Ace GMD YBs KBDB with a.o. 71th La Souterraine nat zone 6.702 p. & 106th Argenton nat zone 7.081 p.

Click here to check his pedigree.

- 'T'Nationaalke' (BE19-1079411)

1. Argenton nat - 23.229 p.
Highest speed from 28.411 pigeons

Father: Filou BE10-9040127
Super racer with ao. 7th La Chatre nat zone 7.484 p., 21th Bourges nat zone 4.843 p., 75th Montluçon nat zone 6.081 p. & 88th Bourges nat 38.742 p.
Son of the super pair Dikken (see before) x Star 09 (Laten x 't Spreeuwke)

Mother: Maaike BE18-1039844
Won 6 prizes per 10 as a young hen, she is a daughter of the New Favorit (ao. 11th Bourges nat 12.608 p, from Favorit (3rd National Ace GMD KBDB) x 028)) x Miranda (direct Rino Verheye).

Click here to check her pedigree.

And elsewhere?

The '957/09'.

And, as it wasn't enough, the Allemeersch pigeons are also doing good for some other fanciers and one of them is Adrien Mirabelle where a direct Allemeersch (the '957/09') was the partner of the 'Last Hope Smiss' (basic hen from Mirabelle) with whom he formed a great breeding pair. Together, they became parents of a whole series of pigeons born in 2011 who produced nothing but crack pigeons once they entered the breeding loft:

- Last Son: father 'Zodiac' (1st National Ace SMD KBDB '14) & 'Divock' (4th National Ace SMD KBDB '14)
- Cuisse Cassée: father '886/15' (5th National Ace SMD KBDB '16)
- LHS 264: grandmother 'Victoria's Secret' (2nd National Ace SMD KBDB '16) 
& mother of ao. 92th Finale Pattaya OLR 2018.

- 'Divock' (BE13-9010240)

'Divock', super racer & breeder.

In 2014, André strenghtened his loft while purchasing a daughter of 'Divock' (click here to see the pedigree of 'Divock') from Adrien Mirabelle whose father is a 50% Allemeersch pigeon. This hen quickly came to the fore in the breeding loft as she became mother of ao. the 'Aske Geerinckx' (see previously), the '813/18' (2x top 52 national in 2018) but moreover the 'Fighter', 2nd National Ace GMD KBDB.

Again a master stroke made by André who went to get his blood in order to judiciously cross it on the best he had available. The skill of an experimented pigeon breeder. The rest of the story is known. Our congratulations.