The Gaie brothers (La Bouverie, BE) continued their way to the top in 2019

How to approach a new racing season when the previous one has been the most successful of your whole career? Well, simply with the ambition of doing better. That's what the Gaie brothers tried to do during the racing season 2019, which finally ended on a positive note.

On the footsteps of the 2018 season

Last year was a marvellous one for them as they managed to be crowned as 1st National Champion SMD KBDB, winning at the same time 3rd and 5th National Ace SMD old KBDB with loads of rankings booked in the provincial championships of the KBDB (click here to read the report published last year). But if a national title needs always to be celebrated, the cherry on the cake was given after the publication of the results from the famous 'Gouden Duif' championships (held by the magazine De Duif). In fact, they entered this championship as perfect strangers in Flanders area but the Gaie brothers managed to climb to the highest level of the championship as they were crowned as 'Superstar Sprint & HaFo - may', 'Superstar of the year Middle Distance' and second of the 'Gouden Duif' general championship ('Silver Duif')... a shattering entrance for their first entry to this championship! Since then, you can understand that they were in a top mood at the end of the year 2018 but the time has also came to the questionning several weeks before the start of the 2019 racing season. If the racing level was just a little bit under the one from 2018, we can consider that their 2019 year was quite successful. While they focused more on the small middle distance races in 2018 due to the quality of the very first results obtained that year, they wanted to get back to the national races this season. 2019 was then the year of their comeback to their old discipline and they were mostly focused on the national races with the same pigeons that dominated the whole competition last year on the races of less than 300 kilometers. This is only possible if you are managing a top quality team. In their loft, they have the luck to count several racers of very high quality.

A rich family tradition

If they are not really well known from the international pigeon scene, the colony of the Gaie brothers has however a fantastic performance list. This combination is formed by Gaston & Jean, two brothers who contracted the pigeon bug thanks to their father who was an excellent racer. The Gaie brothers owe their very first success thanks to the introduction of the pigeons from the late Maurice Casaert. Year after year, they obtained a lot of pigeons from the loft in Néchin and they finally became very close friends of this great master of the belgian pigeon sport. His best lines were introduced into their own lofts and the Casaert pigeons are still playing a crucial role in the daily routine of their loft. It is especially thanks to the pigeons from Casaert M&G that they were able to breed their 'Séba', 1st national Châteauroux I against 20.139 pigeons in 2011 (highest speed from 45.908 pigeons). Later on, they obtained several eggs at Casaert-Sénéchal and the very first results of this new addition came quickly to the fore: they won the next year the 1st national Bourges I against 16.442 pigeons with a 100%. In 2016, we also found them back as 2nd National Champion GMD KBDB, once again with the same family. The members of the dynasties from these two national winners are still well represented in the breeding loft. Over the last few years, they also successfuly introduced the pigeons from José & Stijn Van Laere. The different crossings obtained with these pairings are producing each year several pigeons that are able to book a victory on flights from 100 until 500 kilometers. Their breeding loft is full of quality and each breeding year leads them to discover some new talented pigeons. The proof that they are at the top of the bill.

The Gaie brothers received the opportunity to have an online auction for the very first time on PIPA. For them, it is a real showcase that allows them to introduce to the light the most talented pigeons of their loft. They also wanted to present the most prestigious selection possible and that's why they decided to auction their current best pigeon, nothing less. A way to mark the spirits.

- 'Planeur 47' (BE16-1009047)


3rd National Ace Pigeon Small Middle Distance KBDB 2018
1st Provincial Ace Pigeon Small Middle Distance KBDB 2018
Co-winner 1st National Champion SMD KBDB 2018
1. Soissons reg  1.045 p. '18
1. Toury regional  481 p. '18
2. Orléans reg   1.637 p. '18
2. Nanteuil reg    820 p. '17
2. Toury regional  725 p. '17
2. Toury regional  453 p. '18
2. Toury regional  361 p. '18
3. Toury regional  756 p. '18
4. Nanteuil reg    984 p. '17
5. Argenton Ip   1.882 p. '19
   23. Nat Zone  4.350 p.
   94. National 15.235 p.
7. Melun reg     1.337 p. '18
11. Toury reg      640 p. '17
21. Toury reg    2.438 p. '18
33. Montluçon Ip 1.603 p. '19
   87. Nat Zone  2.758 p. 
   242. National 9.857 p.
49. Toury reg    2.052 p. '18
61. Issoudun Ip  1.609 p. '19
80. Châteauroux  2.873 p. '19

Father: '303/09', a pigeon 100% bred out of the old base from Casaert M&G with a.o. in the background 'Limoges King' x 'Arcadia'. The '303/09' was also a super racer with several early prizes to his name from 100 until 500 kilometers (see pedigree under).
Mother: 'Sister Loulou', full sister 'Loulou' (1st national Bourges I 16.442 pigeons in 2012), her parents were obtained as eggs at Casaert-Sénéchal. In her background, you can find the successful crossing of the first success from Sébastien Casaert, being Casaert M&G (Dior, Orane) x Limbourg (Ludo). This bloodline has produced many top pigeons on the national races in Russeignies.

Click here to check his pedigree.

The second important pigeon from this auction is nothing but the best youngster of the 2019 generation. Before she made a hit on the national race of Bourges II (considered as the most important race from the calendar of the young birds in Belgium), she already made a name for herself on the first training flights of the season.

- 'Sister Boss 22' (BE19-1100010)

1. Toury reg     -    194 p.
1. Bourges loc   -    184 p.
   13. Nat Zone  -  8.592 p.
   45. National  - 28.446 p.
4. Toury reg     -    328 p.
31. La Ferté Pv  -    692 p.
   76. Iprov     -  1.063 p.
107. Argenton Ip -  1.406 p.

As her name says it, this hen is a full sister of the 'Boss 22', 5th National Ace Pigeon SMD KBDB 2018 and co-winner of the title of National Champion KBDB 2018.

Father: 'The Boss', a 50% Casaert M&G and fantastic racer himself with a.o. 1st Châteauroux 711 p., 1st Argenton 672 p., 1st St-Quentin 443 p., 1st Châteauroux 398 p. & 1st Melun 361 p. no less... In his pedigree, you can find some famous pigeons from Casaert M&G like 'The Borgne Dedeyne', 'Limoges King', etc.
Mother: '125/12', obtained as an egg at Casaert-Sénéchal. Her father is a full brother 'Laura', 1st national Bourges 17.061 p. in 2010 for Gaston Van de Wouwer ('Son Kaasboer' x 'Geerinckxhen') while her mother is a half-sister of 'Amalia' (1st National Ace GMD KBDB) via her father 'Geert', now paired up with 'Stecy', 6th National Ace Pigeon GMD KBDB.

Click here to check her pedigree.

The 'Boss 22', a fantastic racer especially efficient in 2018.

With such a collection of pigeons on their lofts, the Gaie brothers have the right material to approach the future with the same ambitions. They are going now to get separated of two of their most prestigious birds but they have enough ressources to get back on the right track very soon. Their secrete ambition is to add a third national victory to their name.