Jean-Pierre Palm (Braine-l'Alleud, BE): 1st Belgian Olympic Pigeon Category B Poznan 2019

The year 2019 will start under the Olympic sign for Jean-Pierre Palm and his wife Yvette. Indeed, they will fly soon to attempt to the next Olympiad in Poznan thanks to one of the best pigeon who flew in Belgium over the last 2 years: 'Olympic Bourges'.

Yvette & Jean-Pierre Palm.

It's been several years that this loft localized in the south of Brussels is leading the way in Belgium. The numerous classifications booked in the national championships of the KBDB are a solid proof. In the '90's, Jean-Pierre already won a national victory on La Souterraine. However, if the daily life of this couple is run around the pigeon sport, everything is not always easy for Jean-Pierre because of his busy job. As a manager of a construction company, Jean-Pierre spent a lot of time to run his business but he is lucky enough to count on the help of his wife Yvette who takes care of the training flights during the season. He had to adapt the practice of his hobby regarding to his busy job and keeps his loft as small as possible, regarding to the high objectives he sets up each year. His results are then even more remarkable. Jean-Pierre is the kind of fancier to drive to the club with a small basket with 3 or 4 pigeons maximum but his goal is always the same: clocking at the top of the results and if possible book the victory. At this level, he has been brilliant over the last few years, mostly thanks to the incredible results of a hen who has just been christened as 'Olympic Bourges'.

- 'Olympic Bourges' (BE16-1109229)

It's a pigeon like anybody would like to breed at least once in a lifetime. When you'll take a look at her results, you will understand that this hen has been clocked on top of the results at almost all the races she was entered to. She was able to win a victory either in a local race against several hundreds of pigeons or either in a national race against several thousands of birds, her conto being by the way stopped at 3 x top 60 national. It means she has been able to break away of the massa from a few hundreds until several thousands of birds. Her performance list has been completed by several titles of ace pigeon and she just ended her career with class as she just won the title of 1st Belgian Olympic Pigeon in the All-Round category, which is maybe the most prestigious of all!
It has now become a bit too risky to keep on racing such a pigeon, that's the reason why she just started a new career in the breeding loft in early 2019. After her trip to Poland, she will then move to the PEC breeding lofts for a joined breeding where she will be paired against the best cocks available. We are already excited to see what will be the results won by her future descendants!

We are now advising you to check her most prestigious results (note: her full performance list is available while clicking on the link at the bottom).


1. Belgian Olympic Pigeon Cat D (Allround) Poznan 2019
2. Best Bourges pigeon 2017 - 2 prizes (PIPA Rankings)
1. Provincial Ace Pigeon Great Middle Distance KBDB 2017
1. Ace of Aces LCB 2017
1. Ace Pigeon Middle Distance LCB 2017
28/04 Nanteuil loc 1/187 p.
23/06 Argenton Iprov 1/1.529 p.
      Argenton Nat 8/5.782 p.
30/06 Toury Iprov 1/570 p.
07/07 Châteauroux Iprov 2/1.116 p.
21/07 Argenton Iprov 1/1.031 p.
      Argenton Nat 59/11.823 p.
27/05 Bourges Iprov 2/1.697 p.
      Bourges Nat Zone 9/7.364 p.
      Bourges Nat 48/20.759 p.
03/06 Bourges Iprov 6/2.018 p.
29/07 Bourges Iprov 3/1.405 p.
05/08 Bourges Iprov 2/1.847 p.
      Bourges Nat 193/12.449 p.

Click here to check the full performance list of 'Olympic Bourges'.

'Gaby' X 'Jolie Shaina', parents of 'Olympic Bourges'.

Father: 'Gaby' (BE10-2121615), direct Deno-Herbots and grandson of two iconic pigeons: the 'Limoges' (1st national Limoges 17.456 yl in 2005 for Deno-Herbots) of the worldwide famous 'Bliksem' from Gaby Vandenabeele, a fancier who will stay in the spotlights forever because of the quality of his pigeons.
Mother: 'Jolie Shaina' (BE14-1076416), direct from Roger Pierre and daughter of the famous 'Shaina', herself 1st Belgian Olympic Pigeon Cat D in Budapest 2015 and coupled at this time to a son of 'Beckham Jr', basic pigeon from Roger Pierre and directly purchased at Deno-Herbots.

Click here to check the pedigree of 'Olympic Bourges'.

The nest sister of 'Olympic Bourges' is also a remarkable racing hen who booked several top performances in the shadow of her sister:

- 'Nestsister Olympic Bourges' (BE16-1109230)

8. Montluçon Iprov  - 3.196 p. '17
8. Bourges II Iprov - 1.183 p. '18
   125. National    - 5.831 p.
8. Argenton Prov    -   243 p. '18
2. Nanteuil rég     -   164 p. '18
6. Orléans régional -   409 p. '18
12. Nanteuil rég    -   617 p. '17
12. Soissons rég    -   417 p. '17
14. Noyon régional  -   835 p. '16

If all the eyes were rightly attracted on 'Olympic Bourges' and her close family, Jean-Pierre is however lucky enough to work with a second exceptionnal breeding line who never stopped to deliver him top pigeons. We are talking about the pigeons bred out of another top breeding pairs: 'Le Roger' x 'La Josée'.

- 'Roger' x 'Josée': the second magical formula

When you take a look at the pedigree of the 'Olympic Bourges' hen, you directly notice the importance of the Deno-Herbots pigeons as well as several breeding lines from Gaby Vandenabeele. The second like who caught our attention when we visited Jean-Pierre Palm was the one formed around the descendants of the breeding pair 'Roger' x 'Josée'. Once again, the Deno-Herbots pigeons are playing a leading role on this pair. At first, the cock: 'Roger', another pigeon obtained at Roger Pierre and 100% bred out of Deno-Herbots pigeons with a.o. the line of 'Gina' 1st National Ace Middle Distance KBDB & 'Barnaby' 2nd national Bourges against 22.499 pigeons but also the 'Blauwe Bliksem' (and so the 'Bliksem' VDB) or again 'James Bond', 1st national Bourges 13.166 pigeons for Gaby Vandenabeele in 2002. Then, the hen: 'Josée', a direct Deno-Herbots hen whose father is at the same time grandson of both the 'Bliksem' and 'Figo' Reynaert while his mother is a sister to the 'Argenton' from Van Elsacker-Jepsen. Here it is for the introduction.

'Roger' x 'Josée', a super couple breeding pair for JP Palm.

Now, let's talk about facts: over the last few years, the breeding pair 'Roger' x 'Josée' has produced several ace pigeons or first prize winners, which shows the quintessence of a breeding line. They became parents of the following pigeons:

- ‘223/16’

1. Ace Pigeon Club Sprint Ybs 2016
1. Ace Pigeon Club Sprint Yl 2017
2. Prov. Ace Pigeon Sprint Ybs KBDB 2016
2. Prov. Ace Pigeon Sprint Yl KBDB 2017
8. National Ace Sprint Yl KBDB 2017
1. St-Soupplet 1.552 p. '16
1. Jouy reg 754 p. '16
1. Soissons 350 p. '17
1. Nanteuil 227 p. '17
1. Nanteuil 161 p. '17

Click here to check her pedigree.

- ‘636/12’

1. Prov. Ace Pigeon GMD KBDB 2015
1.  Bourges Iprov  - 1.355 p. '15
17. Guéret  Iprov  - 1.761 p. '15
26. Argenton Iprov - 2.067 p. '15

- ‘637/12’

1. Prov. Ace Pigeon Sprint KBDB 2015
1. Souppes  324 p. '14
1. Pont reg 235 p. '15
1. Nanteuil 227 p. '15
1. Nanteuil 151 p. '14

- ‘231/16’

1. Vierzon Iprov 783 p. '18
1. Soissons  reg 417 p. '17
1. Momignies reg 119 p. '17
2. Toury reg 401 p. '17

They are also grandparents of:

- ‘144/17’

1. Prov. Ace Pigeon Middle Distance Ybs KBDB 2017
3. Châteauroux Zone -  8.486 p. '18
   11. National     - 27.081 p.
1. Nanteuil reg 849 p. '17
4. Laon reg   1.170 p. '17

With such a base in the breeding loft, we are convinced that we will find back the Palm colony dominating several competitions in the coming years. In a small corner of his head, Jean-Pierre is probably hoping to live a second La Souterraine, a race on which he already won a national victory. It was already 23 years ago ...