Roger & David Pierre (Pecrot, BE) continue to look forward

Years after years, this loft managed by Roger and his son David is booking some astonishing results. It happened once again in 2017, just after the qualification to the Olympiads of Brussels, their second participation in a row.

Roger & David Pierre.

The loft Pierre & son is one of the best racing loft of Belgium since several years. The family has won numerous classifications in the national championships but over the last few years, it is mostly thanks to their qualification to the Olympiads that they were put under the spotlights: they were qualified for Budapest in 2015 and Brussels in 2017, so two participations in a row:

- 'Ashley' (BE12-1500135): 1st belgian Olympic Pigeon Cat. D All-round Budapest ‘15
- 'Shaina' (BE13-1510623): 1st belgian Olympic Pigeon Cat. B Demi-Fond Budapest ‘15
- 'Sherley' (BE14-1082302): 1st belgian Olympic Pigeon Cat. D All-round Brussels ’17

With these rankings, these three exceptionna hens were not sold and Roger & David made the wise choice to place them in the breeding loft so that they can use their superior genes to breed new generation of winners. Of course, as you can imagine, they are always paired with the best partners possible. When you adopt such a breeding strategy, the results have to pay sooner or later. In fact, father & son won in 2016 and in 2017 no less than 9 interprovincial victories with the descendants of their basic breeding lines. Have a look by yourself:

1. Bourges Iprov 2.715 p. (with a daughter of 'Messi', so granddaughter 'Beckham Jr')
1. Châteauroux Iprov 1.355 p. (with a daughter of 'Shakira', also granddaughter 'Beckham Jr')
1. Soissons Iprov 1.216 p. (with a son of 'Robben')
1. La Souterraine Iprov 1.020 p. (with a daughter of 'Beckham Jr')
1. Tulle Iprov 762 p. (with a son of 'Romulus')
1. Gien Iprov 719 p. (with a son of 'Robben')
1. Lorris Iprov 561 p. (with a son of 'Robben')
1. Toury Iprov 526 p. (with a son of 'Robben')
1. Valence Iprov. 275 p. (with a granddaughter of 'Beckham Jr')

It is the proof that the general quality of the pigeons from this loft is really good, both the breeders and the racers, but also that the whole management has paid off. As you can see while browsing this list, the descendants from 'Beckham Jr' and from his grandson 'Robben' are quite impressive. It is remarkable to see how this line is always successfuly strenghtened.

Some great success in Portugal

The season 2017 also saw the pigeons from the Pierre loft shining under the Portuguese sun. The 02nd of september, the final of Mira was held with the race of Almodovar (330 km) where 592 pigeons were sent. The victory was won by a portuguese pigeon with belgian bood. The father was directly purchased at Roger & David (click here to check the pedigree) and is a 100% Deno-Herbots, bred from the same lines who allowed the Pierre colony to develop as a main contender. We must add that only 166 pigeons were back from the race during the first day of the race.

But something better had to come: at the end of the same month, all the european pigeon sport followed the final of the Algarve Golden Race 2017. Unfortunately, the fog counterstriked an early release and the pigeons were finally released just before noon. The first pigeons arrived just before the dawn with a group of 4 pigeons coming high from the sky. Several minutes later, the first belgian pigeon arrived and was classified at the 10th place against 2.624 pigeons. This pigeon is called Hermione (click here to check her pedigree), the super hen sent by Roger & David Pierre who already won a 42th and a 81th place during the first races. 'Hermione' ended the competition with the 8th general ace pigeon.

Others success booked by the Pierre's pigeons

Over the last few years, several fanciers were really successful after the introduction of the pigeons from the Pierre loft:

- Denis Sapin: a grandson of 'Robben' won this year the title of 1st ace pigeon sprint in the club of Ramillies.
- Casaert-Sénéchal: the same 'Robben' is great grand-father of 'Victoire', 1st La Souterraine national in 2015.
- Robert Salu: with several grandchildren of 'Robben', he became 1st Provincial Champion with the youngsters and 1st Ace youngsters.
- AT Breeding Loft: a son of 'Beckham Jr' became a top breeder and is father of a national top 100.
- Jean-Pierre & Yvette Palm: in 2017, the 'Bourges' (granddaughter 'Shaina') won a.o.:

1st Provincial Ace Pigeon GMD KBDB
1st Ace Pigeon Yearlings LCB
2nd best pigeon on Bourges I & II 2017 (PIPA Rankings)
2. Bourges II Iprov 1.847 p. (05/08)
2. Bourges I Iprov 1.697 p. (27/05)
3. Bourges AWC 1.405 p. (29/07)
6. Bourges AWC 2.018 p. (04/06)
6. Argenton Iprov 1.793 p.
3. Vierzon reg 313 p.


With such a breeding team, nobody doubts that the colony of Roger & David Pierre is ready to take part to the competition with lots of enthusiast. In pigeon sport, we often say that it is better to sell the fruits of the tree instead of the tree itself. In Pecrot, they understood it. Good luck.