René & Etienne Bourlard (Harveng, BE) reached their ambitions in 2015!

With their four national victories won since 2005, this is probably one of the most successful long distance lofts in Belgium. Ten years later, this father and son partnership is still racing at a top level and their season in 2015 brought once again loads of satisfaction.

Who doesn't know the Bourlard family from Harveng since their enormous domination in the long distance races between 2005 and 2010? With their four national victories (Limoges '05, Cahors '06, Narbonne '08 & Montélimar '10), they have one of the most impressive prize lists in Belgium and it could have been strenghtened last year when they won the 2nd national Montélimar against 3,868 pigeons. This is one of the most impressive racing lofts in Belgium. It was interesting to see how they were performing nowadays. Father & son have still the same ambitions: to shine in the races above 550 kilometres, starting from Limoges. Each season is an opportunity to perform at the highest level and that's how they are often booking national top 100 positions, as well as victories at provincial level and national top 10 positions. In 2015, it happened once again with a dozen of provincial top 10 (1x 1st, 2x 2nd) and some early prizes won at national level (a.o. 4th national Châteauroux 1,987 p., 5th national Perpignan 5,254 p., 11th national Cahors 6,576 p. & 12th national Marseille 2,165 p.). It's quite a remarkable feat to notice that most of the top performances they booked recently were won by descendants of their basic hen, the Gyselbrecht Hen that we can find back in all the pedigrees of their four national winners. This hen had an enormous impact on the development of their loft, mostly in the 2nd and 3rd generation.

Châteauroux IV

In the last national race of the season, the Bourlard father & son were the first to clock a pigeon from the 12,429 pigeons basketed for the whole of Belgium (old birds & youngsters). The race was hard (the pigeon from the Bourlard loft is just above 1,150 m/min) but there is too much west in the wind when the pigeons are starting to enter the Belgian area to book a national victory. However, no pigeon was able to fly quicker than their pigeon and, after a few dozen minutes, he has still the highest speed from the 1,987 old pigeons. Unfortunately, no less than 3 pigeons booked a higher speed than him, all at the longest distances from Belgium. For example, the winner is flying 100 kilometres more than their loft. It was simply impossible to struggle against them but their pigeon was close to booking a fantastic victory. Seeing the numerous early prizes won in 2015, it will be probably possible in the coming season. This is anyway what we wish you.

Best results won at provincial level

06/06 Valence - 1,096 p. : 3, 5, 6, 24, 35, 45, 63, 68, 76, 92, 96, 108, ... (22/31)
13/06 Cahors - 976 p. : 1, 19, 80, ... (6/12)
26/06 Agen - 317 p. : 6 (1/2)
17/07 Marseille - 368 p. : 4, 8, 21, 23, 32, ... (7/10)
18/07 Jarnac - 483 p. : 2, 20, ... (5/8)
06/09 Châteauroux - 212 p. : 1, 12, ... (3/4)