The first national ace pigeon long distance yearlings KBDB won by the partnership Barbaix-Detraux (Gerin, BE)!

To send your results for the national championships for the first time ever and winning first place: the partnership Barbaix-Detraux made an astonishing entrance into the long distance elite of Belgium!

The family Barbaix-Detraux and the National Ace just after his triumph!

Organized for the second year in a row, the national championship of the long distance ace pigeons national yearling benefited from a keen interest. At first because these new races specially organized for the yearlings are seen as great successes, seeing the thousands of pigeons are basketed for each races. Secondly because the ace pigeon championship is to be won with the two best results from the 7 races of the program. You 'just' need to win two top performances to try your luck. However, seeing the small coefficients this year, it's easy to understand the opposition is hard during the whole racing campaign. This year, the winners were to be found in the provinces of Namur and Liège. The west winds which blew during the majority of the season 2015 helped them to get their piece of the cake. Finally, it's an unknown name from the national level who will climb on the highest rung of the podium during the next national days: the partnership formed by Marc Detraux and his wife Roxanne Barbaix with a super coefficient of 0,3458% booked by their Bluesky. The second place is won by Jacqueline Dodeigne from Harzé (Liège area) with 0,4232% while the super partnership Canion-Sobkowiak from Wasmes (Hainaut area) win the 3rd place with a coefficient of 0,4780%.

Story of the loft

Marc Detraux (45 years old and working in the construction) came in contact with the pigeons through his father who was a pigeon fancier. However, he was more racing for his own pleasure than for the competition. It was in 2001 that he decided to build a pigeon loft at his first house. At the time, he received some help from his wife, Roxanne. However, they planned to start a family and the pigeons were quickly left behind. In the meantime, the family expanded (Marc & Roxanne are the parents of three sons) and the small family moved to their current addresss in Gerin. In 2008, Marc decided to start again with the pigeons. He built his loft with his own hands and started to race again. He focused on the youngsters because it required less time and less involvement in the loft. He went to several public auctions to purchase some pigeons and was quite successful with pigeons obtained during the auction of Bergen-Ancia and Franky Appelmans. But he was even more successful with some vouchers he bought. Two names often came to his mind: Albert Derwa and Deno-Herbots. He wanted to obtain some pigeons from these lofts so he bought vouchers and the success was immediate. Nowadays, almost all his pigeons are bred from the crossing Derwa X Deno-Herbots. Same story for the national ace!
After some years focusing only on the youngsters, Marc Detraux decided to step back for 2015. It was almost impossible to book good results seeing the bad geographic situation and he suffered from great losses as well. It was the first time this year that he raced older pigeons on widowhood (in fact twelve yearlings). Of course, this is one of the best decision he had to take in his life!


All the pigeons are paired during Christmas, so 14 breeding pairs and a dozen widowers. The eggs of the breeders are placed under the widowers so that he directly gets two rounds from his best breeders. Once the youngsters are weaned, the widowers are separated and are not paired a second time before the season. The first races are planned during the month of April and the racers are progressively trained to get them in good condition. During the first training toss, the hens were shown so that the yearlings get used to the widowhood system. Before the basketings, nothing really special is tried: no cups and no hens. It means the pigeons had to fly on their own qualities and nothing else. It was of course the same for the national ace!

The season 2015

The ambition of Marc Detraux was to race well, in short to classify a pigeon early on the result each week. But he never thought about winning a national ace pigeon title. Not even dreaming about it. Of course it's the best moment of his racing pigeon fancier as he even never sent his results for any championships in the past! Finally, his season was quite successful because in addition to the national title, the partnershipBarbaix-Detraux won no less than 19 first prizes!

Bluesky (BE14-1125414)

The national ace.

1st National Ace Pigeon Long Distance Yearling KBDB '15 (0.3457%)
1st Montélimar CFW - 571 p. (633 km - 1,079 m/min)
   4th National - 1.512 p. (*)
4th Tulle CFW - 2.074 p. (569 km - 1,313 m/min)
   7th National - 8.621 p. (*)
(*) = results sent for the national title

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The accomodations of the national champions.

To win a title of national ace pigeon in front of the big names... it only happens in the pigeon sport where a simple fancier can beat the professional! That's why our hobby is so incredible. Marc Detraux and Roxanne Barbaix just experienced it! To end this report, Marc Detraux wanted to thank his veterinary Nicolas Schoonheere for all the advice he received during the season. Our congratulations!