Roger & David Pierre (Pecrot, BE) having the best season of their career in 2014!

Several classifications in the national championship, several pigeons classified for the next Olympiad, titles of Champion in various championships at regional, provincial or interprovincial level, this Brabant based loft is always on top of the bill and will continue to be on the first page of the pigeon media! But in 2014, the season will be forever considered as the best of their entire career! Let us introduce you to this father and son partnership based in Pecrot!

David (l) & his father Roger.

During the year and at all distances: the Pierre colony hit hard during the whole season 2014. We already talked about them at the begining of June after their fantastic arrival in the first national race of the season, Bourges I. Their racing team had just booked an amazing performance as they won a double provincial victory old-yearlings, classifying at the same time 3 pigeons into the national top 30 of the race (click here to read the report in french). At the time, they already booked more than a dozen victories with large amounts of pigeonscompeting. We then asked ourselves how will it look at the end of the season and we are of course able to show you the balance now. Let's start with one of the most hardest championships in Belgium, the LCB championship where they simply booked some records:

- 1st General Champion National Old+Yrl LCB
- 1st Best National Loft
- 1st General Champion R.W. Old+Yrl
- 1st Champion R.W. HMD Old+Yrl
- 1st Champion R.W. HMD Youngsters
- 1st, 5th, 10th Aces of Aces National Old+Yrl (Ashley,Virginie, Shaïna) 
- 2nd Aces of Aces National Youngsters (Keisha) 
- 1st, 4th, 5th Ace pig. R.W. HMD (Ashley,Shaïna,Virginie)
- 1st, 7th Ace pig. R.W. Yearlings (Shaïna, Messina)
- 1st, 6th, 11th Aces of Aces Youngsters R.W. (Keisha, Shadow, Ariel) 
- 1st, 4th, 6th Ace pig. R.W. MD Youngsters (Keisha, Ariel, Shadow) 

At the national level, they booked this year their 7th classification since 2009, a performance booked by one of the best hens who flew this year in Belgium:

- 11th National Ace Pigeon HMD Old KBDB (Ashley)

Finally, several other classifications were added to this large amount of top performances obtained in 2014, especially the title of Ace Pigeon at the prestigious Gouden Veer championship and this for the fourth year in a row after the titles of Angie, Lukea & Shaina! In summary

- 1st National Ace pig. Gouden Veer 2014 (Ashley) 
- 1st Champion GP Alex Babusiaux CFW 
- 2nd General Champion Brabantse Unie
- 3rd General Champion Cureghem Centre 
- 3rd General Champion MSN Duivensport

With such a palmarès, what can we say about the 2014 season? Simply that it was probably the best of the racing pigeon fancier career of Roger. They managed to reach an exceptional constancy during the whole season. The best proof about it is the interprovincial victory won in Bourges I, the first national race of the season which was organized on the 31st of May while the last another victory won at the same level was won during the very last national race of the season, being Guéret organized the 7th of September. Who did better. The answer is quite simple: nobody. What are the elements allowing you to race at such a level when you are doing the same things since several years? Nobody is able to tell. And each pigeon fancier has lived such an experience... doing the same things, years after years, and living a season that can be bad or good. The explanation can be found in the quality of your pigeons, especially if a generation is coming to the top of its curve at a good moment. When we asked Roger Pierre, he cannot give a real explanation. However, he talked about something that could have played a role in this: the father & son both decided to change their feeding system and chose another mixture firm, following at the same time the feeding system of Sébastien Casaert, the Beyers Modern System. Being the guest of a forum organized last year in France next to his friend, Roger had been intrigued when Sébastien Casaert explained his feeding system. After another discussion which happened later, he decided to change his feeding approach. Several months later, Roger is convinced that this change had a impact on the performances of his racing team. This is probably on track to be...

A strong presence in the next Belgian Olympic team

Ashley & Shaina will represent Belgium in the next Olympiad.

Those who took a look at the composition of the Belgian Olympic team have probably been impressed by the solid performance achieved by the Pierre colony. Indeed, Roger & David managed to classify their pigeons as follows:

- 1st Cat B (Shaina)
​- 1st Cat D (Ashley)
- 1st Cat H (Ashley)
- 4th Cat B (Ashley)

It's of course Ashley who was the most impressive pigeon as she ended three times in the first place of the categories where her owners sent her points. Roger & David finally decided to validate her participation for the Category D, the most prestigious of all as the results won during two seasons are taken into account. Same thing for Shaina who will represent Belgium in the Category B, also for two years of competition. We must let you know that Shaina already won the title of Ace Pigeon at the Gouden Veer championship last year. Pure class isn't it?

Click here to check the pedigree and the performance list of Ashley.

Click here to check the pedigree and the performance list of Shaina.

The future

Roger & David are considering the future with ambition. They are of course expected to race each year at the same level and that's why nothing is left to chance. At the same time, they stay extremely watchful when it's time to add some new blood into their colony. That's why they obtained several pairs of eggs coming from the racing team of the Casaert-Sénéchal colony. Being good friends of Sébastien, Roger & David had the opportunity to take the best lines from the loft in Russeignies. The goal was to test them rigorously as fast as possible instead of letting them grow in aviaries. And that was done during this season 2014. The success was huge as the best young hen of the team came out of one of these eggs. We are talking about Keisha:

- Keisha (BE14-1082303)

1st Provincial Ace Pigeon HMD Youngsters KBDB 2014
1st Aces of Aces Youngsters LCB 2014
1st Ace Pigeon Middle Distance Youngsters LCB 2014
1. Iprov. Guéret 1,156 p.  
   8. National 16,604 p.
1. Momignies 292 p.
2. Lorris 515 p.
8. La Souterraine prov 944 p.
   12. Iprov. 1,365 p.
50. Argenton prov 1,607 p.
55. Tours prov 1,108 p.

Click here to check the pedigree and the performance list of 'Keisha'.

Another young cock also showed some great skills during the months of July and August

- Shadow (BE14-1082307)

1. Lorris    515 p.
1. Momignies 283 p.
3. Nanteuil  550 p.
3. Lorris    434 p.
4. Lorris    507 p.

Click here to check the pedigree of 'Shadow'.

Roger, David, congratulations on this awesome season! Good luck for 2015!

View of the biggest part of the lofts.