Noé De Coster (Obaix, BE) can be satisfied on his season in 2014!

Over the last few years, one colony came quickly to our mind when you talk about the long distance competition: the one of Noé De Coster. In 2014, Noé showed once again he was managing a top loft, winning week after week top performances in the hardest races of the calendar.

It has been several dozens of years that Noé (78 years) is racing as a true champion. Since a few years, he has actually won a zonal victory during more or less each racing campaign. The count is actually showing 9 zonal victories in total (Bourges, Brive, 2 x Limoges, Souillac, Libourne, Limoges yearlings, Montauban) as well as no less than 198 times into the zonal, national or international top 100. However, we can’t say he is at the head of an important colony. He is running a loft built around his 14 breeding pairs and they breed each year 80 youngsters. The racing loft is housing 28 widowers (15 old birds and 13 yearlings), no more no less as he doesn’t have many racing boxes available! When you take a look at his results, you will understand quickly that our host of today has been focused mainly on the quality of his pigeons. It’s a personnal conclusion that most of the pigeon fanciers of nowadays should apply. The class of a pigeon, the 'genie' each pigeon got into him became the principal element of the modern pigeon sport. This is only possible if you start with top breeding material at the base. We talk about those pigeons who can be considered as the concrete of your whole colony, those who will lead you to your results. And when he decided to race pigeons when he retired in 1989, Noé swore to himself it would be only to race against the best. He analyzed the results and paid a visit to a few lofts whose managers were racing as great champions for many years. At the beginning, he went to Henry Van Neste (Feluy), Calonne father & son (Péruwelz) and also Robert Van Eycken (Erps-Kwerps). Later came the Devos (Deerlijk), the Nihoul father & son (Senzeilles), the Nibus (Mortier) and, last but not least, the pigeons of Jos Thoné (As). It’s mostly the descendants of the pigeons bought at the last 4 lofts that form the basis of the actual success of Noé.

So, Noé is at the head of a really small racing team but he is managing to enter his pigeons in the whole national racing calendar. He is obliged to enter these races with a few pigeons only and so can be described as a man with a small basket. His pigeons are always prepared the best way possible and they are only entered if they are in top condition. Concerning the motivation, everything is kept as simple as possible. The pigeons can stay with their hen only when they come back. Following Noé, his pigeons must be able to win top performances only thanks to their class. That’s why he doesn’t like to try tricks to increase the motivation before the basketing. He thinks it’s useless. During their birth year, the pigeons are only basketted for a few sprint races. Once they become yearlings, they are entered into several longer middle distance races before they pass their final test with a long distance race. At the age of 2, the serious racing begins and they are entered into a few long distance classics (3 or 4 races), not already at the international level. When they will turn 3 years old, the best racers of the De Coster racing team will compete against the best European lofts in the international races. As you can see, Noé likes to give them the time to become good pigeons.

He was able to shine thanks to his philosophy: with the selection he made year after years, Noé with pigeons in full possession of their capabilities at the age of 3 or 4 years. We won’t say that the career of his pigeons starts only at this age but it is clear that as he lets them grown slowly, as he selects them carefully for certain races during the previous years, they come to maturity after several hours of flight and so with a lot of experience behind their wings. Then it’s time to exploit them at the maximum possible and the pigeons have to give back what their master taught them. And you just have to pick up the fruits from the tree. It sounds so simple. And yet, let's now have a look to the best pigeons from the racing team:

L'as (BE10-9116965)

L'As, best pigeon from Brive 2012-2013.

Best pigeon from Brive on 2 editions PIPA Ranking (2012-2013)
1st Ace Pigeon Long Distance club 2012
2nd Ace Pigeon Long Distance LCB 2012
1st Toury - 159 p. 2011
    20. I.prov. 1,335 p.
2nd prov. Brive - 1,178 p. 2013
    6. Nat. Zone 2,693 p. 
    70. Nat. 8,331 p.
3rd Brive - 573 p. 2012
    4. Nat. Zone 3,116 p. 
    72. Nat. 11,130 p.
5th Tulle - 463 p. 2012
    48. Nat. Zone 2,324 p.
7th Souillac - 376 p. 2012 
    31. I.prov. 1,360 p.
    46. Nat. Zone  - 1,866 p.
7th Tulle - 364 p. 2013 
    100. Nat. Zone 2,507 p. 
    215. Nat. 7,350 p.
25th prov. La Châtre - 1,467 p.
46th Nat. Zone Limoges 3,838 p. 2012

Click here to check the pedigree of l'As.

Le Beau Noir (BE10-9096922)

Won his prize from Bourges, Châteauroux, Montluçon
1st Limoges reg 434 p.
  15. Nat. Zone 2,830 p.
  241. National 14,679 p.
Won his prize from Montauban, Brive
442nd Narbonne nat. 6,583 p.
41st Nat. Zone Montélimar 3,395 p.
  87th National 5,952 p.
14th Nat. Narbonne 5,215 p.
  18th Internat 11,442 p.
1st Limoges reg 692 p.
  3rd Nat. Zone 5,228 p.
  32nd National 18,390 p.
30th Nat. Zone Montauban 2,013 p.
  419th National 5,935 p.
1st Perpignan reg 288 p.
  9th National 6.248 p.
  21st Internat 17.971 p.

Father: L'Argenton, 1st interprovincial Argenton & 47th national.
Mother: Daughter Magnifique, purchased from Nihoul father & son. Daughter from the famous Magnifique, best pigeon of Narbonne at the international level between 2006 & 2008. Winner of 54th international Narbonne against 9,768 p. in '06, 9th international Narbonne against 10,072 p. in '07 & 9th international Narbonne against 12,220 p. in '08.

Le Narbonne (BE10-9096980)

Best pigeon from Narbonne on 2 editions PIPA ranking (2013-2014)
Won his prize from Vierzon, Limoges & Montauban
24th Nat. Zone Brive 5,693 p.
  185th National 8,391 p.
1st Narbonne reg 369 p.
  2nd Iprov. 1,191 p.
  7th National 5,215 p.
  9th Internat 11,442 p.
23rd Nat. Zone Limoges 5,228 p.
  258th National 18,390 p.
1st Narbonne reg 317 p.
  9th Iprov. 1,314 p.
  10th National 4,571 p.
  20th Internat 12,528 p.

Father: Son Zidane, wonderful son of the world famous Zidane of Etienne Devos, the international winner of Carcasonne against 10,323 pigeons in 2006 and winner of 2nd national Albi the same year.
Mother: Blue Nibus, purchased at the breeding loft of Julien Nibus (Mortier).

Results in 2014 (zonal & national level)

24/05 Châlon 
Région Wallonne - 3,950 old birds: 30, ... (4/6)
31/05 Limoges 
National Zone - 5,225 old birds: 3, 23, 465, 488 (4/12)
National - 18,390 old birds: 32, 258 (2/12)
07/06 Châteauroux 
National Zone - 3,844 yearlings: 4, 15, 46, ... (6/18)
21/06 Montauban
National Zone - 2,013 old birds: 1, 3, 30, ... (7/12)
National - 5,935 old birds: 15, 74, ... (5/12)
28/06 Agen
National - 3,928 old birds: 18, 50 (2/3)
International -  11,297 old birds: 38, 91 (2/3)
07/07 Limoges 
National Zone - 2,054 old birds: 20, 78, ... (3/10)
National Zone - 1,736 yearlings: 1, 44, ... (4/8)
18/07 Brive 
National Zone - 1,492 old birds: 7, 34 (2/6)
27/07 Narbonne
National - 4,571 yearlings: 10, ... (3/4)
International - 12,528 yearlings: 20, ... (3/4)
02/08 Tulle
National Zone - 1,690 yearlings: 4, 7 (5/7)
National - 5,731 yearlings: 26, 43 (2/7)
02/08 Perpignan
National - 6,248 old birds: 9, 102 (2/3)
International - 17,971 old birds: 21, 194 (2/3)

Noé, good luck for the future and we wish you good luck to achieve your biggest dream: winning a national victory.