René & Etienne Bourlard (Harveng, BE) won the 2nd national Montélimar against 3.868 pigeons

One of the best long distance lofts in the south of Belgium has had another great season in 2014. During the month of July, they were really close to win their fifth national long distance victory. They finally ended in second place.

René & Etienne satisfied of their excellent season in 2014.

René & Etienne Bourlard are considered as fine long distance fanciers and their reputation crossed the Belgian borders a long timer ago. During the period 2005-2011, their racing team was simply incredible managing to win 4 national victories in the long distance races. Their victories, obtained from reputated classics such as Limoges, Cahors or again Narbonne, made them internationally famous. In 2014, they were again close to international fame as they won the 2nd national Montélimar, a race they already won in 2011 with a never before seen arrival (1st, 2nd, 13th, 26th, 66th, ... against 7,187 pigeons), beaten by a few seconds by a pigeon from David Flasse. Only a few lofts still in activity can show such impressing palmares. Their success, René & Etienne owe it thanks to a very smart philosophy which gave them the possibility to race their pigeons until the age of 6, 7 and even 8 years. It's only possible if you own a very strong breed, pigeons for which their great strength and their natural health are in fact one of their main characteristics. After many years of racing with the Roosens, Deneufbourg but mostly the Gyselbrecht, René & Etienne are now at the head of a super line which breeds them each year the modern long distance pigeons, able to shine at the shortest distances but also races of more than 600 kilometers with very hard flying conditions. That's when the Bourlard pigeons are able to achieve great performances. All their national victories were won with similar conditions: strong head wind & heat. For the tough guys.

The 2nd national Montélimar (BE12-9088058)

The 2nd national Montélimar.

The pigeon of David Flasse prevented the Bourlard colony winning their 5th national success. The victory was won after a difference of only a few centimeters as the winner reached the average speed of 1,152.88 m/m while the cock of the Bourlard colony, clocked at 16h11 after a flying trip of 653 kilometers, reached the average speed of 1,152.02 m/m! Etienne has no regrets as he said his pigeon quickly trapped into the loft which means he didn't lose any time. That's a part of the pigeon sport. When you take a look at the pedigree, you notice that he was bred from a family of winners:

Father: 399/01 (born in 2004 but ringed 2001), grandfather of the amazing Super Pedro from Antoine & Rudi De Saer, a pigeon who won 3 x top 70 national in the long distance races between 2009 and 2010 and part of the team which offered the title of National Long Distance Champions KBDB to the De Saer colony in 2010! The mother of the 399/01 is Mimine, 1st national Orange hens in 2005 and a direct daughter of the basic breeding hen of the colony, the Gyselbrecht hen.
Mother: 420/09, a mix of the very best lines as her father is also the father of the 1st national Cahors 2006 while her mother is a half-sister of the 1st national Limoges 2005.

Here again, you will notice that the potential ace pigeons are bred out of the national winners families. Good blood never lies! 

Moreover, the 2nd national already prooved he was a good pigeon:

49th nat zone Valence 1,795 p. '14
59th Iprov Brive      1,038 p. '14
137th nat zone Brive  2,036 p. '13

The 7th national Marseille (BE09-107264)

The 7th national Marseille.

A fantastic racer aged 5 years, often the case at Bourlard, with a very strong performance list:

19. Nat. Zone Orange      1,127 p. '13
20. Limoges                 144 p. '10
38. Nat. Zone Montélimar  1,754 p. '13
45. Iprov. Dijon          3,483 p. '12
71. Prov. Orange            361 p. '11
190. Nat. Zone Orange     1,312 p. '12
285. Nat. Zone Montélimar 1,192 p. '14
​329. Nat. Zone Valence    1,795 p. '14
458. Nat. Marseille       2,736 p. '13
565. Nat. Marseille       3,245 p. '12 

Father: The Jarnac, 1st Provincial Ace Pigeon Long Distance 2005, 3 x 1st local Jarnac, etc. Bred out of a crossing Ramaut x Pochet x Deneufbourg.
Mother: 116/08, out of the pair formed by the Half-brother Roger Barcelona (1st nat Barcelona '06) x Daughter Molenaar Florizoone.

René, Etienne, congratulations on your entire pigeon career and we wish you already good luck for next season!

Results in 2014

31/05 Limoges
local - 479 old birds: 27,50,53,73,111,136,137,158 (8/23)
07/06 Valence 
local - 237 old birds: 3,6,10,15,25,26,27,31,32,33,34,39,41,44,45,47,52,66,69,70,71,77 (22/43)
nat zone - 2,795 old birds: 22,32,35,49,88,95,97,103,104,105,111,142,177,182 (22/43)
national - 6,449 old birds: 155,187,193,25,379,402,410,445,452,453,475,554,654,664,674, ... (24/43)
14/06 Cahors
local - 231 olds: 4,25,34,48,75 (5/7)
Iprov - 1,778 old birds: 11,141,236,299,460 (4/7)
National - 7,140 old birds: 78,732,1067,1347 (4/7)
27/06 Agen
National - 3,928 old birds: 69 (1/2)
03/07 Montélimar 
National - 3,868 old birds: 2,16,29,147,163,214,233,284,287,312,317,323,361, ... (24/45) 
05/07 Barcelona
local - 93 old birds: 2,3,4,13,26 (5/8)
Iprov - 1,114 old birds: 16,33,51,127,239 (5/8)
National - 8,764 old birds: 149,272,39,128,1892 (5/8)
19/07 Brive
Iprov - 1,018 old birds: 28,59,90,174,214,271,285,348 (8/18)
19/07 Marseille 
National - 2,612 old birds: 7,311,526 (3/6)
International - 12,054 old birds: 16,1220,2061,2760 (4/6)
01/08 Tulle
Iprov - 1,187 old birds: 48,102,194 (3/4)
01/08 Perpignan 
International hens - 3,555 pigeons: 67,81,688,698,738 (5/9)