Cédric Delbushaye (Verviers, BE) wins the 1st national Cahors against 8,570 old birds!

The pigeon fanciers from the province of Liège shined in the national race from Cahors as no less than 5 of them appeared into the national top 10! At the end, it is the hen from Cédric Delbushaye who won the national victory!

Clocked at 16h03 and 31 seconds for a distance of 753 kilometers, his winning hen achieved a speed of 1.511 m/min, good for an advance of +/- 4 m/min (a bit less than one minute!) on his closest opponent, the pigeon from Didier Delhez (Soumagne), also a member of the club from Herve. As he received some guests at home (Cédric had jaw surgery recently), the fresh national winner didn't see the arrival of his victorious hen. Thankfully his father was awake! He clocked the pigeon and reported her at the club, not without shouting at his son. Cédric didn't expect pigeons at this time. He checked the first arrival on PIPA (Somme-Thiange, 15h33 for 686 km), and expected arrivals +/- 45 minutes later. His champion proved him wrong but without any consequences in the end.
In addition to this result from Cahors, Cédric achieved another super performance this weekend as he was also early from Montluçon:

15/06 Montluçon Iprov - 3,113 yearlings:
10 (59th nat), 91, 187, 193, 264, 329, 337, 487, 535, 720, 941, 993 (12/12)

Youth at the top

Cédric is only 24 years old and he has just won his first national victory after his first race in 2002. It seems like he is confirming the trend which sees more and more young blood beating the old specialists, especially with this national victory. Remember a certain Nicolas Bascourt two weeks ago from Limoges? In addition to this, the club from Herve count another young national winner with François Jacquemain (national winner Bourges 2007). The pessimists of us must understand that there are some serious newcomers in Wallonia!

History of the loft

As said above, our young friend took up the sport in 2002. His grandfather was a pigeon fancier but he stopped racing at the end of the '80's. However, the pigeon lofts were never removed, which gave the idea to young Cédric. He looked for some information on the internet and, by chance, found an advertisement from Thierry Jacquemotte, his neighbour that he had never met before. That's how he became the mentor of the new pigeon fancier and he offered him some pigeons. Later, Cédric met the Caro brothers (Lambermont-Verviers), best pigeon fanciers in the province of Liège and also neighbours of Cédric. That's how everything began for this young loft. He learnt the tips in the speed and middle distance competitions but nowadays, he is focusing on the long distance races.


The racing loft is composed of 15 cocks and 15 hens, all raced on the classic widowhood system (with partners that stay at home). All the racers were paired around the 15th of February but only the hens bred their youngsters. They were parted in the middle of april. The cocks were normally supposed to brood for ten days but, due to the cold temperatures, they stayed on their eggs for 15 days. They were then placed on widowhood and they weren't paired before the season. At the beginning of his career, he only housed 4 to 5 breeding pairs (origins Jacquemotte & Caro) but Cédric was obliged to raise this number up to twenty at this time. The reason is simple: he had to introduce some fresh blood because his colony was getting old. The new purchases were made at the loft of Victor Andot as well as pigeons from Marc Olivier, who breeds with the Dieter Ballmann's bloodlines. Our young fancier is then racing with some local bloodlines! You must know that the national winner is coming from the old lines, in fact from the very first basis couple. The youngsters are only trained during their birth year. Cédric practises his hobby with his father. So, when they feel it's time for them to get back home, the second one takes care of the business. Ideal for each other!


Normally, the pigeons weren't supposed to be basketed for this national race! In fact, most of the racing hens had just moulted their first flight. Cédric hesitated but finally asked the opinion of his mentor, Thierry Jacquemotte, who is considered as a super specialist of the racing hens. His answer was right: 'Go ahead!'. The hens were then put into the basket for Cahors and we all know the result. The little hen wasn't really motivated but Cédric noticed that she had more determination than usual. She is a timid hen and you always have to take your time to catch her. This time, she sticked to her cock until the very last second. A motivated pigeon who let its first flight go: everybody knows the result!

- The Cahors (BE11-1040100)

7.   Compiègne      915  p.
16.  Bourges        181  p.
8.   Bordeaux prov  270  p.
69.  Internat hens 2,869 p.
196. National     5,480  p.
278. Internat    10,622  p.
9.   Reims          242  p.
69.  Sézanne        227  p.
70.  Rethel       1,458  p.
438. Issoudun     1,871  p.

The winner of Cahors 2013.

Father: The Super Cheq 27 (BE 02-1003127), a pigeon who managed to win 70 single prizes with 7 x 1st! He was the best pigeon for Cédric for 5 years and he was then placed in the breeding loft where he is doing some great work! He is coming from the lines of Thierry Jacquemotte, crossing between the Houben X Bourdouxhe X Connings lines.
Mother: La petite grise 57 (BE 05-1049557), hen from Joseph Rogister.
(Click here to check the pedigree of The Cahors).

After he had serious surgery which lasted 7 hours one month ago, Cédric takes this victory as a consecration but also as the right reward of all his hard work. We would like to congratulate you for this superb victory and good luck for the rest of your pigeon fancying career!