Golden Race Algarve 2020

Golden Race Algarve 2020 is starting. In the previous 5 years, we have always had more than 5000 pigeons, in which more than 60% of the entries have been entered to the final race (average of the last 5 years). There were no cuts in premiums, and payment was made 15 days after the final.

It’s also the OLR with the largest number of pigeons in a one loft race in Europe and one of the largest in the world. Golden Race Algarve is also one of the OLR with the biggest prize money paid in Europe. So we think that this result is in line with the work that the entire Golden Race team has been doing: serious, transparent and competent work, focusing on the pigeons. Only a competent job deserves the trust of so many pigeons fanciers, and now we are ready for the 2020 edition.

Golden Race Algarve became also a meeting point for friends, companies, businesses and individuals. In the weekend of the final on the 26th of September a lot of people meet each other, while visiting the Golden Algarve Race.

In the last few years more than 4000 people have been visiting Monte Gordo for a family holiday, to socialize with old friends and meet new ones and, off course, to watch the final.

In a OLR with that many pigeons and participants there is always something to improve, and that is our goal year after year, both in the loft and in the administration we are ready for the 2020 edition.

All pigeons that arrive home from the final race, go into auction and the first 30 classified pigeons in the final race and the first 5 Ace pigeons will be sold at PIPA.

Golden Race Algarve 2020, receives pigeons:

- 1st to 15th April

- 1st to 15th of May

After arriving at the lofts, the pigeons are subjected to a period of quarantine, with preventive treatments and, vaccinations. This is also a period in which they can get used to the loft and the area. After this period the first training sessions around the loft can start. Later on there are 6 official training sessions, and 5 races. The climax is reached with the final on September 26th: Bragança (505 km).

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Thank you for trusting the Algarve Golden Race, and good luck to everyone who participates in the 2020 edition! We are ready for it.

Monte Gordo

Register, participate, and visit Monte Gordo and the Algarve, one of the most beautiful places in the world. Attend the arrival of your pigeons, enjoy yourself for a few days of relaxation and pleasure, making use of good hotels, good food, bars, disco, casino and one of the best beaches in the world, with plenty of sunshine 320 days a year. All this at a distance of 500 meter.

Check the video of the final race 2019 underneath: